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Why I Joined The Joe Rogan Revolution

I confess until the Left wanted to cancel him I never paid any attention to Joe Rogan. I saw a few tweets about him or from him, some of it was funny or interesting, but mostly it was stuff

I didn’t care about; MMA and sports commentary in general are not something that would prompt me to spend a couple of hours listening to a podcast.

But then the whole Dr Robert Malone thing blew up and Joe Rogan got my attention.

What Rogan did in his interview with Dr. Malone was not “spread falsehoods” as the establishment media has accused him of doing, he removed the Leftwing filter on information about COVID, which in the eyes of the establishment is even worse.

And the response was amazing, particularly the tidal wave of calls for a debate between Dr. Malone and Dr. Anthony Fauci, to be moderated by Joe Rogan, of course.

Rogan doesn’t claim to be a conservative, he’s a one-time Bernie Sanders-endorser, but in recent months he has invited guests including conservative Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, freedom loving Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and Canadian academic and cultural commentator Dr. Jordan Peterson, all of whom have conservative beliefs. Joe Rogan just let them talk – no “got ya” questions, no superiority complex, just a conversation with the guest and let the audience decide if what they said was BS or not.

Rogan’s formula is somewhat the same concept that kept the late Rush Limbaugh at the top of talk radio for three decades and has made Tucker Carlson into the top show on Fox News – mix information and entertainment into an anti-establishment cocktail, shake with some humor, and let your audience belly-up to the bar.

A typical Joe Rogan Experience podcast intersperses comedy, politics, criticism of the media and interviews with discourses on topics ranging from cage-fighting to psychedelics and quantum mechanics.

And it is valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

The UK’s Guardian reported The Joe Rogan Experience, which can run for up to three hours, is the No 1 podcast on Spotify. Rogan received $100m for distribution rights from the Swedish company in 2020.

The Guardian also pointed out streaming is highly competitive, with low margins. Apple, Google and Amazon are competing with Spotify for market share. In its latest filing, Spotify reported 172m paying subscribers, up from 144m when it signed Rogan.

However, unlike Rush and Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan is not really the kind of entertainment that is going to appeal to say your stuffy old Aunt Matilda; in 2019 Elon Musk came on and the pair smoked a joint.

But it is the kind of entertainment that reaches and appeals to millions of younger information consumers who would never dream of subscribing to a newspaper.

Indeed, that’s what scares the establishment “experts” so much. In an open letter demanding Rogan be censored, one so-called expert came right out and said it was the fact the average age of his listeners was just 24, and hence particularly persuadable, that made Rogan so dangerous.

According to a report in The Verge, Spotify will now add COVID-19 content advisories to podcast episodes that discuss COVID-19 following criticism of the platform’s handling of the controversial content in the Joe Rogan Experience. The advisory will lead to Spotify’s COVID-19 hub, which will contain allegedly credible and up-to-date information about the pandemic, all no doubt approved by the same establishment authorities who have so-far failed to contain the COVID virus.

The same report also says to increase transparency around its treatment of the issue, Spotify is making its COVID-19 content policy and general platform rules publicly available on its site. Spotify says anyone who breaks the rules may have the content in question removed, with repeat offenders potentially having their accounts suspended or banned. The Verge obtained this policy ahead of the platform’s public release, and an internal memo revealed that Joe Rogan’s podcast didn’t “meet the threshold for removal.”

Spotify was stupid to open themselves to constant monitoring by COVID Nazis who will be bombarding them with specious complaints about Rogan and other freedom loving content creators. However, despite their stupidity the Joe Rogan censorship battle did gain Spotify and Joe Rogan another customer – me. To join me and sign-up for The Joe Rogan Experience click here, the basic subscription is free, so it is a no cost way to give a big “Let’s Go Brandon” to the establishment media and COVID Nazis.

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