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‘Woke Is Weak’ Says Rubio and Mast Report on State Department

This year’s Pride Month reveals more clearly than ever how wokeness undermines national institutions. This June, virtually every one of them will join in the rituals of the Left’s new civic

religion, at the cost of their mission and strength, wrote Senator Marco Rubio of Florida in an op-ed for The Washington Examiner.

In one egregious example, the U.S. Navy has selected a TikTok drag queen to be a “digital ambassador.” The move is supposedly designed to attract socially liberal recruits from Generation Z. But does anyone really think this type of advertising will motivate young people to sign up and serve? If anything, it will exacerbate the military’s recruitment crisis. Appointing a drag queen digital ambassador is clearly nothing more than a kowtow to the Democratic Party’s activist base.

Sadly, that ideology is also weakening the State Department. Last year, the U.S. funded a left-wing organization that supports prostitution in Colombia and hosted a film festival featuring incest and pedophilia in Portugal, all using taxpayer dollars and in the name of LGBT rights.

The U.S. Department of State exists to represent the interests of our country abroad. Its primary tool is diplomacy, by which it builds international relationships to protect America’s national security. Those relationships are crucial in today’s interconnected world, which makes the State Department among the most valuable of our governmental institutions.

But what happens when our leaders subordinate an institution’s duties and subvert its relationships to promote partisan goals and divisive social values? It becomes a problem, not part of the solution. That is where we find ourselves now, thanks to the “Great Awokening” of the federal government that began under President Barack Obama and has reached new heights under President Joe Biden.

The crusade to infuse Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) into the operations of the State Department has undermined the department’s effectiveness. It has distracted from our duty to protect and promote our national interests. So long as it continues, our diplomats will lose ground to our adversaries.

That would be bad at any time, but it is especially dangerous today. America is in a global conflict with the Chinese Communist Party that will define the 21st century. If we are to succeed, the State Department must work diligently to maintain and improve our position on the world stage. Enforcing controversial partisan mandates on other nations will only undermine this critical objective.

Now, the State Department even tells its employees that it will “reward good behavior that advances [diversity, equity, and inclusion] core values” with superior pay and assignments, and that employees who do not advance wokeness “in words and actions” will be denied promotion.

It is vital that the public and policymakers become aware of this insanity because it is already harming our standing in the world, noted Rep. Mast. “Shortly after the Biden administration rebuked the Solomon Islands for its traditional views on marriage, for instance, the Solomon Islands signed a mutual security agreement with Communist China. The Solomon Islands’ prime minister then rebuffed a commemoration of the Battle of Guadalcanal and refused American ships the right to dock at the islands’ ports.”

The more our government embraces left-wing nonsense and tries to export it across the globe, the more potential partners will turn to our adversaries in our stead. While the Biden administration offers climate grants and drag performances, Beijing promises easy money and no lectures on social engineering.

Yesterday, Senator Rubio (R-FL) and Representative Brian Mast (FL-21) released a new report titled “‘Diversity Over Diplomacy’ - How Wokeness is Weakening the U.S. State Department.”

The report details how the U.S. State Department has prioritized promoting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) policies at the expense of carrying out its mission to build international relationships and protect America’s national security.

“The State Department’s misguided focus on wokeness has undermined its effectiveness and distracted from its duty to protect and promote America’s national interests. This focus on promoting divisive partisan goals will only undermine our efforts on the world stage. We need to ensure that the State Department is effective in representing our national interests and that our diplomats are focused on our national security rather than bizarre DEIA objectives, most of which are rejected by Americans,” said Senator Rubio

“A woke America is a weak America. After the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the world is questioning whether or not the United States is the beacon of strength it’s always been. But instead of trying to strengthen our position abroad, the Biden State Department is focused on pushing woke ideology worldwide. We need unity more than ever; the Biden Administration’s attempt to sow division under the guise of ‘diversity’ is not the answer to the geopolitical threats we are facing,” said Congressman Mast

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  • ‘Diversity Over Diplomacy’ - How Wokeness is Weakening the U.S. State Department.

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