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We Urge Conservatives To Stand Against LGBTQI+ Pride Month

June has been declared LGBTQI+ “Pride Month” by the Biden administration and various arms of the homosexual and transgender lobby and their supporters in Big Business and academia. That’s "lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex" for those not already indoctrinated in woke-speak.

As Ben Shapiro explained in a column for American Family News, “…we are told by the White House that we must ignore the internal contradictions of Left-wing sexual ideology, and simply pretend the incoherence away. We are told that we ought to stand for women's rights by the same people who insist that 'Lia' Thomas is a woman; we are told that one need not be a biological female to be a lesbian; we are told that biology dictates behavior, but that biology must never be used as an identifier. None of this makes one whit of sense. But we ought to be proud of it, because after all, it liberates us to celebrate our inner sense of authenticity, free of society's strictures.”

From that perspective, what “Pride Month” is really all about is normalizing the abnormal and grooming your children to become more willing victims of the predatory promoters of deviance – and your government is using your tax dollars to advance this destructive agenda.

Our friend Sara Carter reports, Biden’s Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced it will change interpretation of Title IX prohibitions on discrimination based on sex “to include discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.”

The Biden Administration rule ties billions of dollars in federal education funding to such policies. The change means “schools that accept any kind of funding, including receiving FAFSA or Pell grants or students who receive federally subsidized school lunch funding, will be subject to the new Title IX LGBT interpretation” reports The Center Square.

In a statement, the USDA stated “As a result, state and local agencies, program operators and sponsors that receive funds from FNS must investigate allegations of discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation.”

“Those organizations must also update their non-discrimination policies and signage to include prohibitions against discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation.”

This will bring the schools of more than a dozen states with prohibitions against men participating in women’s sports into conflict with the federal government and provide an opportunity for litigation which will allow an unelected federal judge to overturn those laws passed by elected state legislatures.

And the result of this society-wide promotion of sexual deviance is a tidal wave of sexual confusion among our children.

As our friend Tim Wildmon, President of the American Family Association, explained in a recent email to supporters, a February Gallup poll found that 7.1% of Americans now identify as LGBTQ – a 100% increase over 2012 numbers and a 26% increase over 2021!

The general consensus among experts is that this jump among all Americans is being driven by a sharp increase among younger people. For example, last year George Barna found that among those ages 18-24, an astounding 39% self-identified as LGBTQ.

Here is the part that is tragically fascinating. Rather than claiming to be "born that way," many of these young people – for a variety of reasons – are choosing to identify as LGBTQ. In other words, identifying as LGBTQ is seen as a popular choice as much as piercings and skinny jeans.

In a recent article in World magazine, Joseph Backholm of the Family Research Council wrote this:

It is not a coincidence that the rise in LGBT identity has corresponded with the relentless promotion of LGBT characters and storylines in entertainment. Much of the world now conducts a monthlong, annual celebration of all things LGBT. … For many young people, straight is boring and the natural desire to be special is exceeded only by the ease with which one can become special through a simple declaration.

In the face of this concerted effort to normalize the abnormal conservatives must take a strong stand against what amounts to an open conspiracy to destroy our children by making them emotional cripples.

We urge conservatives to speak out should any church, organization or club in which you are involved promotes June as LGBTQI+ “Pride Month.” If you see a “Pride” commercial, change the channel, and if a corporation or business promotes “Pride Month” make a point of letting the management know you don’t patronize businesses or buy products from businesses that promote the destruction of children. And finally, call your Senators and Representative (1-866-220-0044) and tell them you demand that the federal government stop funding this campaign to normalize the abnormal by promoting sexual confusion among our children.

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