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We Can Defeat These 10 Anti-MAGA Members Of Congress

Our friends at FedUp PAC have compiled a list of the 45 most vulnerable House Democrats who are ripe for defeat. Each of those incumbent Democrats represents a right of center district where the majority of voters reject the Biden – Pelosi – Schumer agenda.

But we conservatives can’t defeat them if no one steps up to run against them on the issues and the Republican establishment runs their usual content-free DC consultant-driven campaign.

Fortunately, independent expenditure organizations, such as FedUp PAC and the Club for Growth have stepped in to fill the void and hold Democrats accountable on the issues to set the stage for successful 2022 conservative challengers.

Yesterday, Club for Growth announced the launch of a powerful ad campaign targeting nine vulnerable Democrats and one RINO Republican, Illinois’ Adam Kinzinger.

The ads focus on out-of-control spending, inflation, and the $3 trillion tax increase proposed by Biden and the Democrats in the reconciliation bill. The ads will run for one week, beginning on Thursday, September 16. This is the first phase of what will be a $2 million campaign opposing the Biden/Pelosi $3 trillion tax bill.

Fox News reported Club for Growth says it will spend $300,000 to run the ads on TV and digital for one week starting on Thursday. But they highlight that that the spots will be the first phase of a $2 million effort to oppose the Democrats’ wide ranging social spending package, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pushing to pass through the House by the end of the month.

"Nancy Pelosi and Stephanie Murphy pick your pocket. Their spending spree sparked record inflation, driving up prices and eating into the value paycheck," charges the narrator in the commercial that will run in the district of Democratic Rep. Stephanie Murray of Florida (FL-07).

"Now they’re pushing a scam they call reconciliation. It’s really a $3 trillion tax hike that could cost your family $8,200. And experts warn its higher investment taxes could slam your retirement savings," the narrator argues. "Remind Murphy she works for you. Tell her to stop Nancy Pelosi’s tax scam."

And the ads are supported by some polling showing their current agenda is devastating for Democrats’ 2022 election prospects:

  • A majority (51%) of voters view inflation and rising prices as a very big problem.

  • Nearly as many (47%) view federal deficits adding to the already 28 trillion dollars in national debt as a very big problem.

  • More than two-in-five (41%) view high taxes as a very big problem.

  • Nearly two-thirds (64%) of voters would support ending continuous deficit spending and requiring that the federal budget be balanced.

“Washington is out of touch with America,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh. "Democrats and even some Republicans need to realize that their constituents will roundly reject the out-of-control spending and $3 trillion increase in taxes."

Here is the list of the targets of the Club for Growth ad campaign. We urge CHQ readers and friends to forward this list to their family, friends and contacts in these congressional districts with a personal message urging phone calls and emails, especially to the vulnerable Democrats, demanding they vote NO on the $3.5 trillion Biden – Pelosi tax increase and spending bill.

FL-07: Stephanie Murphy (D) - Watch

GA-07: Carolyn Bourdeaux (D) - Watch

IL-16: Adam Kinzinger (R) - Watch

ME-02: Jared Golden (D) - Watch

NJ-05: Josh Gottheimer (D) - Watch

NV-03: Susie Lee (D) - Watch

TX-15: Vicente Gonzalez (D) - Watch

TX-28: Henry Cuellar (D) - Watch

TX-34: Filemon Vela (D) - Watch

VA-07: Abigail Spanberger (D) - Watch

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Why isn't Liz Cheyney on this list? All Republicans who wanted to impeach President Trump should be targeted.

DEO VINDICE! TRUMP 2024 & 2028!

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