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Wokeness - “Ex Uno Multis”

“E pluribus unum” or “out of many, one” is America’s national motto. Now due to wokeness, it is evolving into “ex uno multis” or “out of one, many”.

Wokeness perceives the world through the racist lens of Marxist ideology: oppressed and oppressors. It is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “aware of social and political issues, especially racism”. Wokeness is a fusion of the Marxist German Frankfurt critical theory school, and radical racist activism.

Marxist theory originally had the oppressed working class proletariat being exploited by bourgeois capitalist oppressors. Over the past 150 years, this has morphed into people of color (POC) being oppressed by the white race. Critical race theory, identity politics, cancel culture, gender studies, unlimited immigration, and the 1619 Project followed.

Western civilization, and American society in particular, are descending into Marxist hell holes similar to Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea. and China. Woke ideology is corrupting our society from within. Woke education is about denigrating positive aspects of Western civilization, and highlighting the negative through the Marxist lens of race. Since Western Civilization is derived from people of European descent (“white people”) then the evils of Western Civilization are due to white people. All other people are “people of color” and are therefore innocent.

Slavery was a feature of human history until Christian Western Civilization, at the beginnings of free market capitalism, began to eradicate it. Of the 12.5 million slaves sent to the New World from Africa, 388,000 or 3%, went to the United States.

The Islamic world was and is the greatest slaver in history. Not only did Muslims enslave more blacks than Europeans, but Muslim Turks also enslaved millions of eastern Europeans. Barbery Coast Muslim Arabs enslaved millions of Mediterranean Europeans, and conducted slave raids for blond sex slaves as far north as Iceland. Slavery was ended in the homeland of Islam, Saudi Arabia, in 1962. Slavery still exists in parts of Muslim North Africa and is practiced by groups such as ISIS.

Under Marxism, truth is malleable. It is based on power, and what becomes “the” truth becomes “my” truth. Gender theory has man becoming woman and vice versa. George Washington, instead of being the “Father of our Country”, becomes a “slave owner”. The New York Times “1619 Project” rewrites history so that, instead of America being founded in 1776 on the concept of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, America was founded on the oppression of POC in 1619, when the first slaves arrived in Virginia.

Woke Corporations

The goal of Marxist Wokeness is to weaken America internally by causing racial strife, economic strife, and cultural strife. Mandatory Covid shots and lockdowns; the strangulation of hydrocarbon energy for the pipe dream of so-called “clean energy”; massive debt leading to inflation; the ruination of the middle class; the breakdown of the family unit; the weakening of the military; and the indoctrination of our children into hating America, all of these lead to America becoming weaker and divided.

Corporations have become Woke due to Marxist ideology being taught in schools to students who are now in corporate leadership positions. Numerous examples of Woke Corporations include:

  1. Nike - Headquartered in Oregon where Antifa runs amok, Nike’s 30th anniversary ad campaign features Colin Kaepernick, who is famous for kneeling during the national anthem at National Football League (NFL) games as a protest against racial injustice, and who is a supporter of Black Lives Matter. Nike kowtows to China with no outrage at Uyghur genocide, organ harvesting from the Fulan Gong religious sect, military aggression in the South China Sea, or threats to Taiwan.

  2. National Basketball Association (NBA) - Earning billions of dollars in China, the NBA is silent on Chinese atrocities.

  3. Disney - Protesting Georgia’s voting and abortion laws and Florida’s education law, Disney turns a blind eye to China’s atrocities. It threatens not to film in Georgia, but will film in China. Disney promotes homosexuality and transgender lifestyles to our young children.

  4. Wall Street - Black Rock, with $10 trillion under asset management, invests billions in Chinese companies that threaten America. The phrase attributed to Lenin “The Capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.” is descriptive.

Numerous other Woke Corporations have and are participating in “ex uno multis” to divide and weaken America. Diversity is not our strength. Rather our strength is unity in the American creed of “all men and women are created equal; justice for all; and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

A veteran of the United States Navy and the Central Intelligence Agency, author Laurence F. Sanford is Senior Analyst for the American Security Council Foundation

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3 comentários

Donald Vetter
Donald Vetter
30 de jul. de 2022

Here in the heartland we have rejected wokeness, CRT, and all that other racist garbage. People who push that garbage are not welcome and will feel so if they come.


Old fashioned view cameras had a feature that could be used to focus an image. The lens shutter was opened and the image projected on a frosted or ground glass. By moving the bellows in and out, one could focus the picture. However, the picture was upside down and left and right were reversed. That reminds me of the Woke culture. They view everything upside down and in reverse, but their vision is so poor that they can't get the picture to focus. That's why they simply cannot solve problems like the economy, justice, and national sovereignty (border control). Have we begun to study one of the Chinese languages yet? Better get started.


Mike M
Mike M
29 de jul. de 2022

Interesting article. Very perceptive and quite true. I would be interested in knowing the authors take on Antonio Gramsci and his "contributions" to the ungodly mess that we find ourselves in.

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