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Assault on America, Day 670: Donald Trump is the kind of man America needs -- and deserves

The media hates Trump because he’s successful and loves Biden because he’s a failure

“Tell me, what kind of man is he?” asked King Edward the Longshanks in the classic movie “Braveheart.” In the scene, the tyrannical English king queried his daughter in-law, Princess Isabella, who had just returned from meeting Scottish rebel William Wallace face to face. (Note: I recognize the story is only loosely based on history, but it works here.) “A mindless barbarian, not a king like you, my lord” she sheepishly fibbed in response, knowing that to relay her real impression would engender a suspicious and angry retort from the jealous ruler. Tuesday is Election Day, so it’s long past time to consider what kind of men the two candidates really are. With the stench of scandal swirling around Democrat Joe Biden these days, conservatives are already fully aware of his “character” -- or lack thereof. But a lot of people still might not realize where Biden truly came from, which could supply a final piece of the puzzle as to why the 47-year swamp dweller is so ethically and morally challenged. In a piece titled, “Joe Biden, the Son of a Used-Car Salesman,” George Neumayr wrote at The American Spectator, “Joe Biden’s father was a used car salesman, but gave the occupation up after his son entered the Senate. ‘After 1972, he gave up car sales and went into real estate,’ Biden’s sister Valerie said to the press. ‘He didn’t want a United States senator to have a used-car salesman for a dad.’ “Joe Biden clearly picked up a trick or two from his father. Joe has the stereotypical personality and character of a used-car salesman. The press never tires of calling Trump a con man, but it is Joe Biden who truly excels at duplicity… “Biden sounds much the same today (as he did in law school after being threatened with expulsion due to plagiarism), combining blustery dishonesty with boasts of his honor and character. The bluster is grimly comic: the more he lies, the more he insists that the doubting ‘look it up.’ Once they do, such as on his easily refutable claim that he never opposed fracking or his bogus insistence that Trump has never condemned white supremacists, he just renews his initial lie. He has the dogged dishonesty of a used-car salesman. The only question now is, Will America buy his clunker?” One can only hope not. Joe Biden’s been a known quantity for decades, but still, few comprehend the whole tale. The media’s gone to great lengths to depict him as an affable centrist who can do a one-on-one with anyone and come away with a compromise that both parties are happy with. But the notion is a ruse. Like his used car salesman father, Biden would tell any sucker stupid enough to wander onto his auto lot whatever it takes to get the unwitting rube to purchase a leaky pile of junk. In essence, Biden is akin to another type of scumbag salesman: he might as well offer timeshares to people who don’t need and can’t afford them. Such is the hot air he’s peddling to Americans -- all blather and no substance. President Donald Trump likes to chide Biden for not having accomplished anything in the Democrat’s near half-century at the seat of power. It’s true, but ol’ Grampa Joe has become polished at having a great time and putting a lot of coin in his own pocket along the way. He's done it by painting men like Trump as scoundrels and criminals for excelling and winning at their own game. Biden and company can’t even concede that the New York real estate mogul was good at what he did. Besides, since when is being successful a bad thing? Literally since the day Donald Trump announced his run for presidency, the media and his establishment elitist detractors have savaged the New Yorker for supposedly being greedy, selfish, affluent and out-of-touch, a man who accumulated wealth throughout his life and also knocking him for relentlessly bragging about his lifestyle to create a personal celebrity of epic proportions. If only Trump were a pauper with amazingly styled hair and a talent for mugging in front of a camera…but then again, no one would’ve paid any attention to him then. His enormous wealth and penchant for self-promotion became part of the Trump legend. And while he wasn’t exactly brought up in a struggling household, he took the family name and turned it into an international brand that everyone was cognizant of even before he opted to try for high office. The name “Trump” was -- and still is -- synonymous with luxury, high quality and the best service. Anything less than superior wouldn’t make the grade in Donald’s world. To his supporters, “Trump” now equals Make America Great Again, a signal that it’s okay to sing the national anthem loudly or display the flag in your front yard. Loving America is nothing to be ashamed of; we’re the greatest nation in the world with the greatest mix of free thinking people who don’t need the government to take care of us. Similar to Ronald Reagan’s quick-witted approach to high public profile, Trump makes politics fun and worthwhile. And he’s kept his promises; not always to the exact word, but he isn’t shy about doing the right thing. It’s why Trump supporters are so devoted to him and enthusiastic about his candidacy. Even in a pandemic, they turn out by the tens of thousands to hear him speak. Because many of his appearances are featured on Fox News, people recognize that he repeats much of the material. It doesn’t matter. Each presentation is new and he tailors every speech to its location. To his backers, it’s never mattered that Trump is in the “upper class.” Trump is eminently approachable and has kind words for everyone -- except his enemies. Don’t expect a kindness and a pleasantry if you’re Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer or a RINO Never Trump Republican who thinks he or she knows more than the masses they purport to represent. In short, we know precisely what kind of man Trump is. Meanwhile, the same opponents and media prop up Joe Biden as an “ordinary” guy who could’ve gotten rich (he did anyway, just ask Hunter) but instead chose to serve in the Washington swamp practically his whole life while taking AMTRAK to and from his day job. Therefore, even