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We Must Harden Our Schools – Mentally And Physically – Here’s How And Why

While we’re considering, yet again, how to protect our school children against physical attack, I submit that we must also protect them against mental attack.

Marxist ideology is taking over our children’s minds, and is causing the violence we are seeing today.

Our societal bedrock of Judeo-Christian morals and ethics has been replaced with situational ethics, in which decision-making is based on the circumstances of a particular situation, and not upon fixed laws. “If it feels good, do it” is the code of the day. No real punishment is handed out for deviance anymore, so kids don’t learn that if they do wrong, punishment will follow.

No one can know right from wrong without having moral guideposts against which to measure their actions. Law, just because written and codified, does not compel obedience.

Children today are taught to disregard the rules, disrespect family, and cling to a society that will raise them without interference from those pesky feelings of personal responsibility to themselves or others. Our morals are missing.

Today, children are taught WHAT to learn, never HOW. Deductive and inductive reasoning have been replaced by mandates, to accept what is said, without question or reason.

Society will decide which lives matter, says the New Order. Murder in the womb is considered a “right” and a “freedom”. So, if a drugged-up kid or a confused sycophant decides to go kill some people one day, how can he know that is wrong? Crazed killers are given lots of attention, and a lot of today’s children crave that. Besides, the perp is never punished in any meaningful way, and something or someone else is always to blame.

It matters not what we call it – Socialism, or Marxism, or Communism – the system being foisted on America at breakneck speed, has been tried 24 times in world history, and has killed well over 100 million people. There are no fine points of difference that matter, in mass murder. Totalitarian societies have always failed and forced people to live lives of misery.

Those kinds of facts just get in the way of the Leftist juggernaut, so they are omitted, along with so much of real history that would help to give children truth and perspective.

The Violence Today Comes From our educational system, NOT GUNS

I truly believe that the violence in today’s society stems from the destruction of our moral bedrock, which is the intended curriculum of the Left. Violence does not come from guns, nor from knives, or any other weapon. It is coming from our public schools.

Our children must be taught moral responsibility and personal strength. We must return to teaching the core values on which this nation was founded. If we can change the lesson plan, we can change the course of history and steer the ship of state back on course.

Our culture has been canceled and its replacement is filled with lies and fairy tales. We must stop allowing the rainbow unicorn of insanity to lead the nation. Let’s cancel the Cancel Culture, and fight back!

This is where local action comes in. The power we have is in our own communities, NOT on the national stage. Very few of us have ANY sway on the federal level. We must start at home.

We must organize and work hard, as has the Left for decades. A young Obama volunteer in 2012 said, “We didn’t just come out (to work for Obama), we INCONVENIENCED OURSELVES.”

This is exactly what we must do to save the Republic.

Remember, it was the parents of Virginia, last year, who were the leading force in turning a blue state red. Thanks to covid school closures, they saw what was being taught, and went to the school boards. Repeatedly. The treatment they received at the hands of the Coup fueled their fire, became front-page news, and they got a Republican elected Governor. You can do the same.

Forming a Freedom Pod is a proven way to go on the offense for Liberty. Here’s how.

* * *

A Freedom Pod* is an ongoing group of citizen activists organized to effectively and efficiently address any and all community issues. Freedom Pods in many states are scoring victories against public officials who run roughshod over our rights.

Gather five or six people who care enough about their country to be involved. The more, the better! A few hours a week is a small price for freedom. Inconvenience yourselves. PLEASE!

Begin with RESEARCH.

Assign team members to learn what is going on. Know your enemy. Who are the players at City Hall? At the school board?

What is being taught, in every subject? What funding from non- governmental organizations (NGO’s) is involved in programs? Is there money from any of these being funneled into your schools? Where and how?

Then, recruit WATCHERS.

These are the people who attend every meeting. EVERY meeting. They will record what is said, who said it, and learn who are the movers and shakers. Who is friends with whom? Who is pushing the agenda? Where is the teachers’ union in all this? Learn who plans the curricula for the different grades. Find the funding sources, and who controls them. Spot the non- governmental organizations (NGO’s) who influence the outcome. Who calls the final decisions? You’ll be surprised to learn that is it NOT you, the citizen who pays the taxes.

Your STRATEGIST is the main leader of the effort. He or she will study all the research and meeting notes and determine how to approach the fight. This can be a small group instead of one person, but they are the main leaders.

The AGITATORS are your spokesmen to stand up and address the public meetings. They will present your case. Everyone helps here, to make sure the presentation is targeted and effective, but it’s the presenters who stand up and speak.

The VICTIMS are the group members who are the most impacted by the policies that you are trying to change. For the school board, these will be the parents whose children have suffered behavioral or physical issues, or even confusion traceable to the curriculum being taught. Some may well speak to the failures in instruction, and what the kids are NOT learning, as well as what they are. These are the individuals most feared by the group whose ways you want to change.

Recruit ACTIVISTS who will go to rallies, carry and post signs, and show up on the steps of City Hall or the Board offices to protest. They will also be the ones who come to pack the seats at meetings where a show of numbers will help the cause.

Create a MEDIA TEAM to stay in touch with local media and post your group and its activities on social media. How concerned citizens are treated is big news today.

Remember that, just as the children don’t see consequences for their actions, your officials often don’t, either. This is why they feel free to ignore you and your cause. If handled properly, though, your elected representatives can be held personally responsible, legally, for violation of your civil rights, should they do so. Often backroom meetings result in the unconstitutional taking of property, closure of businesses, and passage of arbitrary regulations. Tools for holding them liable are Sec. 1983 of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and Sec. 3 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Research will tell you when each is appropriate to use. Frequently, just the knowledge that they are being held legally accountable will wipe the smirk from their officials’ officious faces, and make them pay attention to you and your requests.

Develop a grading system to show how well officials are defending your liberty. Then, award Freedom Hero certificates, with fanfare if possible, to those who are doing a good job. Make public note of those who didn’t pass the test. Make each official sign a pledge to follow the Constitution. If they will not, that is news as well. BIG news.

Replacing bad officials with constitutional ones is the most effective way to control policy. Find candidates who are willing to run, then help them with their campaigns. You will already know the issues.

Yes, commitment to being a freedom fighter involves some work. Living under a system of totalitarianism involves suffering and pain. We can see it coming at us, more every day. I would rather work. So, get off the couch and out the door. We have a country to save!

* * *

*Freedom Pod is the concept of Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center. The steps outlined here are from Tom, and activist, Mary Baker, author of Citizen Ninjas: Stand Up to Power (2016) which is a primer for local activism The concepts here are borne of decades of personal struggle to retain our freedoms against the incursion of our government. Currently, there are Freedom Pods forming in many states. Add yours to the list of Americans helping to save America.

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