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Biden’s Forever War

On August 31, 2021 President Joe Biden declared the American withdrawal from Afghanistan to be complete and America’s longest war to be over. Biden and his supporters hailed that as a turning point in American foreign policy and an end to “forever wars.”

Those disingenuous claims conveniently forgot our continued operations in the Iraq theater of operations – arguably a better candidate for America’s longest war, since we began operations there on August 2, 1990, after President George H.W. Bush vowed that the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait “will not stand.”

Now, less than two years after Biden declared an end to forever wars by asking, “What is the vital national interest?” he has declared his own forever war in Ukraine. During an unannounced visit to Ukraine to meet with Ukrainian President Zelenskky, Biden told Zelenskyy the U.S. will stand with him “for as long as it takes.”

Got that? The United States will be fighting a proxy war with Russia, “for as long as it takes,” but to do what?

Evict the Russians from the Ukrainian territory they now occupy?

To evict the Russians from the Ukrainian territory they claim is an inseparable part of the Russian homeland?

Or, until Russian President Vladimir Putin is overthrown, and his war party allies no longer control the Russian state and military apparatus?

The new Biden doctrine of “for as long as it takes” will no doubt make the DC war hawks and shills for the military-industrial complex very happy, but exactly what vital American national interest is being served by this declaration of a new forever war against Russia?

Does it stabilize world energy markets and contribute to American economic growth and prosperity? Not as far as we can tell.

Will it end Russian support for the Islamic Republic of Iran, the world’s largest funder of Islamist terrorism aimed at America? No, quite the opposite. Iran and Russia have grown closer as Iran remains one of the few sources of advanced weapons for Russia, including thousands of Shahed drones.

Indeed, since becoming Russia’s chief drone supplier, Iran is emerging as a global leader in the production of cheap and lethal military drones, according to US officials, who say Tehran is using the war in Ukraine as a shop window for its drone technologies.

And, on a more mundane level, will Biden’s “for as long as it takes” doctrine ease America’s budget problems? Obviously not.

The United States has already gifted Ukraine military equipment valued at more than the entire annual military budget of Australia. According to USA Today, more than $100 billion in U.S. weaponry and financial aid have flowed to Ukraine in less than a year, a number that doubles Russia’s $48 billion annual military budget.

USA Today reports the Pentagon spent $62.3 billion in 2022 on Ukraine for weapons, ammunition, training, logistics, supplies, salaries and stipends, according to the Joint Strategic Oversight Plan for Ukraine Response report. Inspectors general for several agencies released the report in January.

The State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development spent another $46 billion for activities ranging from border security for Ukraine* to funds for basic government services such as utilities, hospitals, schools and firefighting. Other government agencies, including the Department of Agriculture, spent another $5 billion.

The special inspector general who has overseen aid to Afghanistan since 2012, and some House Republicans, say there has been too little oversight of this vast expenditure, but President Biden and the war hawks in Congress have said this number is non-negotiable, making it a mandatory expenditure akin to Social Security or American veterans’ benefits.

Is there a vital American interest in defending Ukraine?

There may be, but beyond the platitudes and pablum Biden spouted during his trip to Ukraine and Poland we haven’t heard it.

The Capitol Switchboard is (202) 224-3121 we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Representative and Senators to tell them it is past time for Congress to exercise its Article I constitutional war powers and power of the purse over Biden’s new forever war in Ukraine. Tell your congressional representatives they must demand President Biden explain his new “for as long as it takes” doctrine and get congressional approval for it.

*We leave to CHQ readers to decide for themselves whether American taxpayers should be funding Ukraine’s border security while our own southern border remains open and undefended.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Mar 15, 2023

Besides Biden constant vacations how much time is the Biden crime family now devoting to their corruption defense instead of looking out for America? Build back better has turned into a fxxxing joke, the Biden clan has done more harm to America then any of our adversaries. Why should the Biden crime family be allowed to walk around with their hands out taking money from foreign countries for personal family enrichment? They should be forced to return all money received against the laws did they even report those incomes? or pay taxes on that money? Time for a full an complete review of the Biden crime family....


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Mar 02, 2023

Have your heard the answers to the questions Garland has given???

Merrick Garland: ‘Diplomatic Concerns’ with Treating Mexican Drug Cartels as ‘Foreign Terrorist Organizations’ Yes we rounded up those pro life Catholic's because they stopped 10% joe from receiving the Sacrament's.. THE PRO LIFERS commit crimes in the day light 'WTF KIND Of ANSWER IS THA'T???.. so night time crime goes unpunished or are you saying the DOJ FBI ONLY WORK IN THE DAY did this guy get this job? Time for this clown to review his oath of office....Cartels have along with China have declared war on the United States, your job is to protect Americans we have other departments for the Diplomatic issues....DOJ is just as corrupt…


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Feb 24, 2023

Current world events are due to the Biden's corruption lack of ability to think and leadership. When Biden met with Putin he saw a corrupt old man, weak in resolve went back to Russia and attacked Ukraine. When China was give Afghanistan by the bought and paid for Biden crime family they could not contain their expansion ideas with little or no obstacles to worry about from the USA. Biden runs around Europe accomplishing nothing, Trump strengthen NATO had members become financially current for it's own defense and strength. After only two years in office Biden has done his best to kill America with his China first policy, shortages, weak Cabinet appointments, inflation, debt and no plan to resolve the…


And it now appears we may be giving those warplanes to Ukraine in another month or so . . . !


Feb 22, 2023

The spigot was turned off for the Military Industrial Complex when we fled from Afghanistan.

It is turned on again with Ukraine. Just the way the democrats want it. Why negotiate and disturb the cash flow? No one really cares where the money is going except us Tax payers.

Hans Slade

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