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Assault on America, Day 657: Joe Biden, noble crusader… or compromised placeholder candidate?

Grampa Joe Biden and the last desperate Democrat crusade

No doubt, 2020 will go down as one of the most -- if not the most -- unusual elections of all time. With two candidates each battling their own political bugaboos to attract voters’ favor, there’s never been a greater example of true theatrical partisanship than we’ve experienced this year.

President Donald Trump is up against the fiercely antagonistic forces of both the DC establishment and the radical left. He’s been called a racist; he’s been labelled sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, a tax cheat, and, perhaps worst of all, selfish, incompetent and uncaring in the face of what the media portrays as the most devastating health emergency of modern times. Yet onward he goes, campaigning as though there’s no tomorrow if he loses. And maybe he’s right.

Then there’s Democrat nominee Joe Biden, who’s fighting a number of issues himself, not the least of which is his age, mental condition, physical stamina, and, as was revealed last week, the ghosts and goblins of crooked son Hunter’s colorful past. Biden won’t answer questions about what he’d do if he wins the office and he certainly isn’t interested in talking about his family problems. Grampa Joe and his handlers are doing their best to keep him hidden from view as much as possible, hoping against hope that American Trump-haters will deem him the only alternative to four years of misery.

There are a lot of ways to describe Biden. “Noble” isn’t one of them.

Bill Clinton’s campaign brain, James Carville, writing at the #NeverTrump rag The Bulwark, tried doing it his way. “In less than two weeks, I will be 76 years old. I was a boy raised near some of the poorest banks of the Mississippi River and I’ve now had the overwhelming honor to help elect senators, governors, and my dear friend Bill Clinton as president of the United States. I’ve seen my face flash across the silver screen too many times and have flown around the world twice over practicing the profession I love.

“All of this was wildly unimaginable to that little boy skipping rocks in Louisiana 70 years ago. But as I sit here, wonderstruck in retrograde, I can say with certainty that in all my years, joining in this crusade to take America back from the brink of destruction is the greatest thing I have ever been a part of in my life.

“This crusade is something noble.”

Noble? Crusade? Electing Joe Biden is “noble” and part of a “crusade”? Really? Carville’s built a career around being over the top in his rhetorical pronouncements, but this is way beyond his typical hyperbole. Together with his signature hairless scalp and unmistakable Cajun dialect that’s so thick you could slice it with a knife, the longtime Democrat mouthpiece has apparently joined forces with the self-labeled “Republican” losers at The Bulwark to try and milk every last ounce out of wishy-washy GOPers -- to urge them to rise up and reject Donald Trump before it’s too late and he lives on to torment them for another term.

These unprincipled pests have unsuccessfully tugged at the pant legs of anyone who would acknowledge them, which basically now includes only slime-seeking producers at MSNBC and CNN as well as disgruntled Bush-era Republican establishment types and the random conservative who has dug himself such a deep hole that it's not possible to escape it any longer.

Of course, if Carville and crew are successful in pushing (wheeling?) Biden across the finish line next month, Grampa Joe and the rest of his empowered, ferociously ticked off and ravenously hungry socialists will cast the #NeverTrumpers into the pit faster that you can say “Fogetaboutit.” What use are the other party’s turncoats when you can have authentic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Maxine Waters drones as your marching force? Do you think Nancy Pelosi will welcome the RINO miscreants into her loving arms or kick them to the rear and tell them to go pound sand?

This time there will be no one to rescue them from obscurity and a lifetime of loneliness. Democrats will forever distrust the John McCain-type whiners for their past opposition to them while conservative Trump-backing Republicans will never want anything to do with the traitors again. Talk about “noble.” How about dissing your friends in their greatest hour of need?

Carville himself will be fine. At nearly 76 years old (as indicated above), he’s still as sharp as a tack, which is very un-Biden-like for a man who thinks electing the doddering dunce placeholder candidate is a cause worthy of religious comparisons. Democrats don’t get emotional over the prospect of a Biden presidency (like they did with Hillary Clinton in 2016), but they’ll erupt with happy tears if they manage to oust the establishment-busting, swamp-draining Donald Trump.

James Carville, kingmaker in 2020?

If Joe Biden somehow wins the presidency, one could make a strong argument that James Carville deserves much of the credit. For it was Carville who led the party establishment’s rallying call to Democrats back in B.C. times (before coronavirus) to stop socialist strongman Bernie Sanders from taking the nomination. The Vermont senator had practically crushed his opposition in Iowa (though it’s still unclear whether he won or came in a close second to “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg), New Hampshire and Nevada. Those were the first three states to vote. Joe Biden finished fourth, fifth and second in those locales, not exactly inspiring for an Obama guy who was supposed to walk away with the Democrat nomination as the big O’s “next in line.”

Carville famously coined the phrase “It’s the Economy, Stupid” in 1992 to keep skirt chasing big bubba Bill Clinton on message. Though he didn’t exactly pin it to the wall this time, Carville sounded the alarm for Democrats to reject the un-electable Sanders and take up a position behind the one candidate polls suggested could compete with Trump in the general election. Though Joe Biden’s best days are in the long past, his name still evokes a giddy response from diehard Democrats.

Democrats would put forward a cardboard cutout if they thought it would get more votes than Trump. Wait, they already did that! And they’ve added the ultimate identity politics queen, Comrade Kamala Harris, too!

