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We Endorse Ted Budd For North Carolina’s Open Senate Seat

It’s not often that conservatives get to have a “twofer” where we get rid of two RINOs in one election, but the North Carolina Republican Senate Primary is one such election. Ethically challenged do-nothing RINO Richard Burr is retiring and the primary match-up is down to

former Governor do-nothing RINO Pat McCrory and principled limited government constitutional conservative Congressman Ted Budd.

To us, the choice is a no-brainer: We endorse Ted Budd and urge all our friends in North Carolina to turn out and vote for him in the May 17, 2022, Republican Senate Primary.

McCrory is one of those Republicans who talked a good talk during his campaign for Governor, but when elected proceeded to produce a muddled record that alienated the conservative grassroots base of the Republican Party – his support for Common Core being one salient example – and to top it all off, when the election was close and there were allegations of fraud he refused to fight and investigate them, preferring to leave office with his tail between his legs.

This lack of a willingness to fight was exhibited elsewhere, in his veto of the Same Sex Marriage Exemption bill and his failure to stand staunchly by the state’s transgender restroom law – in each case instead of fighting to the last bullet McCrory gave in to woke bullying.

Ted Budd in contrast is a fighter.

As former President Donald Trump said when he endorsed Ted, "This gentleman is going to be your next Senator, someone you’ll be very proud of. He’ll fight like nobody fights. I’m giving him my complete and total endorsement."

A member of the Freedom Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives, Ted Budd is a conservative fighter, small business owner, and family man who lives on the same farm where he grew up in rural Davie County.

The Council for Citizens against Government Waste named Ted a Taxpayer Hero for his “relentless and unwavering support of the fiscal interests of American taxpayers.”

Ted and his wife Amy Kate met on a mission trip to the former Soviet Union and Rep. Budd remains active in his church mission work, having attained a Masters degree from Dallas Theological Seminary to go with his undergraduate degree from Appalachian State University and his Masters in Business Administration from Wake Forest University.

Among conservatives Ted Budd has proven himself time and again, earning 100% ratings from:

The Campaign for Working Families

Family Research Council (FRC) Action

National Right to Life Committee

Susan B. Anthony List

And the polls are showing that Ted Budd’s message of being a fighter for the issues that matter to North Carolina’s grassroots conservative base is paying off.

Budd leads former Gov. Pat McCrory 38% to 22%, with 9% supporting former Rep. Mark Walker and 23% undecided, per an Emerson College survey sponsored by the Hill. Club for Growth PAC released a new North Carolina Senate Republican primary poll showing Ted Budd leading Pat McCrory by 13 points. The poll comes just one day after the Emerson College poll showed Budd ahead of McCrory by 16 points.

“It’s clear that Ted Budd has taken the lead, and that voters recognize Pat McCrory is an anti-Trump RINO. President Trump’s rally this weekend will boost Budd’s momentum and remind voters that Budd is a principled and proven conservative endorsed by Club for Growth PAC and President Trump, while Pat McCrory has spent his entire career siding with liberals,” Club for Growth PAC President David McIntosh

To learn more about Ted Budd and his campaign for the U.S. Senate go to

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