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Assault on America, Day 688: Dem team means warmed over liberalism with socialist twist

Same old wrinkled mugs will head up the Democrat dinosaur leadership team next year

It’s safe to say, a lot of things will change after the 2020 election, many of which conservatives devoted time, energy and treasure to try and prevent. It’s also clear a lot of things will remain the same, however, some of which conservatives didn’t anticipate -- but definitely welcome.

As America heads into the weekend before Thanksgiving with the result of the presidential contest still up in the air, nevertheless there are occurrences we can foresee about 2021 with some degree of clarity. One of those is the Democrat leadership in the next Congress. The number of seats may have switched a bit, but overall, it appears the same old gnarled and pasty white Democrat faces will be representing the liberal faction again in January.

Of course, the majority in the U.S. Senate lies in the balance pending a pair of January 5th runoff elections in Georgia. Assuming both will go to the GOP or Democrats, liberals will either face a 50-50 tie (to be broken in their favor by the new VP, Kamala Harris, should Biden be deemed the winner), or a four-seat deficit, 52-48. The House would appear to retain a ten-or-so seat Democrat majority. In other words, for the party in power to get anything accomplished, liberal members can’t afford much disagreement on who should lead them.

Let’s start with the senate, where New York Senator “Chucky” Schumer is certain to be the leader of the Democrat faction, a post he’s held since Sen. Harry Reid’s retirement four years ago. Prior to then, Schumer was a prominent voice in the party and it wasn’t surprising to see him elevated to top minority dog in the upper chamber.

Some Democrat senators weren’t happy with this year’s elections results, and they let “Chucky” have an earful this week. Alexander Bolton reported at The Hill, “Schumer has presided over two conference calls in which his fellow Democratic senators analyzed the disappointing results of races in Iowa, Maine, Montana and North Carolina, where they thought they had a chance to knock off GOP incumbents.

“So many Democratic senators wanted to speak out during last week’s call that Schumer scheduled a rare Sunday conference call to give them a second chance to unburden themselves.

“The senators spent close to 90 minutes on Sunday offering their views about why they failed to win back the Senate majority and what they must do to be more competitive in rural states, where Republicans traditionally have an advantage.”

There will be no challenges to Schumer for his leadership position. It’s not that “Chucky” is so charismatic or effective as Democrat poohbah -- he’s neither -- it’s the fact nobody else seems to want the post. If the New Yorker’s nasally whiny voice wasn’t enough to convince voters in middle America that Democrats were the answer to all their problems, who else could possibly do better? Liberals are increasingly viewed by average people as out-of-touch elites who care more about pipedream causes like “climate change” than they do about kitchen table issues like education, tax rates and jobs.

What’s a Democrat to do? Cutting through the media’s horsepucky, what did Democrats have to offer voters? In August, they spent four days and nights hiding from people, pretending to be afraid of the Chinese Communist Party (or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus while simultaneously attempting to prop up an obviously mentally slipping presidential candidate in Joe Biden. The boring-as-all-heck convention featured canned interview after canned interview from #NeverTrump Republicans and “citizens” who grumbled endlessly about President Donald Trump, but provided next to nothing in terms of what the party represented.

Even assuming Americans swallowed the crap about Trump stealing post office boxes and denying sick people healthcare, what were they to believe would take place if Democrats controlled Congress and Biden won the White House? Schumer himself threatened Republicans and forewarned that “nothing is off the table” if the GOP went ahead with the nomination and confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.

Everyone understood that the table full of Democrat slime Schumer referred to includes abolishing the filibuster, packing the Supreme Court and pushing through statehood for Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. Neither Biden nor Harris would directly address the question of what they intended to do if suddenly they found themselves in charge of everything. Their silence and stubborn refusals to present an agenda didn’t sound good to people when Republicans at least represented stability and growth at the institutional level.

With Schumer as their figurehead, Democrat candidates couldn’t get out from under his suffering influence. The media frequently chastises Trump for having a big mouth, but isn’t the same thing true for both “Chucky” and Nancy? The Minority Leader said to Supreme Court Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch that they wouldn’t “know what hit them” unless they ruled the way Democrats wanted on abortion cases.

Try selling this type of thinking to “average” Americans who may sympathize with some parts of the Democrat platform yet also value life and freedom of religion. The liberals’ tunnel vision is astonishing, as they arrogantly believe everyone thinks abortions should be available up until the moment of birth and people will give up their livelihoods for membership in the globalist faux monstrosity that is the Paris Climate Accord.

Democrats aren’t likely to get the message anytime soon -- and certainly not if “Chucky” Schumer remains the face of their caucus. It may sound redundant, but leadership is done by leaders. The sheep follow his or her lead. That just ain’t happenin’ here.

What the Democrat senators’ conference call probably sounded like

Unfortunately, we don’t have a transcript of the Democrat senators’ conference calls, so we can only speculate what each of them had to say. Based on a number of clues gathered over the years, a prediction isn’t all that difficult to make. Here goes:

“Chucky” Schumer: “Okay, okay, let’s call the meeting to order,” said the Democrat Minority leader as he entered the conference group a couple minutes late. Almost as if a vinyl record was being played backwards, he heard a mixture of what seemed to be moans of pain, angry shouting, muffled sobs, scratching noises, electronic beeps, incomprehensible mumbling, baboon howls, dolphin clicks and what suspiciously sounded like plotting to ‘take someone out’. He thought, they wouldn’t be talking about me, would they?

When the noisy kerfuffle failed to subside after a few seconds, “Chucky” interjected, “HHHHEEEYYYY! Settle down! You’ll all get a turn to speak. This isn’t a kindergarten class, though it’s beginning to sound like one. Who’s first? How do we get our mojo back? And none of that ‘listen and relate to voters more’ nonsense. Real meat only.”

