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Attention Conservative Activists

Opportunity for someone who would like to volunteer 1 to 2 hours a day to be a website Editor for a leading conservative Political Action Committee.

Ideal for a retired person, stay-at-home mom or someone with time on their hands to be involved in the conservative movement at the national level and daily do battle with the elite socialists/Marxists.


Good writing skills, computer savvy, self-starter involved in the conservative movement are important qualities.


If you have the desire to help build the conservative movement, hold Republican politicians’ feet to the fire, and elect principled limited government constitutional conservatives to Congress – let us hear from YOU!

  • Write and edit webpage content.

  • Write/post current articles and action e-mail alerts.

  • Create gripping political headlines.

  • Collaborate on Polls and Surveys

  • And much more...

If interested, send your curriculum vitae and a brief letter of why you’re the ideal person for this position to:

E-Mail: Vi Shields at

*This work can be done remotely.

Front Page Headlines

J6 Vampiress Swoops Down to Salvage Decomposing Carcass of Insurrection Narrative
Julie Kelly, Substack
The video—and the Pelosi/MSNBC spin—has opened up a new can of worms at the least opportune time for J6 “insurrection” propagandists. Joe Biden and the Democrats planned on using the “terror attack” of January 6 as a top campaign issue. Instead, the narrative is backfiring as Trump repeatedly promises to free the J6 “political prisoners” and raises unanswered questions including the use of informants and agitators. Pelosi’s performative crocodile tears will do nothing to stop the pursuit of the truth. And, hopefully, accountability.

Trump Narrows the Field for Veep
Kurt Schlichter, Townhall
to sum up, I would be happy to have any of them in office. I would most like J.D. Vance to be in office. But should that “performance in office” qualification rank higher than the “winning the election” qualification? A dispassionate analysis would suggest Burgum, but passion plays a part. I think Trump will choose Burgum or Vance, maybe Scott. Everyone else is a wild card. So, what will Trump do? Any damn thing he wants. It’s unclear why others who ponce had buzz, like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, are not on the list.

What the Hunter Biden conviction does and does not mean
Byron York, Washington Examiner
Perhaps the greatest effect of the Hunter Biden trial had nothing to do with guns. In court, the prosecution introduced the infamous laptop as evidence, with confirmation that the FBI had verified its authenticity. Prosecutors also revealed that they collected evidence from the Cloud data originating with the laptop and Hunter Biden’s phone. In that moment, all the Democratic efforts of misdirection and obfuscation — that the laptop was Russian disinformation, that the data were hacked, that none of it was reliable — went up in smoke.

America Thrives at the Interstate Exit
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
Buc-ee’s is about as pure a distillation of American capitalism as there has ever been. Think of a cross between a convenience store and Godzilla, a nuclear explosion of the free-market impulse that creates so many revenue streams and product lines as to reach a level of wildly entertaining absurdity. It’s like McDonald’s, Walmart, and Disney World converged on a 7-Eleven, and the fusion reaction gave birth to a capitalistic T-Rex with big buck teeth and a goofy smile on his face to serve the finest fountain drinks and junk food.

House Democrats Create Task Force to Attack Conservative Plan to Defang Deep State
The Star News Staff (Jarett Stepman) The Star News Network
House Dems are launching a task force intended to stop a project by conservatives to restructure the federal bureaucracy under a future conservative president. The “Stop Project 2025 Task Force,” announced by Rep. Jared Huffman targets The Heritage Foundation’s 2025 Presidential Transition Project, also known as Project 2025. Project 2025 takes aim at the federal bureaucracy and includes proposals to not only remove recalcitrant, unelected bureaucrats hostile to conservative policies, but to make the federal departments more responsive.

The West Is Sick of the New Woke Jihadism
Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness
Woke jihadism is not an ecumenical concern for the oppressed, the occupied, the collateral damage of war, or the fate of refugees. Instead, it is a repackaged anti-Western, anti-Israel, and anti-Semitic jihadism that supports the murder of civilians, mass rape, torture, and hostage-taking. But what makes it now so insidious is its new tripartite constituency. Woke jihadism is fueling a radical Western turn to the right, partly due to open borders and the huge influx into the West from non-Western illiberal regimes.


‘No, I Don’t Believe You, and It Isn’t My Fault — It’s Yours’
Scott McKay, The American Spectator
I’m recounting this because we’re at a point where no responsible American should believe a single word that comes out of the mouths of anyone in the Democrat Party. They will lie about literally every facet of every event. They will lie even when it’s to their advantage to tell the truth. They will lie when doing so is destructive to their own interests and those of the people they claim to serve. But most of all they will lie to avoid taking responsibility for their failures. Lies and incompetence go together quite well.

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