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Birthday Wishes and Heartfelt Thanks for Ginni Thomas

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

To Ginni Thomas, one of the most respected and consequential conservative leaders of the present day:

We wish you the best on your birthday and we celebrate another year of your continued, historic contributions to the cause of constitutional liberty. We recognize you, Ginni, as a person of the highest character and integrity and as a visionary who sees the 360-front war the Left has declared on America for what it is, and has chosen to defend it with your life, liberty and sacred honor just as our forefathers did when they fought to create this great nation.

We honor you, Ginni, for your steadfast support of your husband, the great Justice Clarence Thomas, and we pray that, thanks to your inspiring love for each other and deep mutual respect, you may be protected from the slings, arrows, smears, lies and other instruments of political warfare shamefully and relentlessly unleashed upon you both by the Left.

Finally, we offer you our best wishes and prayers for many more birthdays filled with the joy, love and gratitude of your peers, friends and other admirers, including:

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I've thought of Justice Thomas so many times through the years. I've thought about writing him and thanking him for his earnest attempts to 'defend and protect' the constitution. In my mind, he's been one of those few flickering embers of constitutionalism.

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