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America’s Self-Appointed Elite Hate You And Want You To Be Miserable

Stephen Moore and his team at the Committee to Unleash Prosperity have just published a groundbreaking study, “Them vs. U.S.,” documenting the attitudes of our country’s self-appointed elite, and its findings are one of those “surprised – not surprised” moments that crop-up frequently in today’s politics.

The survey is a first-of-its-kind look at the views of the American Elite – defined as people having at least one post-graduate degree, earning at least $150,000 annually, and living in high-population density areas (more than 10,000 people per square mile in their zip code) – and compares them to what the average American thinks. The Elites represent 1% of the U.S. population but have an outsized voice on public policy in the United States, with their views seeming somehow to dominate the national conversation.


It turns out the people who run America, or at least think they do, live in a bubble of their own construction. They’ve isolated themselves from everyday America’s realities to such a degree their views about what is and what should be happening in this country differ widely from the average American’s.

An analysis of their thinking, conducted for the Committee to Unleash Prosperity, finds that on a variety of economic, social, and political issues, there exists a wide gap between how the top 1% – the Elites – think things should be and how the rest of America looks at them.


Click here to read the Committee to Unleash Prosperity’s study “Them vs. U.S., The Two Americas and How the Nation’s Elite Is Out of Touch with Average Americans.”

Elite thinking, as it’s termed, is under attack – and rightly so – for being out of step with the rest of the country. Below, we highlight some of the profound attitudinal differences between elites and average Americans the Committee to Unleash Prosperity study uncovered:


• In a time when most Americans have suffered a loss of real take-home pay, 74% of elites say they are financially better off today than in the past versus 20% of all Americans.

• Nearly six in ten say there is too much individual freedom in America – double the rate of all Americans.

• More than two-thirds (67%) favor rationing of vital energy and food sources to combat the threat of climate change.

• In stark contrast to the rest of America, 70% of the Elites trust the government to “do the right thing most of the time.”

• Two-thirds (67%) say teachers and other educational professionals should decide what children are taught rather than letting parents decide.

• Somewhere between half and two-thirds favor banning things like SUVs, gas stoves, air conditioning, and non-essential air travel to protect the environment.

• About six of ten elites have a favorable opinion of the so-called talking professions—lawyers, lobbyists, politicians, and journalists.

• President Joe Biden enjoys an 84% job approval rating from this group – roughly twice as high as the general public.


We’re guessing that high-powered lawyers aren’t going to be commuting into their offices in a little two person “Smart Car” instead of a Mercedes and flights to Nantucket and Mustique will be considered “essential air travel,” and that any new limits on individual freedom proposed will most likely take away the freedom to go hunting, rather than the freedom to play squash.

So, these results confirm what people have long suspected: today, there are two Americas. One is wealthier, more highly educated, and attended the best schools. They put much more trust in big government “to do the right thing” and, by their own admission, benefit from more expansive government policies. They have also been hurt far less by the high inflation of the Biden presidency than those who live from paycheck to paycheck and are in the lower and middle classes.

This Grand Canyon-sized chasm between where every day Americans stand on the state of the country, expanding government power, draconian climate change solutions, and Joe Biden’s job performance may partly explain the Donald Trump phenomenon and his high approval ratings among working-class voters, who feel wholly connected with the rebellion against the arrogance of the ruling class Elites.


Click here to read the Committee to Unleash Prosperity’s study “Them vs. U.S., The Two Americas and How the Nation’s Elite Is Out of Touch with Average Americans.”

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Mike M
Mike M
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In other words, this study just confirms what anyone with the intelligence of a manually challenged amoeba already knows. Liberals are basically a bunch of snot-nosed Communist hypocrites who think that God died and left them in charge.

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