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Will You Stand With Justice Clarence Thomas?

Justice Clarence Thomas is the most consequential conservative jurist in America. His intellect and dedication to follow the Constitution rather than legislate from the bench sets a standard that every judge and aspiring judge should follow.

That is why the New York Times has launched an unprecedented campaign of lies against Justice Thomas' wife, Ginni, claiming her personal beliefs and dedicated public policy work in some way influence Justice Thomas.

To take just 60 seconds to stand with Justice Thomas against the smears of the New York Times click this link.

As Edwin Meese III, Attorney General of the United States under President Ronald Reagan and J. Kenneth Blackwell, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, and Ohio Secretary of State wrote in a recent op-ed for Breitbart:

This is the Cancel Culture taken to a level that threatens our institutions of government. What began years ago as the politics of personal destruction has metastasized into attempts to delegitimize a distinguished and senior member of the best-functioning branch of the federal government by smearing his wife for making a private-sector career out of her principles and patriotism, and doing it in a manner that avoids an appearance of impropriety by not engaging in her husband’s realm of responsibility.

Such demonization must end. Citizens will no longer want to participate in our constitutional republic if they conclude that doing so will incur years of relentless harassment targeting their spouses. And federal judges in particular have lifetime appointments so they can rise above politics, and not be subject to a lifetime of political attacks. We must rise above this noxious miasma and frame these facts truthfully, starting with the Thomases.

That truth is this: Clarence and Ginni Thomas show how a top federal judge can have a patriotic spouse with a public career, where both can faithfully pursue their respective callings with honor and integrity. We should commend their example to our fellow citizens.

If you agree with Ed Meese and Ken Blackwell that this is cancel culture at its worst, please take a minute to stand with Justice Thomas against the smears of the New York Times.

While the New York Times does not let the truth get in the way of their frightened narrative, they also reveal their own bias. That a brilliant jurist, who rose to the bench from humble circumstances, does not have the power and ability to make difficult decisions without being told what to do by his wife. It is insulting. It is sexist. And at its core, it is racist.

If you agree the New York Times is wrong to be doing this, please take 60 seconds and click this Take Action Now link to speak out against the Mainstream Media's War on Clarence and Ginni Thomas. Thank you!

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I also stood with another great jurist: Robert Bork.


And that's the "newspaper" of record. Why does anyone pay attention to that rag anyway?

Replying to

The New York Post is a much better paper.



Mar 05, 2022

So the wife of a prominent man may not have her own particular interest and cause? Once again, the left's war on women rears its ugly head.

Justice Thomas is a great man. One will never go wrong standing with him and his wife, who stood beside him when Joke Biden did his nasty best to defame the Justice at his confirmation hearing. And the left and Biden have not changed one whit in all those years.

Mike M
Mike M
Mar 05, 2022
Replying to

Of course the wife of a prominent man can have her own particular interests and causes. Just as long as those interests and causes are covered in the Communist Manifesto and Rules for Radicals the liberals aka Communists don't have any objections whatsoever!


I clicked on the link and I get the "Safari can't open the page".

I get this sometimes when clicking on conservative links; although I can't say what happens if I click on leftist links since I don't do that.


"Citizens will no longer want to participate in our constitutional republic if they conclude that doing so will incur years of relentless harassment..."

That is precisely the goal.

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