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Attention Conservative Activists

Opportunity for someone who would like to volunteer 1 to 2 hours a day to be a website Editor for a leading conservative Political Action Committee.

Ideal for a retired person, stay-at-home mom or someone with time on their hands to be involved in the conservative movement at the national level and daily do battle with the elite socialists/Marxists.


Good writing skills, computer savvy, self-starter involved in the conservative movement are important qualities.


If you have the desire to help build the conservative movement, hold Republican politicians’ feet to the fire, and elect principled limited government constitutional conservatives to Congress – let us hear from YOU!

  • Write and edit webpage content.

  • Write/post current articles and action e-mail alerts.

  • Create gripping political headlines.

  • Collaborate on Polls and Surveys

  • And much more...

If interested, send your curriculum vitae and a brief letter of why you’re the ideal person for this position to:

E-Mail: Vi Shields at

*This work can be done remotely.

Front Page Headlines

Another Defense Against Bragg's "Sham" Indictment
Julie Kelly, Substack
Trump’s legal team has, without success, made dozens of strong arguments for dismissing his New York case. Trump’s team has yet to make the most compelling argument on behalf of their client. Trump’s legal team has identified several weaknesses in Bragg’s case.  However, a compelling argument for Trump’s acquittal is that Bragg's indictment does not identify a single, contemporaneously existing corporate record of the Trump Organization that was altered or changed in any way.  Accordingly, Donald Trump did not violate Art. 175.10.

Tulsi Gabbard’s Book Is a Gutsy Attempt to Keep You Free
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
Gabbard’s exposition of the Left’s militant disdain and campaign against free speech couldn’t be more timely. Free speech is the only way good ideas win. Freedom of thought, conscience, writing, even art, is the most important weapon in the battle for truth. The monsters who run the Democrat Party today are fighting so hard to destroy this bedrock right for that very reason. Cut off debate and nobody notices that their arguments are garbage. It’s a cute plan and it works — in all the worst places on earth.

Senate GOP Must Seize Opportunity to Expand Trump Tax Cuts
Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times
Without congressional action, President Trump’s 2017 tax cuts expire at the end of 2025. While Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Mike Crapo and some colleagues have raised objections about provisions of the bill that would expand the Child Tax Credit, Crapo and other GOP senators need to keep sight of the significance of this measure in a larger fight. Passing the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act would vastly improve Republicans’ bargaining position going into the fight over the future of the Trump tax cuts.

Military Could Hit Troops with Court-Martials for Refusing to Use Preferred Pronouns, Experts Say
Star News Staff (Micaela Burrow), The Star News Network
A 2020 Equal Opportunity law opened the door for commanders to subject someone who refuses to affirm a transgender servicemember’s so-called gender identity to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) for charges related to harassment, Capt. Thomas Wheatley, an assistant professor at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point said. Such a move would likely infringe on a servicemember’s constitutional rights to uphold their conscience, but it might not prevent leaders from employing more subtle ways of disciplining service members.

Anti-Israel Activists Vandalize Congressman’s Office
Craig Bannister,
As anti-Semitic and pro-terror demonstrations raged at elite U.S. universities on Monday, Texas Republican Rep. John Carter revealed that his office had been vandalized by anti-Israel activists. “Unhinged anti-Israel activists vandalized my Georgetown office,” Rep. Carter reported in a social media post, providing a photo of his office defaced with red paint and the words “Free Gaza.” “Let me make 2 things clear,” Carter wrote in a message to the vandals: my support for Israel is unwavering & your intimidation won’t work.

‘Golden opportunity’: James Carville calls on Democrats to disrupt Trump rallies with ‘fart sounds’
Victor Morton, Washington Times
The man who led Bill Clinton said party members should keep Joe Biden in office by trolling Donald Trump with “fart sounds.” Democratic strategist James Carville doubled down on claims made by anti-Trump activists that the former president is deliberately passing wind at his current trial by saying that they should disrupt his rallies that way. “When you go to Trump rallies … go to your cell phone and get farting sounds,” Mr. Carville said. “I tried it today, even as stupid as I am. You can get a million farting sounds.”


Why SCOTUS Will Toss 350 J6 Convictions
David Catron, The American Spectator
If the Supreme Court does indeed rule in favor of Fischer, the shrieks of outrage from the White House, congressional Democrats and the corporate media will be audible from coast to coast. Not only will 350 convicted “insurrectionists” have an opportunity to get their sentences reduced, Special Counsel Jack Smith will be forced to recalibrate his prosecution of the Bad Orange Man. Former President Donald Trump won’t be out of the woods, of course, but he will be able to claim a victory against the forces of darkness.

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