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We Endorse Rep. Mo Brooks For Alabama’s Open Senate Seat

Thanks to our family living in the Huntsville area of Alabama we’ve known and worked with Rep. Mo Brooks for many years. We think former President Donald Trump did the cause of liberty a great disservice when he chose to “unendorsed” Rep. Mo Brooks for the Republican nomination for Alabama’s open Senate seat.

Mr. Trump’s beef that Congressman Brooks is not sufficiently incensed about the stolen 2020 presidential election is complete nonsense – Brooks was one of those courageous Members of the House who rose to challenge the Electors who were elected through fraud, and he has consistently maintained that the stolen election should be investigated, election security should be increased, and those responsible for election crimes should be punished.

Mr. Trump’s complaint that that isn’t good enough seems strangely out of touch with reality – we can’t turn back the clock and undo the stolen 2020 election, we can only go forward and make sure such a travesty does not happen again – as Rep. Brooks has committed to do.

Which leaves us with the question of who is most likely to take on that mission and the many other jobs that need to be done to turn this country away from its present path toward cultural suicide: Rep. Mo Brooks or former Senate staffer and Business Council of Alabama President and CEO Katie Britt or military contractor/author Mike Durant.

The effort of Ms. Britt to paint Rep. Brooks as a “career politician” rings rather hollow when one considers that at age 39 most of her adult life has been spent working for the federal government and briefly advocating for Alabama’s Big Business interests.

Working to pass a gas tax increase and for one of the chief Senate GOP opponents of challenging the fraudulent 2020 election, as Ms. Britt did, tells us that she is no MAGA Republican.

Mo Brooks, on the other hand, has spent his time in politics fighting against the entrenched establishment interests Ms. Britt was paid to represent.

And Mo Brooks’ record of fighting for the conservative agenda is reflected in his many endorsements from inside the state of Alabama and from national conservatives.

Senator Rand Paul said of Brooks, “I’m happy to endorse my friend Mo Brooks today for the U.S. Senate. Mo has proven time and time again he will stand up for liberty and do what he thinks is right. He will join me in fighting to lower spending, cut the size and power of government, curtail foreign aid, and stop our endless wars overseas. Mo will stand for the Bill of Rights and against the entrenched bipartisan power and big spenders in the Senate just as he has done in the House.”

And Senator Ted Cruz endorsed Rep. Brooks saying, “Mo Brooks is a proven conservative who will fight to protect Alabama from Joe Biden’s radical agenda. The Senate needs strong, principled leaders who will take on the Washington swamp. I ask my fellow conservatives in Alabama to support Mo’s campaign for U.S. Senate.”

Other grassroots conservative organizations, such as the Club for Growth, FreedomWorks for America, and the Senate Conservatives Fund have also endorsed Rep. Brooks.

Brooks is also endorsed by the conservative immigration restrictionists of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, who said of him, “ALIPAC endorses the U.S. Senate campaign of Congressman Mo Brooks because Brooks supports secure borders and is an outspoken opponent of illegal immigration and Amnesty for illegals.”

And two other groups we pay attention to when looking to endorse a candidate are also backing Mo Brooks – the National Association for Gun Rights and the National Rifle Association – Political Victory Fund.

Indeed, it was Mo Brooks’ advocacy for secure borders and the Second Amendment that first confirmed for us his status as a conservative All Star.

Back when Obama was in the White House (as opposed to today where he’s running things from his Kalorama mansion), and the Republican establishment was flaccidly pretending to oppose one of his attempted gun grabs, in comments to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Katheryn Watson, Congressman Brooks explained that the Second Amendment is the “bedrock” of all other amendments, and the pro-gun control argument that the Second Amendment only applies to a militia-owning firearms is preposterous.

“The purpose of the Second Amendment was to ensure that the citizenry could protect itself from a dictatorial and out-of-control government,” Brooks told Watson.

“It has long been a primary goal of kings, dictators, communists, fascists and the like to disarm the citizenry so that there is minimal risk of opposition to centralized government, dictating to the citizenry that is unarmed and defenseless, and unable to assert their rights,” Rep. Brooks explained.

Brooks went on to explain that rather than rely on government to protect him and his family, he relied upon himself. “There’s terrorism and there’s crime,” Brooks said. “You never know when either one is going to happen. You can rely on terrorists and criminals not to hurt you, or you can prepare yourself so they don’t hurt you. I trust myself more than the terrorist.”

Brooks’ comments were, by the way, reflective of the attitudes of citizens across the country that CHQ reported in CHQ’s “Report From Real America: “Damn Obama, every time he goes on TV we sell out of ammo…”.

And Congressman Brooks doesn’t just talk a good game about taking responsibility for his own safety and that of his family, he walks the walk.

“I do have a concealed carry permit, as does my wife,” Rep. Brooks told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Mo Brooks walks the walk of conservatism and that is why we are proud to endorse him to be Alabama’s next senator and to urge all Alabama conservatives to give Mo Brooks their vote in the Tuesday, May 24, 2022 Republican Primary.

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I like President Trump, but he does sometimes appear to be receiving advice from the wrong people. Most of his endorsements are good, but a few have been poor. One that comes to mind is Dr. Oz. Oz may be a nice guy, but his conservative credentials are not confirmed.


There is always Mel Brooks as well. (We all need a sense of humor these days!)


May 19, 2022

Mo Brooks had allegedly said sometime recent that we had to put 2020 "behind us," and that's what got Donald Trump upset. Trump doesn't always make the right call. Mo Brooks apparently ran to CNN to air his grievances with Trump. I feel like both guys are at fault. On the other hand, in PA, Dr Oz had refused the label the 2020 election as "rigged" or "stolen." Trump has not pulled the endorsement...of course, Oz did this dance the day before the election, so it was too late to do anything about him. We are screwed here in PA as the conservative came in 3rd. Now the "mail in ballots" will decide between Oz, who looks like another Mitt…

Replying to

2020 Forever! NEVER FORGET!!!!

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