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We Pick A Bone With President Trump

On Tuesday, California voters refused to recall failed Far Left Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom, thus depriving Californians of the opportunity to vote for conservative Larry Elder or other alternative to Newsom’s tyrannical and hypocritical wrecking of the once-Golden State.

Mr. Elder ran a decent campaign – he hammered Newsom on the issues that were motivating voters to favor recalling Newsom and built upon the ground game that gathered the petition signatures necessary to get the recall on the ballot – and right up until the end the polls showed him within striking distance of recalling Newsom and defeating him in the vote to replace him.

But then some strange things started happening as the campaign entered the homestretch.

Among the strange happenings, reported by KTLA, was that voters from across the political spectrum expressed frustration and dismay as they reported having trouble casting a ballot at a Woodland Hills vote center in Tuesday’s recall election, though a county elections official said the problem had been addressed.

Several voters from both the Republican and Democratic parties said they tried to drop off vote-by-mail ballots or vote in person at the Disabled American Veterans 73 vote center on Tuesday, only to be told they had already voted.

As a result, reported KTLA was they were offered provisional ballots, which are counted after registered voters who cast them are confirmed not to have already voted. Nonetheless, some voters were unhappy with the situation.

“I wasn’t born yesterday,” said Kenneth Blake, who was among those told by poll workers that he had already cast a ballot. “Common sense tells me that the system is still rigged and they do not want the American people to have the honest vote for themselves.”

A woman who identified herself only as Brenda told KTLA that not only did she experience a problem at the Woodland Hills location on Tuesday, she has also run into issues in past elections.

Asked if she felt like giving up, Brenda said, “It really does. I feel so left behind and so wiped away.”

Into this disheartening situation strode former President Trump who, instead of rallying the troops to turn out and get the vote outside the margin of fraud, dropped this floater in the punch bowl:

Does anybody really believe the California Recall Election isn’t rigged? Millions and millions of Mail-In Ballots will make this just another giant Election Scam, no different, but less blatant, than the 2020 Presidential Election Scam!

Mr. Trump later followed-up with this statement issued through his Save America PAC:

People don’t realize that, despite the Rigged voting in California (I call it the “Swarming Ballots”), I got 1.5 Million more votes in 2020 than I did in 2016. The place is so Rigged, however, that a guy who can’t even bring water into their State, which I got federal approval to do (that is the hard part), will probably win. Billions of gallons of water coming to California from the North is being sent out to sea, rather than being spread throughout the State. This is to protect the tiny delta smelt, which is doing far worse now without the water. In any event, it all doesn’t matter because the California Election is totally Rigged. Many people are already complaining that when they go to vote they are told, “I’m sorry, you already voted” (Just like 2020, among many other things). They then leave angry, but fortunately, even the Fake News Media has been reporting it.

When Election Day rolled around in California, some 3 million voters who voted for Donald Trump failed to show-up at the polls. Was there vote fraud? Of course there was, given the reports of ballots gone astray, but Republicans have always known they have to win outside the margin of fraud in states like California with large Democrat-controlled population centers. Exhorting conservative voters to show up and stop Democrats from stealing elections has long been a staple of GOP get-out-the-vote efforts.

And that’s the important part that was missing from Donald Trump’s message.

And Trump issued similar complaints and predictions in the lead-up to the Georgia runoff that elected Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to the Senate, thereby handing control to the Democrats. On Runoff Election Day, nearly 90% of voters who participated in Georgia’s 2020 presidential election in November, also voted in the January runoff. However, reported the numbers show that while overall Georgia runoff turnout fell from 5 million in the presidential election to 4.5 million in the runoffs, the most precipitous declines occurred among Republican voters.

Did Trump’s comment cost Larry Elder the election – of course not, but it sure didn’t help. In both Georgia and California Trump’s most powerful message on rigged elections – don’t let them do to this GOP candidate what they did to me – never got sent. Instead, what came out was a demoralizing message that your vote doesn’t matter because the election is rigged.

If we are going to end the existential crisis of the Joe Biden presidency, we need Donald Trump in the fight – with the right message – in 2022 and 2024. And we hope President Trump and his team will recognize that “the election is rigged, and your vote doesn’t matter” is the exact opposite of what conservatives need to hear to get them to the polls to save our country.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Sep 18, 2021

President Emmanuel Macron,Trump hater, Charles De Gaulle American hater, seem to me thay have a lot in common don't mean their noses either, both hate America. De Gaulle the great general with no army, there would have not been a France without America, DeGaulle tried his best to kill the American dollar, Macron a President without a following, personally would not mind seeing him get bitch slapped more often, Another America hater, who is trying to kill our dollar, Don't think Europe can be trusted, look at France, half of the country goes on vacation at the same time, their elderly dies every year because of lack of air conditioners, they want Climate change, take care of your own backyard,…

Replying to

There might not have been a Great Britain either without the U.S. Were it not for Pearl Harbor getting us in the war, Nazi Germany might have well conquered all of Europe as well as Russia.


Sep 17, 2021

Um, since when is telling the people the truth problematic? How about this message, never-Trumpers: The 2020 election WAS rigged, and we have one election...two tops, before elections in this country won't matter anymore. And if states don't do their part and forensic audit everything, plus close up the fraud-enabling laws and un-Constitutional interference by -rat party governors and secretaries of state, we no longer have a Constitutional Republic.

Replying to

And the way new Democratic Party voters are streaming into the country across the southern border--you know that is the left's game plan (letting illegals vote)--the Republican Party will soon be extinct, as well. One-party rule courtesy Joe Biden . . . !


Personalities should not become a major part of voting. Trump had his own personality that was different than most had seen over the last several years. If personalities is the main reason you vote then don't vote. I want someone that is strong and puts America and the American people first and the heck with personality. Look at today, Biden had personality look what's going on. We are on the doorstep of Marxism and Socialism and can do much of nothing about it. With the bills in the congress now we may never see a free election again. Mail in voting is not the same as absentee voting. Same day registration gives no time for investigation. California has mail in…

Replying to

He sure did! He received a record number of votes for a president seeking re-election. And he will be back in 2024 . . . !


President Trump had his re-election victory stolen from him last year. So I find no fault with him thinking there is thievery afoot in Kalifornia. Deo vindice!

Replying to

There will be thievery in every election from here on out.


Randy Harod
Randy Harod
Sep 16, 2021

What we need most is for millions of citizens to DEMAND the real audits be completed and results published for AZ, GA, PA, WI, and MI and reinstate Trump if the results prove he won. Then we need a Convention of States to require Term Limits, restrict mail-in ballots, and mandate a balanced budget other than in times of declared war.

Replying to

With the caveat that the flushing occurs 12 years after elections. Those elected in 2022 are done by 2034, 2024 in 2036, and so on.

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