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What If We’d Let Hitler Fester For Over 40 Years?

Updated: Jun 4

The attack by Iran, Hamas and now Hezbollah against Israel is not a regional conflict. It is a war against Western civilization. This is not something new that just came about last weekend. It has been known – and has been going on – for over forty years.

Since Iran’s 1979 Islamist Revolution, Iran’s radical Muslim leaders have stated that America is the Great Satan and Israel is the Little Satan, and regularly threatened to drown both in “a sea of fire.”

These threats and attacks have not been limited to the United States and Israel – although we and the Israelis have endured the brunt of the assaults. Barbaric terrorist attacks – bombings, assassinations, kidnappings, etc. have been carried out by Iranians and their proxies against free people around the world.

Today, against Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran Israel is fighting for all of Western civilization.

Against that backdrop one must ask, what if the Nazis had been allowed to fester for over forty years? How different the world would look if our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers had simply shrugged-off the Nazi assaults on the free peoples of the world by waging a short bombing campaign to “send them a signal” and then come to some temporary ceasefire or begun a lengthy and ultimately fruitless “peace process.”

It could have happened, indeed, it almost did happen due to defeatists, such as Lord Halifax in Great Britain and U.S. Ambassador Joseph Kennedy. Fortunately, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, U.S. Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Harry S. Truman – and the American and British people of the time – were made of sterner stuff.

They understood that against the great evil of Nazism, and its equivalents in Italy and Japan, there could be no negotiated settlement, only the victory or defeat of our Judeo-Christian civilization.

In this war Iran and its Islamic radical proxies must be decisively defeated in the same way, and for the same reasons. Israel must have a free hand to go after these barbarians wherever they reside. There are no borders limiting the Hamas campaign to unite the world under their tyrannical and genocidal version of Islam. There can be no limits on what Israel needs to do, with our help as necessary, to defeat this evil regime.

That means no calls for a ceasefire, no offers to broker another pointless “peace deal.”

Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah decided on the day and time for launching their version of Pearl Harbor. And as President Roosevelt said after our Pearl Harbor, “No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.” The job begun by Israeli military forces after the attack by Hamas and now Hezbollah needs to be finished. All Iranian proxies, and the Iranian regime that facilitated them, must be eliminated.

So, what is required of the United States and other Western nations?

* American and European resupply of Israel’s munitions must continue. Israel is fighting for all of us and must not lack weapons for this crusade.

* America, Britain, Germany, France, Canada, and other nations whose citizens were seized should augment Israeli search and rescue teams. The United States and European nations whose citizens are held captive should join Israeli forces, go into Gaza, and rescue them.

* Freeze the $6 billion scheduled to be paid to Iran as part of the recent hostage release and cut all funding to Palestinian organizations and governing entities.

* Empower the Iranian freedom movement with all the resources necessary to end the reign of the mullahs in Iran who have committed one atrocity after the next in the name of uniting the world under their tyrannical and genocidal version of Islam.

We must also recognize that Israel is only one theater of operations in this war, and we must also defend the U.S. Homeland.

Even the Biden administration’s nonexistent border security effort has found more than 150 illegal migrants detained by the U.S. were on the Terrorist Watch List. How many were missed? What are our enemy’s plans within the United States? The FBI and intelligence agencies must begin a systematic search for sleeper cells in the United States, as must all other Western nations.

The FBI must energize and refocus its intelligence programs on Islamic radicals who actively seek to attack and defeat the United States and the West. For too long there has been a “see something, say nothing” attitude toward the Iranian and radical Muslim penetration of the United States government and major American institutions. This must be brought to a swift end in the same way Nazi sympathizers were purged from the government and other institutions.

Finally, we must use every tool at our disposal to root out the sources of information warfare that have been deployed against us right here at home. Call the pro-Hamas rallies, statements, and endorsements for what they are: at best they are hate crimes against the Jewish people, at worst they are calls for treason, sedition, and insurrection against the United States.

The Constitution permits many points of views, but the open call to kill Jews, the waving of Nazi Swastikas and the celebration of Hamas are hate crimes.They must be prosecuted under our country’s anti-hate laws. And when they go beyond that into giving aid and comfort to our enemies and urging the defeat of the United States, they are sedition, insurrection and possibly treason and should be prosecuted with the same zeal other recent examples of insurrection and sedition have been prosecuted.

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Blaine Clark
Blaine Clark

A 40 year war against Western civilization?? Look into the history of Islam. Look into the history of the Leathernecks for a very recent example. Islam goes back centuries along with their culture. Their ideology, their religion, the very basis of their culture is anti-all others. Islam is submission to Allah by all with no alternatives.

There is only one way to stop Islam. Diplomacy isn't it. Diplomacy won't change root beliefs. Capitulation to their demands only encourages them. Separating them from their religion? Would be like separating Christians from Jesus. Ain't going to happen. Islam will have to be ended. Cruel truth is ... it will have to be wiped from the face of the earth, totally and permanently.…


A fair point about the war against Western Civilization (infidels) being central to Islam. In this context we are strictly talking about the Islamic Republic of Iran and its doctrine of “Absolute Wilayat al-Faqih” (Guardianship of the Jurist) which arose about 40 years ago and informs and motivates the current war against Israel and America.


Van Snyder
Van Snyder

In 1945, George Patton told Ike "I can have us at war with the Russians in a week, and it will be their fault." Ike denied him. Joseph Bazata, an agent from OSS Jedburgh, said in 1979 that he was part of a hit team that Wild Bill Donovan had ordered to assassinate Patton. How different would the world be now if Patton (and Oppenheimer) had defeated Stalin in 1946?


Both Patton and McArthur warned us. We failed to listen.


We are reaping what we (allowed to be) sowed. Our young people have been subjected to anti-American propaganda and thus anti-western propaganda for over 50 years from kindergarten through post graduate school. Those who are still in school still have malleable minds that enable the propagandizers to ply their trade. Unless we reduce or eliminate our government run school systems, we will continue to face the same kind of ignorant student protests that we faced when we were in Vietnam. If we allow these ignorant student protests to go on, we will lose. From where I stand, the future looks bleak at best.

Van Snyder
Van Snyder

It's worse than 50 years. It began when John Dewey returned from his 1928 visits to Stalin's Potemkin Villages and decided that American education needed to be re-shaped in the Soviet model.

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