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When Budweiser Spreads Transgender Poison Here’s What Happens

Elitists, such as Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth and Bud Light’s brand Vice President and liberal corporate scold Alissa Gordon Heinerscheid are largely insulated from

the day-to-day effects of their promotion of the poison of transgender ideology.

They can send their kids to the $60,000 a year Groton School, where Alissa Gordon Heinerscheid received her education, before attending Harvard and Wharton, but the vast majority of Americans will attend public schools governed by the federal Department of Education, which under the Biden administration has become one of the most active vectors of the poison of transgender ideology.

Our friends at SAVE and the Title IX Network (of which CHQ is a member) recently pointed out three troubling incidents that reveal the growing lawlessness of the national transgender movement. The newfound prominence of transgenderism can be traced to megacorporations, like Budweiser and Far Left managers, such as Brendan Whitworth and Alissa Gordon Heinerscheid, normalizing the abnormal through advertising and entertainment and the subsequent Title IX proposal released last June by the Biden Department of Education (1).

Following are three prominent incidents, but there are most certainly more:

March 9, Stanford University: Judge Stuart Duncan was invited to give a talk to students at the Stanford Law School. But a group of students with signs that read, “Trans Lives Matter” repeatedly interrupted his comments, forcing him to cut short his presentation.

The students were protesting the fact that in 2015, Duncan had denied the request of Norman Varner, previously convicted of child exploitation, to change his sex and be referred to by a female name (2). Stanford University later issued an apology (3).

March 27, Nashville: Armed with a rifle, pistol, and handgun, Audrey Hale rushed into Covenant School and fired 152 shots, killing three staff members and three students. Hale had self-identified as transgender (4).

April 6, San Francisco State University: Former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines gave a speech at the San Francisco State University to explain her opposition to the participation of biological males in women’s sports. In response, a group of activists began to frantically chant, “Trans rights are human rights.” The activists chased Riley down a hallway, assaulting her repeatedly and forcing her to seek safety in a room. To secure her release, the activists demanded that Riley pay each of them a $10 “ransom.” (5)

The recent surge of transgender activism can be traced back to June 23, 2022 when the Biden Department of Education released its proposed Title IX regulation, the federal law that was designed to curb sex discrimination in schools. The Biden regulation seeks to change the definition of “sex” to include “gender identity,” a change that would bolster the prominence of the transgender movement in America.

Recent developments reveal other serious defects with the Biden proposal (6):

Parental Rights: On March 24, the U.S. House of Representatives approved the Parents Bill of Rights, which would help protect against secretive school policies and overly-sexualized instructional content (7).

Due Process: Last week, a judge ruled against The College of New Jersey, citing a myriad of procedural irregularities and allowing its adjudicators to be influenced by external pressures to convict a student accused of sexual misconduct (8).

Free Speech: An article in the Washington Examiner revealed that a majority of U.S. universities have instituted anonymous “snitching” protocols for statements perceived to be biased (9).

To date, 210 organizational members of the Title IX Network have announced their opposition to the Biden Title IX plan (10). We urge the Department of Education to immediately abandon its plan to release a new Title IX regulation.


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Mike M
Mike M
Apr 12, 2023

I know this is not exactly the Christian attitude to have about things, but the way I see things right now is that it's time to fight fire with fire. In other words the alphabet soup crowd can jump up and down all they like and they can whine and cry all they want about how mean it is for Christians to tell them the truth about their perversions. But what they like is irrelevant. I for one am going to call things the way I see them. A man who thinks he's a woman is a pervert. No excuses and no exceptions. A woman who thinks she's a man is a pervert. No excuses and no exceptions. And when…


A very serious problem is that most federal agencies, like the Department of Education, have little to do other than to issue regulations upon restrictions and more regulations on top of regulations. It's a never ending cycle because of the agencies' lack of any real purpose. If we ever get an honest Congress that actually represents the people, they'll begin to scale back and completely eliminate some two dozen or so agencies. I don't expect it to happen in my life time.

Replying to

Ken, your approach is the right one but the "two dozen" is way too little. Many more need to be scaled back, and many need to be eliminated completely. The health related agencies CDC, NIH should be the first to be drastically scaled back. The Department of Education should be eliminated. Steve Moore's CTUP post today comments on the Government regulators (unelected ) that are the cause of dramatic cost increases that are the result of excessive regulations.


Apr 12, 2023

I noticed that the school shooting has not been a big deal. The story has essentially gone away. This is strange because little kids died in the incident. Not that I always agree with these stories sticking around because the debate tends to go to banning guns. But not a peep out of this story besides the 1st few days. Because the shooter was a tranny (Remember the Chinatown shooter on Chinese New Year? When it came out that the perp was Asian, the story disappeared...)? I've seen comical attempts to disavow this person by the trans community. They're not respecting her gender choice or pronouns. What about the manifesto? I heard one was produced but the FBI doesn't want…

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