Senator Richard Blumenthal: “I wanna say something, ‘Chucky.’ There’s only one way we can get the majority back in 2022, and that’s to lie through our teeth. We should all make up a wild tale about serving in Vietnam or something and our supporters will come a runnin’. Our party’s voters are stupid, aren’t they? As long as you say you love abortion and promise to toss ‘em a bunch of goodies and shore up your liberal credentials, the rest is easy. Keep in mind, we’re not gonna have Trump to bash anymore. And sooner or later, the China virus will be history. What then? I’ve been making up a collection of war stories for people to memorize. Contact my office if you want to use one of ‘em.”

“Chucky” Schumer: “Not bad, Dick. I like it. We should put you in charge of pursuing a majority in 2022. You might consult Joe Biden for his input on your whoppers. Everyone knows he’s great at fabricating life stories, and what he doesn’t know, he plagiarizes from others! Good work! Who’s next?”

Senator Patty Murray: “Hi ‘Chucky,’ it’s me, Patty. I like Dick’s thoughts, though we’re already so good at lying, it won’t move the needle any. To get more suckers -- I mean people -- to vote for us, I suggest we all start wearing tennis shoes and granny glasses to look like a schoolmarm. It worked for me, right? And we should cry more -- over admitting illegal aliens and unvetted refugees -- like you did. That was brilliant! What’s wrong with being human? I’m dumb as bricks, too. Voters like to choose someone who’s stupid-er than they are.”

“Chucky” Schumer: “I’m likin’ it, Patty, especially the dumb part. We know it works, too, since Joe Biden got himself elected while running on a ‘Seinfeld’-like platform. You know, a candidacy about nothing. I once looked at a CT scan of Biden’s brain and I swear it showed just a half dozen rocks with a sign that read, ‘Eat at Joe’s.’ You’re on to something here, missy. Who’s next?”

Senator Cory Booker: “Yo, it’s me, Cory, though you can call me ‘Spartacus.’ Similar to what Dick and Patty were saying, I think we should all concoct a fake past acquaintance and make ourselves sound like we gel with average peeps. I invented a street thug to be my homey. His name is ‘T-bone’, which is a composite of people I’ve known. Kind of like Barry Obama and his babes -- I mean girlfriends. He put them all into one person. People love to hear that stuff. It’s like story time as a kid.”

“Chucky” Schumer: “Cool. Cory. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Biden loves to tell the story of his youthful run-ins with Cornhole or whatever the hell guy he was talking about. (His actual name was ‘Cornpop’.) Fiction is our business. We’ll get back the majority if we just follow Joe’s example. Get out there and make stuff up! Time for one more. Who’s next?”

Senator Bernie Sanders: “Listen Chuck, this is Bernie. I got Liz Warren here with me (they all could hear screeching in the background, so they knew he was telling the truth). The solution is easy. We got to promise the people more booty. And that we’ll do a 100 percent tax on the rich. We just won’t call it socialism. Instead, something catchy, like… ‘People-ism.’ Yeah, like free college, healthcare and stuff. No one has to work anymore, either. We’ll just bring in all of Latin America illegally to do the labor and not unionize ‘em. That’s that ticket.”

(Those on the call then heard Bernie say with his hand obviously placed over the phone microphone, “No, dammit. Shut up, Liz. No one wants to hear from you today.”)

“Chucky” Schumer: “Terrific, Bernie! ‘People-ism’ it is. I’ll call Biden’s bunker and tell him how we’ll get the senate back for his final two years as president. Or better yet, Now we’ll take Georgia and we’ll change the world!

Nancy Pelosi won’t get back the Speaker’s gavel without a fight this time

Though it appears “Chucky” Schumer will easily retain his position as leader of the senate Democrats, the same can’t be said for Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the House. Like with Schumer, her caucus is nervous and upset that their party wasn’t able to take advantage of the “wave” that polls predicted would materialize prior to the election. Could it be that Pelosi’s brand just ain’t very good? Could she lose her leadership position too?

Susan Ferrechio and Kerry Pickett reported at The Washington Examiner, “Most Democrats declared … that Nancy Pelosi will be elected overwhelmingly by her party this week to run for another term as House speaker in January, but the California Democrat may face a mini-rebellion from a group of swing-district lawmakers unhappy with a slate of election losses and a leftward shift in messaging...

“Democrats have lost a net of eight seats so far, and several outstanding races favor GOP candidates. Republicans have flipped a dozen seats held by Democrats, all in swing districts.

“The shrunken majority will leave Pelosi with almost no wiggle room on Jan. 3, when she must win 218 votes from the entire House in a vote the first week of January. She’ll get no GOP votes, so even a small group of opposing Democrats would derail her election to a fourth term with the gavel.”

There apparently is a small group of fence-sitters who are considering ousting San Fran Nan, though only one Democrat member is committed to voting for someone else. Pelosi will pull out her bag of spells -- I mean cash and committee seat giveaways -- and buy the necessary votes to stay in charge. The elites know the perfect combination of persuasion and compulsion. She’ll get it done.

But whatever her fate, Pelosi deserves to get the boot. She was dumb enough to preach coronavirus lockdowns and then be caught on camera walking through a hair salon without a mask. Her “Let them eat cake” attitude has tarnished the entire Democrat brand. Shhh! Don’t tell them!

Democrats pride themselves on being the “diverse” party but it should escape no one that their leadership team is all white -- and old. Joe Biden turned 78 today (Happy Birthday, Joe!), Nancy Pelosi will be 81 in March and “Chucky” Schumer is the spryest of them all -- he turns 70 on Monday! The more things change the more they stay the same in Democrat-land.

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