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What Biden And The Democrats Tried To Gloss Over Last Night

The State of the Union is terrible, with illegal border crossing, crime, and prices of everyday necessities out of control, but if you listened to Joe Biden last night, you would think you

were living in a garden full of unicorns and butterflies.


So, here are some of the facts Joe Biden and the Democrats tried to gloss over last night:

Americans are spending more money to maintain the same standard of living. And it’s a lot more. These days the average household spends nearly $11,500 more annually to maintain the same living standards as they had in January 2021, before inflation creeped up to record 40-year-highs.


The Army faced an overall shortfall of about 10,000 recruits for the Army in 2023 as the service missed its target of 65,000 new soldiers. That deficit is straining the force as it has ramped up its presence in the Pacific and Europe.


The alienation of white Americans from military service is a disaster. The Daily Caller News Foundation reported last month: “In fiscal year 2018, 44,042 new recruits to the Army—or 56.4% of the total—were white, according to data obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. That number collapsed to a low of 25,070—or 44% of the total—in fiscal year 2023.”


7.2M illegals entered the US under Biden admin, an amount greater than population of 36 states


Air Force readiness is “continuing to spiral downward.” The low Air Force score stemmed from lagging mission-capable rates and aircrew training, as well as questionable “deployability,” according to Heritage’s assessment, which was based on 2023 data released Jan. 24. It was particularly critical of USAF’s capacity to endure a conflict with a peer competitor. Even Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall has expressed similar concerns in recent months.


We have begun a new “forever war” in the Red Sea, and we are losing.

Anti-Semitism has risen to record levels under Biden and Jewish groups are ‘extremely disturbed’ and say Biden ‘blew it’ on policy to counter anti-Semitism.


The DEI Bureaucratic Cultural Revolution: From advancing critical race theory, to promoting gender transition for minors, to obliterating American history on public land, the Biden administration has empowered the bureaucracy to turn “diversity, equity, and inclusion”—or DEI—into a kind of ideological state religion.


And finally, from 2015 – 2021, the Ipsos Expectations Index had only fallen below the 60-point mark one time. Since 2022, the index has been below this mark twenty times. Only 34% of Americans expect their personal financial situation to be stronger six months from now, down ten points from January 2020, when Donald Trump left the presidency.

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Read the account of the "Mississippi Scheme" that paupered France in 1720-1723, using a paper money scheme invented by John Law (no, he wasn't a policeman), in Charles Mackay's "Memoirs of Extraordinary Popular Delusions." This was published in 1841, but it's still frighteningly relevant 183 years later. You can still get a paper copy, and Google Books has it online. Law's tombstone says (translating from French)

Here lies this famous Scotsman

This unrivaled calculator

Who, by the rules of algebra

Put France into the Hospital

Who are the greater idiots, the Duke of Orleans (the Regent for the child Dauphin after Louis XIV died), or every Democrat since FDR (or maybe all of them)?

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