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We Endorse Larry Elder In The California Recall

Democrat Gavin Newsom has been an apocalypse-level disaster for California. Supported by a Democrat supermajority in the California legislature, Newsom has enacted policies that

have turned the former Golden State into a vast stinking homeless camp overrun with vermin and illegal drugs.

But it is through his unscientific, hypocritical, arbitrary, and capricious COVID mitigation policies that Newsom earned his recall.

Newsom’s business closure policies devastated California’s small business and virtually destroyed the state’s middle class, leaving practically everyone who can’t work from home drained of their savings and the equity in their home after months of unemployment or having their business closed.

And while California’s citizens suffered Newsom partied mask-free with his rich friends.

Once the recall petitions were certified and the recall was officially underway the question for conservatives became who to support to ensure Newsom was recalled and replaced with someone who had a record of standing for conservative values – and would not go along to get along in Sacramento once elected.

We have concluded that conservative commentator and radio host Larry Elder is the clear conservative choice among those vying to replace the disastrous Gavin Newsom.

Known as the “Sage from South Central” to fans, he’s such an unlikely character in California: A Black man who grew up in South Central Los Angeles, went to an Ivy League college and became a conservative provocateur with a national audience.

Elder has quickly surpassed other candidates in polls, and as Bloomberg’s Tiffany Stecker reported, nabbed endorsements from action-film star Chuck Norris, playwright David Mamet, and some members of Congress.

If elected, Elder would become the state’s first Black governor and the first Republican since Arnold Schwarzenegger, who served two terms after the 2003 recall of Democrat Gray Davis. Elder prefers to downplay those potential accomplishments.

“I’m not running to be the first this, first that, first anything,” Elder said in an interview. “I’m running to be the best governor I could possibly be.”

As Ms. Steckler noted, his name recognition after 30 years in media helps differentiate Elder in a sea of 46 candidates. On policy, Elder’s views are often standard Republican talking points. He opposes mandates for masking and vaccines against coronavirus but would let businesses and local municipalities set their own rules.

As governor, Larry Elder says he would reduce spending on renewable energy to help pay for more forest-thinning to mitigate wildfires. He’s committed to appointing a Republican to the U.S. Senate should Democrat Dianne Feinstein, 88, not finish her term through 2024. He supported Donald Trump, reported Ms. Steckler, but isn’t holding his breath for an endorsement from the former president.

“I’m anti-rolling brownouts, I’m anti-high cost of living. I’m anti-being against science, shutting down this state,” Elder said.

Naturally, as a radio commentator and entertainer Larry has given the woke crybabies plenty of fodder to accuse him of being everything from a sexist to a white supremacist – quite a feat for a black man.

But Larry Elder’s only crime in the litany of claims hurled against him is refusing to play by the rules of plantation politics in which all African Americans are required to submit to the views of their white liberal masters.

In an interview with Ben Christopher of CalMatters, Larry explained what’s really going on with the establishment (Democrat and Republican) attacks on him.

“I don’t have a tail, I don’t have horns,” he said, before noting that he also doesn’t “club baby seals and eat their heads.” While his views on labor policy, gender equality and race have been characterized by the Newsom camp and even some fellow Republicans as extreme, Elder says they’re rooted in common sense and Economics 101.

But that hasn’t stopped California’s Leftwing press from attacking Elder for comments that wouldn’t raise an eyebrow outside of a woke college campus; both CNN and the San Francisco Chronicle published articles recently claiming to prove that Larry is an unreconstructed sexist, for example.

In the interview with Mr. Christopher Elder also mentioned that he’s written books and made documentaries. Despite their commercial success, he noted, they’ve been passed over by the arbiters of merit and taste — newspaper book reviewers and the Oscars.

“It’s just surprising that I’ve been shut out like this,” he said. “I’m from the ‘hood. I ought to be a success story.”

But there’s an upside to the attacks – for Larry Elder’s supporters and many recall voters, the disapproval of the chattering classes serves as its own endorsement.

Among the other 40-some candidates in the race there are some solid conservatives – and they are mostly sitting in single digits in the polls with empty campaign accounts. For us Larry Elder checks all the same boxes Ronald Reagan checked when he ran for Governor of California: He’s an effective communicator committed to governing according to conservative principles who has put together a winning campaign and message. We endorse Larry Elder in the California recall and urge conservatives nationwide to support his campaign in the final sprint to the September 14, 2021, recall vote. To learn more about Larry Elder and his campaign go to

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Anyone is better than Newsom, folks . . . not saying much.

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Not sure if Elder or any of the other Repubs can pull it off out in far-left California the more I think about it. We'' just have to wait and see.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
30. Aug. 2021

Should the American people be concerned? We have a President who can't and won't answer questions, about his judgement or decisions. We have a President who has been corrupted by the Chinese and Russian's for his family taking large amounts of money for what? We have a President who is not taking advice from the professional military consultants,we have a President who has left our borders open for crime and virus, we have a President who every decision seems to go agaist the American way of life. We have a President who has caused loss of jobs, highest inflation in years, gas shortages,food shortages, supply shortages.We have a president who won't take a fit to serve, medical examine,we have a…

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Elections have consequences. Biden is a total idiot. Honestly, none of his moves are unexpected. He is also kissing up to the far left wing of his party.

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James Bryson
James Bryson
29. Aug. 2021


Governor Elder for CA..."we have a country to save!"

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