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Barr Flakes Out Betrays Trump And MAGA Conservatives

We once had high hopes for Attorney General William Barr. He had the gravitas and brains

to face down Democrats on the Hill, he brought the Mueller fraud to a conclusion, and he spoke eloquently and forcefully for religious liberty – but he failed to bring the Swamp in the Department of Justice and the FBI to heel, and in the end, he accomplished very little of substance prior to the 2020 election.

And since the election, in the face of evidence of massive election fraud in half-a-dozen Democrat controlled urban areas, the extensive public airing of the Biden family bribery and money laundering claims, the continued assaults and civil unrest sparked by ANTIFA and BLM Barr has done nothing – at least publicly.

And then he announced he was quitting.

It’s almost as if he decided to stay put after the election to ensure that nothing got done in what the Washington establishment assumes are the waning days of the Trump administration.

And a lot of other conservatives warmed to that view yesterday when Barr said he has "no plan" to appoint a special counsel to take over the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s "tax affairs," or one to probe allegations of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

"I think to the extent that there's an investigation, I think that it's being handled responsibly and professionally," Barr said Monday about the investigation into Hunter Biden. "To this point I have not seen a reason to appoint a special counsel and I have no plan to do so before I leave."

Hunter Biden confirmed earlier this month that he is under federal investigation for his "tax affairs."

"Why didn’t Bill Barr reveal the truth to the public, before the Election, about Hunter Biden. Joe was lying on the debate stage that nothing was wrong, or going on - Press confirmed" Trump tweeted last week. "Big disadvantage for Republicans at the polls!"

A well-placed government source told Fox News that Hunter Biden has been a subject/target of the grand jury investigation. According to the source, a "target" means that there is a "high probability that person committed a crime," while a "subject" is someone you "don't know for sure" has committed a crime.

The source said President-elect Biden is not a subject of any grand jury investigation at this time.

The source also told Fox News that this investigation was predicated, in part, by Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) regarding suspicious foreign transactions.

Another source familiar with the investigation told Fox News the SARs were regarding funds from "China and other foreign nations."

But Barr’s failure to act on the evidence of blatant election fraud is an even more egregious dereliction of duty than his failure to insulate the Hunter Biden investigation from political pressure from a potential Joe Biden administration.

Barr on Monday said he is "sure" there was voter fraud in the 2020 presidential race but stopped short of calling for a special counsel investigation.

The attorney general said he sees "no basis" for the federal government to seize voting machines and examine them for possible fraud.

"Off the top of my head, I'm not going to opine on a constitutional issue as far as the power goes," Barr said Monday.

He added, though, that "there are fraud and unfortunately in most elections I think we're too tolerant of it."

"I'm sure there was fraud in this election, but I was commenting on the extent to which we had looked at suggestions or allegations of systemic or brace fraud that could affect the outcome of the election, and I already spoke to that, and I stand by that statement," he said.

"To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election," Barr told The Associated Press.

We are pretty sure that if you don’t look for something you are unlikely to find it – even if mountains of evidence that it exists are dropped on your doorstep. And if there was some vote fraud, but not enough to change the election, shouldn’t those malefactors have been prosecuted regardless?

Bill Barr’s decision to appoint John Durham as Special Counsel to continue the investigation into the FBI and intelligence community misconduct that created Trump – Russia probe will not redeem his failure to pursue the other scandals and abuses of power that were right before his eyes and most conservatives will conclude that Barr flaked out just when his steady hand and intellect were needed most.

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8 commentaires

Denis C. Flaherty
Denis C. Flaherty
23 déc. 2020

I thought Barr was supposed to be a strong advocate..turned out to be a Jack***.

What a flake! After doing nothing but drawing a paycheck. And here we hang.


To me Jeff Sessions, William Barr by their incompetence are totally responsible for where we are today. Clintons, Obama, and Biden family should all be incarcerated. But the deep state along with these AG's not doing there job has destroyed justice for all in this country. I believe it only going to get worse until people refuse to take it anymore. Sooner the better.


So we have Barr, then Chief Justice Roberts that both hail from the Bush losing their sense of justice and truly the Constitution that they have sworn to uphold. A sad day as we see the influences that abrogate people's direction in these matters. GWB you have been sadly silent through this gross injustice, is it payback for trump crushing your pathetic brother in 2016??



James Bryson
James Bryson
22 déc. 2020

Barr was presented to the "battered wife" nation as an experienced, honest broker.

After a disgusting series of twisted AG's (Holder, Lynch, Sessions-Rosenstain) we were shown Barr. Do you recall how the conservative media fawned over this champion?

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me endlessly...SHAME ON YOU, ENDLESSLY.

The game is up. No more swamp-prostitutes passed off as "real people


I never could understand why Trump kept Barr in the position of AG. All he was doing was taking up space. Put in Sidney Powell. I am normally a male chauvinist pig, but this gal has teeth!

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