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We Endorse Congressman Bob Good (VA-5) For Reelection – Vote Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Conservatives have no better friend in Congress than Rep. Bob Good, Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, who is now seeking a third term representing Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District.

Congressman Bob Good has championed America First policies by introducing legislation to defund chain migration and requiring that immigrants are self-sufficient. He also offered multiple bills that would build upon Trump’s regulatory relief for businesses across the country.

During his time in public office, Bob has demonstrated bold and courageous leadership with his exhaustive offense against the progressive left Democrat agenda. His unimpeachable conservative voting record in Congress earned him a 100% score from Heritage Action for America, Family Research Council, Americans for Prosperity, Conservative Review, and Numbers USA, and prompted CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie to publicly support him.


In 2023, he was elected chairman of the House Freedom Caucus (HFC) which is holding the line against corrupt politicians on both sides of the aisle. In so doing Rep, Good earned the enmity of former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, who Good helped oust after he reneged on promises he made to the HFC to obtain their votes for his much-disputed election as Speaker.

Former Speaker McCarthy has made revenge on those principled conservatives who opposed his failed leadership his personal post-congress project. As he did with Rep. Nancy Mace in South Carolina, McCarthy raised millions of dollars from outside the District to support Bob Good’s opponent.

McCarthy’s personal vendetta against the principled conservatives who ousted him didn’t work in South Carolina because conservatives united to return a principled limited government constitutional conservative to Congress. We urge our conservative friends in Virginia’s Fifth District to do the same; reject the machinations of the DC Swamp, and unite behind Bob Good in Tuesday’s Virginia Fifth District Republican Primary.

Bob Good has kept his promises to the voters of the 5th District as their representative in Congress, and unlike Kevin McCarthy, he has fought as a true constitutional conservative to defend our nation’s founding Judeo-Christian principles.

We believe Bob Good has earned the support of conservatives in the Fifth District and urge all conservatives in the District to reject his Swamp-funded opponent. A vote for Rep. Bob Good will return a proven limited government constitutional conservative to Congress to continue the battle against unconstitutional government mandates, the invasion at our Southern Border, the leftist indoctrination in our education systems, and the reckless spending that is bankrupting our nation.

Virginia’s Fifth District Republican Primary will occur on Tuesday, June 18, 2024. If you are unsure where to vote go to to find your local polling place to vote to return principled limited government constitutional conservative Bob Good to Congress.

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