his commute was heavily subsidized by taxpayers. How fitting. Everyone knows that Biden is a rich man now, which begs the question -- that the media won’t ask -- how did you come by your money, Joe? Democrats and the media fixate on Trump’s tax returns and what might be in them. Why aren’t they just as wrapped-up in asking Biden about his own taxes and what’s not in them? Gee, Joe, with access to a who’s who of successful people your whole life, why didn’t you earn more dough? Or is it simply that the “Biden” brand isn’t worth anything without corruption? Maybe Hunter could start a new line of crack pipes and provide seed money for a porn production company. Why the hiding, Joe? Socialist Bernie Sanders received a good amount of attention for his three houses and pampered lifestyle, not bad for a guy who’s never had a real job in his life and ostensibly built his bank account through writing books. But what about Joe? After having spent his life swimming with big fish in the bog, why wasn’t the question ever asked about why he didn’t use some of his benevolent knowledge to actually create something of value? It’s almost as though the media champions Biden because he’s not successful, and they obviously cover-up the one part of his income generating portfolio that’s resulted in big checks: his corrupt use of his family name. In the process, those with this mindset condescend on the “deplorables” in the hinterlands because the regular folks find happiness and satisfaction in other pursuits such as firearms use, hunting, fishing and going to church. Grampa Joe talks all the time about his faith but does he actually attend services? Every single one of these “ordinary” people is superior to Joe Biden. If someone were to simply ask the same question that Longshanks did, “Tell me, what kind of man is he?”, the answer would be too evident. He’s a sleazebag empty suit of a politician who’s coasted off the achievements and successes of others for his entire existence. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Conservatives optimistic that a 2016 repeat is in the works Election Night 2016 seemed unreal, didn’t it? It wasn’t all that long ago, but November 8th is like a distant memory for a lot of people now. So much has changed in those four years. Kids have grown up, jobs have switched, living situations have changed. Even Washington DC has transformed during the presidency of Donald Trump. If nothing else, Trump has been the most unique president of recent times, maybe in the entirety of American history. The reaction of the DC swamp to an outsider was swift and furious. Investigations, accusations, threats of impeachment -- and then the real thing. Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest famously lectured on the best way to win a battle was, to “get there first with the most men.” The same could be said for Trump. Whatever the Democrats and media complained about the loudest, there you would find Trump and his army of supporters to resist them. Unlike all other presidents, perhaps even including Ronald Reagan, Trump understands the power of presentation and imagery. Trump’s orchestration of his acceptance speech at the August Republican convention was masterful. He understands the moment and appreciates messaging. He also knows the media, which is why he’s worked so diligently to bypass and ignore them whenever possible. Many, many conservatives are optimistic that Trump will be reelected. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich said last week that he expects a landslide that will shock the Democrats. The American Spectator’s R. Emmett Tyrell, Jr. wrote that he predicted Trump’s triumph over Hillary Clinton four years ago and he’s expecting the same result this year. Enormous Trump parades are happening everywhere. The president still draws tens of thousands of backers even in a day and age where many are terrified of getting sick. None of it will be possible without a massive response from America’s liberty-loving conservatives. As of Tuesday evening, it will be all over but the shoutin’. The left and Democrats have worked overtime and spent hundreds of millions to bring Donald Trump down. But the ultimate result is controlled by you and me. I voted last week, so I’ll be watching the TV coverage on Election Day. It'll be a day we all remember. And it should be a good one, if everybody does their part. Hall of Fame GOAT athletes understand greatness, that’s why they like Trump It didn’t engender a lot of fanfare, but NFL legend Brett Favre announced his choice in this year’s election, and it’s the man who won the state of Wisconsin (and his native Mississippi) in 2016. Jessica Chasmar reported at The Washington Times, “Football legend Brett Favre endorsed President Trump’s reelection Friday morning, saying his vote this year is to preserve the First and Second Amendments. “’My Vote is for what makes this country great, freedom of speech & religion, 2nd Amnd, hard working tax paying citizens, police & military,’ the three-time NFL Most Valuable Player and Hall of Famer tweeted to his nearly 340,000 followers. ‘In this election, we have freedom of choice, which all should respect. For me & these principles, my Vote is for @RealDonaldTrump,’ he wrote. “Mr. Favre joins multiple sports celebrities to recently endorse Mr. Trump, including former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, golf legend Jack Nicklaus and former NFL coach Mike Ditka.” This isn’t saying there aren’t any great players who plan to vote for Biden. I just don’t recall seeing anyone as prominent as Brett Favre and Jack Nicklaus outing themselves as touters of the socialism party. People who value free speech, freedom of worship and God-given gun rights couldn’t possibly make the opposite choice.

It's also an indication that people are feeling more confident about expressing their voting choice -- and not fearing the inevitable backlash from the haters. Tuesday’s election is about the future of the country. It’s not a matter for the timid and bashful. Donald Trump represents greatness, hard work and solid, unapologetic achievement. It’s the kind of man that he is.

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Karl Priest
Karl Priest
Oct 31, 2020

Very good article.

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