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Why There Will Be No Peaceful Transition Of Power

The media keeps asking Republicans if there will be “a peaceful transition of power” after the November 3, 2020 election. What they are really asking is “will Republicans give up

without a fight when Democrats try to steal the election?”

And of course the feckless Republican establishment always obliges them in establishing the narrative that President Trump is a dictator and the villain if he undertakes any effort to require the election to be conducted according to the established law and counted according to established consistent and transparent standards.

John Bowden of The Hill reported Rep. Liz Cheney, the third-highest member of House Republican leadership, was the latest to get suckered into helping the Left establish this narrative when she “joined other Republicans in distancing herself from controversial remarks made by Trump on Wednesday during a news conference at which he refused to commit to peacefully handing power to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden should Trump lose in November. The president followed those comments by again raising baseless claims of mail-in ballot fraud.”

"The peaceful transfer of power is enshrined in our Constitution and fundamental to the survival of our Republic. America’s leaders swear an oath to the Constitution. We will uphold that oath," Cheney tweeted Thursday morning.

And as the BBC reported, other Republicans have blindly assisted in setting Trump up:

"The winner of the November 3rd election will be inaugurated on January 20th," Mr. McConnell tweeted on Thursday.
"There will be an orderly transition just as there has been every four years since 1792."
Other Republican lawmakers, including vocal Trump ally Senator Lindsey Graham, have similarly promised a safe and fair election.
"I can assure it will be peaceful," Mr Graham told Fox News.
Senator Mitt Romney offered a more critical response on Wednesday, saying "any suggestion that a president might not respect this Constitutional guarantee is both unthinkable and unacceptable".

How do we know what’s going on here?

Well, the first clue is that the Leftist media never asks Democrats if they will accept defeat if Trump wins. No one has asked Speaker Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer or Democrat candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris if they will concede and assume the pre-2016 role of loyal opposition if they lose.

Instead, they are asked to comment on Trump’s comments and when they do, you get Schumer saying Trump does not deserve to be President and “one way or another” there will be a “peaceful transition.”

Of course, part of the problem is that Biden and Harris are not taking questions, particularly from independent reporters, so there is no way to ask them the question. But the real tell is that Democrats and their Leftist allies have already said point blank they will not accept defeat.

As David Harsanyi explained in an op-ed for The New York Post and we explained in our column “Unconventional Warfare – The Democrat Plan To Oust Trump” Democrats are determined to treat November’s election as illegitimate — unless they win.

Miranda Devine, a New York Post Columnist, told Fox and Friends, “If you think that they were sore losers in 2016, you ain’t seen anything yet. … Democrats have no intention of accepting defeat at the ballot box.”

And as Fox News reported, MoveOn, and other left-wing groups are gearing up for 'mass public unrest' after Election Day. According to the Daily Beast, members of the group held a Zoom call in which they discussed how they can plan for Election Day and then coordinate large-scale civil disobedience and what one participant called "mass public unrest" if – as they predict – President Trump and his supporters contest November's election results.

And as Mr. Harsanyi reported, a recent deep dive in the Washington Post, “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?,” exploring various potential outcomes of the 2020 presidential election, found that in “every scenario except a Biden landslide, our simulation ended catastrophically.” According to the article, any other outcome is destined to spark “violence” and a “constitutional crisis.”

In their “war game” scenarios it’s the Democrats who refuse to accept the will of courts to adhere to the constitutionally prescribed system rather than hysteria, and it’s the Democrats who threaten to secede from the union if Trump takes office. In that scenario the Democratic House unilaterally names Biden president. “At that point in the scenario,” the New York Times’ Ben Smith explains, “the nation stopped looking to the media for cues, and waited to see what the military would do.”

As Mr. Harsanyi observed, a recent USA Today poll found that 28 percent of Biden’s supporters say they aren’t prepared to accept a Trump victory as “fairly won,” and 19 percent of Trump’s supporters say the same about a potential Biden victory. So a significant minority of American voters don’t believe the next election will be legitimate before it has even been conducted.

What happens when every long line at the polls and every Facebook meme and every delayed mail-in ballot is turned into a nefarious plot by the enemy to snatch democracy from the rightful winner? It’s going to be ugly indeed, predicted David Harsanyi. If their “war games” are to be believed, then that’s what Democrats are counting on.

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