Carville was also the one who expressed surprise that the candidates didn’t make a bigger deal out of the “coronavirus thing” in a debate before the late February South Carolina primary. Carville apparently sensed that Democrats could take a Chinese-based virus and turn it into a worldwide “crusade” to make people dependent on government. They spun ordinary citizens’ fears into what they believed was a winning issue against Trump. Rather than talk about what Biden would do as president, they’re much more preoccupied with probing Trump’s mind to see if he took the budding threat seriously enough in March.

Either way, there’s no way to tell, which is fine for Democrats. With only two weeks to go and the news media still obsessing over tests, cases and the mortality rate, they only need to keep Biden hidden for a little while longer and then run out the clock. With this week’s final presidential debate as the only potential obstacle in their path, they’ll shoot ol’ Grampa Joe full of Red Bull or whatever they employ to keep him semi-coherent for a couple hours.

If Biden survives, Carville and his ilk will be free to write all the op-eds they can muster in useless, un-read publications like The Bulwark and make appearances on liberal cable news channels waxing poetically about “noble” causes and crusades. The Democrats’ willing allies in the Deep State and big tech will similarly do everything in their power to help Biden win.

Conservatives should launch a big “crusade” of their own.

If the polls had been right and Hillary won the 2016 election, would the COVID-19 narrative be different today?

Close followers of this year’s election were taken aback last Thursday night when President Trump took part in a town hall forum on NBC, “moderated” by network personality Savannah Guthrie. In what was billed as a time when voters (some Democrats, some Republicans, some leaners) could directly question the president, the first half of the program was more like a hostile cross-examination of a star witness at a murder trial.

The “witness” being Donald Trump and the “murder victims” were every American who died with the dreaded Chinese Communist Party (CCP, or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus in their bloodstream. As lead inquisitionist, Guthrie tried in vain to establish causation and mens rea (or, for you non-law school types, the “guilty mind”) against Trump.

It was shameful behavior on Guthrie’s part. Instead of allowing the president of the United States to describe his history with the virus and how he’d reacted to it, she basically disavowed everything he said, as though she were prosecutor, judge and jury on the matter. The media has kept alive the COVID-19 myth and society is not better off for it.

Trump answered that the “cure” shouldn’t be more harmful than the problem. Good for him; finally, someone said it. He’s a “survivor” and knows better than his critics about how dangerous the virus is -- or is not -- when treated with new drugs and philosophies garnered from six months’ worth of working on it.

If Hillary Clinton were in the chair instead of Trump, would the media’s attitude be the same?

Trump is the perfect scapegoat for the left, always blamed for everything and never credited for anything. A Hillary Clinton presidency would’ve earned waves of kudos from the chattering class, her “courage and fortitude” constantly applauded by observers. If Hill had caught the virus, people like Guthrie wouldn’t ask her about her last negative test before her positive one.

No, the media would wonder about her “feelings” when she found out she had a potentially lethal sickness and, “What went through your mind when you realized Bill and Chelsea had it too?” “Did your life pass before your eyes?” “Would the country survive?” “How terrible would it have been if the first female president had to give up the office to a man? (VP Tim Kaine -- yuck!)”

Since the beginning, the media, with help from people like James Carville and Savannah Guthrie, have taken the “coronavirus thing” and pounded it into the perfect political sledgehammer to swing at Trump. Thankfully Trump is tough enough to take the blows. Americans -- or at least most of them -- aren’t stupid. They recognize when one leader is treated like a queen (Hillary) and one a goat (Trump).

The media won’t get away with it.

Shy Trump voters -- you can’t see ‘em, but you know they’re there!

If you’re like me you dread hearing or reading about another poll showing Grampa Joe Biden (the “noble” one James Carville talked about) well out in front of President Trump. It’s almost like we start shaking our heads in disbelief before we even receive the numbers.

Do the polls deceive again? Yes, if human nature is factored in. David Catron wrote at The American Spectator, “Shy Trump voters are, by definition, hidden. Many are people who rarely answer calls or texts from numbers they don’t recognize. These voters are very real but quite invisible to pollsters. Some shy Trump voters are willing to participate in some public opinion surveys, yet remain reluctant to level with pollsters. A recent IBD/TIPP poll found the following: ‘Overall, 20% of registered voters say they’re uncomfortable revealing their preferred candidate.’ This isn’t the only survey to reveal such reticence. A recent Cato Institute poll found that the reluctance of conservatives to share their political views has increased from 70 percent to 77 percent since 2017...

“If there is no ‘silent majority,’ why aren’t the Democrats ahead in the phase of the election upon which they have placed so much emphasis? They are enjoying expected mail-in leads in other battleground states, like North Carolina, but they always do. In 2016, Clinton had a seven-point lead in North Carolina on October 25, but Trump won the state by more than 3 percent on Election Day. In Florida and Pennsylvania, it was closer but the story was much the same. In the end, the pollsters are clueless and the ‘experts’ are wrong on shy voters. All that matters is who shows up, and early Rust Belt turnout suggests another Trump victory.”

We’ve talked about it before -- people you know who hesitate to reveal their political preferences. With social media platforms censoring conservative speech and shaming others for supporting Trump, it’s no wonder why many just go about their business without expressing opinions.

Joe Biden isn’t “noble” and this year’s Democrat campaign is no “crusade.” Like a folk tale Rumplestiltskein, pundits such as James Carville try to spin straw into gold, but the average voter isn’t fooled. There are two weeks left until Election Day and President Trump has all the momentum he needs to shock them again this year.

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