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Attention Conservative Activists

Opportunity for someone who would like to volunteer 1 to 2 hours a day to be a website Editor for a leading conservative Political Action Committee.

Ideal for a retired person, stay-at-home mom or someone with time on their hands to be involved in the conservative movement at the national level and daily do battle with the elite socialists/Marxists.


Good writing skills, computer savvy, self-starter involved in the conservative movement are important qualities.


If you have the desire to help build the conservative movement, hold Republican politicians’ feet to the fire, and elect principled limited government constitutional conservatives to Congress – let us hear from YOU!

  • Write and edit webpage content.

  • Write/post current articles and action e-mail alerts.

  • Create gripping political headlines.

  • Collaborate on Polls and Surveys

  • And much more...

If interested, send your curriculum vitae and a brief letter of why you’re the ideal person for this position to:

E-Mail: Vi Shields at

*This work can be done remotely.

Front Page Headlines

16 GOP Attorneys General Challenge Garland’s Comments on Voting Laws
Matt McGregor, The Epoch Times
A group of Republican state attorneys general are pushing back against U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s comments made in March, where he discussed using the Department of Justice (DOJ) to interfere in state voting laws. Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, in a letter supported by 15 other GOP prosecutors, including Ken Paxton in Texas and Liz Murrill in Louisiana, stated that Mr. Garland’s comments are “concerning.” Mr. Rokita called this a “weaponization of the DOJ” fueled by Mr. Garland’s personal views.

DEI Cronyism and Woke Grifters
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
Woke and DEI activists may not necessarily be any more innately mediocre, corrupt, or conniving than other politicians and activists. But they seem so, because they loudly broadcast that they are for “diversity,” “equity,” and “inclusion”—and thus assume themselves to be exempt from all scrutiny. The woke/DEI project is enticing thousands of shysters, careerists, and mediocrities, all keen to enrich themselves on the premise that they are noble fighters for social justice who deserve immunity from any scrutiny.

Time to Rethink Your Never Trumpism
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
You’re not teaching the Republicans a lesson by rejecting Donald Trump. The base’s embrace of Donald Trump should be a lesson to the establishment, which created Donald Trump by its refusal to address the problems that mattered to actual voters as opposed to the problems that mattered to actual politicians. If you think you will somehow convince people to go back to the Romney era, that will not happen. Maybe Donald Trump Trump’s not your conservative, but he’s the kind of conservative who isn’t Joe Biden, and that should be enough.

Democrats, Liberals Criticize ‘Election Deniers’ but Face Allegations of Election Irregularities
Just the News (Natalia Mittelstadt), The Star News Network
While Democrats and liberals criticize Republicans, conservatives, and others who are concerned about election integrity, smearing them with the pejorative label “election deniers,” many allegations regarding election irregularities are now being made against Democrats. However, many Democrats have been accused or found guilty of election crimes, sometimes by members of their own party. Multiple Democrats sued each other over alleged election fraud last year and dozens of them have claimed election fraud and irregularities since 2000.

Researcher Concludes Women Who are Married & Mothers Are Happier
Tierin-Rose Mandelburg,
Dr. Wendy Wang, of the Institute for Family Studies, concluded after studying relationships for 20-years that marriage and having children makes women happier, in the Daily Mail. Wang noted that “around a third of all adult women suffer some sort of mental health problem, compared to a fifth of men” and that the mental health issues are “particularly apparent in the 18 to 25 age group.” Wang noted that though her take may be controversial, the explanation for the “sea of sadness” is that “too few women are getting married.”

Inflation never went away
Byron York, Washington Examiner
The fact is, inflation has risen slowly but steadily for the last six months. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, inflation rose just 0.1% last October. It rose 0.2% in November and December, 0.3% in January, and now 0.4% in February and March, for an annual basis of 3.5%. It’s been more than six months since inflation ticked downward. This is obviously terrible news for consumers. Politically, it is more bad news for Biden, whose massive, never-before-seen spending policies contributed to the growth of prices.


Biden’s Never-Ending Lies Spawn a New Generation of Liars
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
Joe Biden's is a song sung by a fool to an audience of idiots, and he’s never known any real trouble for singing it. Sure, he was disqualified as a presidential candidate multiple times for his lies and the grotesquely insignificant record of achievement they papered over. It didn’t matter. Barack Obama made him vice president and then president anyway. And those bribes, the classified documents he stole and squirreled away — or used for whatever sketchy purpose he might have intended — none of it ever mattered.

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