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Boycott Tyson Foods Products

Our friend Sam Faddis has a new post up in AND Magazine and it documents a new low from Tyson Foods, another Leftist Anti-American corporation masquerading behind the downhome image of its many brands.

We’ve told CHQ readers about American companies firing American workers and then using various legal (but bad policy) immigration schemes to bring in cheap foreign workers in the tech industry – Disney being one of the worst offenders by firing some 2,000 American workers and then demanding they train their foreign replacements.

But Tyson’s new low exceeds even Disney’s despicable behavior by firing American workers and replacing them with illegal aliens allowed into the country by Joe Biden.

According to reporting by the UK’s Daily Mail, Tyson said it would shutter its pork plant in Perry, Iowa, this summer, putting 1,276 people out of work in a town of just 8,000.

Last May, Tyson Foods closed two facilities in Virginia and Arkansas that employed more than 1,600 people. In April, it announced plans to cut 10 percent of corporate jobs and 15 percent of executives.

Plants in North Little Rock, Arkansas; Corydon, Indiana; and Dexter and Noel, Missouri are set to end operations in the first half of 2024.

Tyson meat-processing plants across Iowa, Virginia, Arkansas, Indiana, and Missouri have been hit by layoffs and closures. However, after all these layoffs of American workers Tyson announced the company had hired dozens of asylum seekers from Venezuela, Mexico, and Colombia at a job fair in New York City. They travelled to work at its poultry plant in Humboldt, Tennessee.

The meatpacker already employs about 42,000 immigrants among its 120,000-strong US workforce and seeks to boost this by cooperating with the Tent Partnership for Refugees, a nonprofit, among other efforts.


“We would like to employ another 42,000 if we could find them,” Garrett Dolan, who leads Tyson's social efforts, told Bloomberg recently.


Tyson offers pay starting at $16.50 an hour, with paid-for immigration lawyers and other perks.

According to Mr. Dolan the company needs to fill 52,000 jobs this year.

A large portion of new hires “are going to come from refugees and immigrants, so we're now in the business of strategically thinking that through,” Dolan said, according to reporting by the Daily Mail.

So, just to make crystal clear what is going on here: Tyson is firing American workers in Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas and Indiana, but rather than offering the laid off workers jobs in plants that need workers, such as its poultry processing plant in Humbolt, Tennessee, it is hiring illegal aliens in New York, moving them to Tennessee, and giving them free immigration lawyers and other perks, and a starting wage of $16.50 an hour.

Tyson is based in Arkansas. It markets its cheap products under a variety of labels. Among the Tyson Foods brands are various Tyson-labeled products, Jimmy Dean Sausage, Hillshire Farms, Ball Park Franks hotdogs, Sara Lee products, and many more.

Leaving all morality and decency aside for a moment, was it really impossible for the high-priced talent in the Tyson Foods’ front office to figure out that this particularly sleazy move was not going to go down well with the people who buy its products, asked Sam Faddis.

Americans are furious over the Tyson Foods’ decision to fire legal Americans, bring in lawyers, and start finding ways to give jobs to illegals, observed Mr. Faddis. America First Legal, a conservative activist organization launched by former Trump administration officials, has warned Tyson that favoring immigrants is illegal.

Nationwide a boycott is ramping up against all Tyson Food brands. America First Legal and other conservatives have called for a boycott of Tyson Foods and its products due to the company's recent layoffs of American workers and the closure of plants in Iowa, Indiana, Virginia, Arkansas, and Missouri to facilitate the replacement of those Heartland Americans with thousands of illegal aliens brough in from free housing in sanctuary cities, like New York.

We urge CHQ readers and friends to join the boycott of Tyson-labeled products, Jimmy Dean Sausage, Hillshire Farms, Ball Park Franks hotdogs, Sara Lee products, and the company's many other brands.

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Boycott Tyson foods and All of its products. Including restaurants they supply. Eating insects

(new plant opening in USA) being served up by ILLEGAL haters of Americans. Boycott!!!


Uh-oh, sounds like George Rasley has something against free market capitalism.


Isn't hiring an illegal illegal? Of course it's fine with the party of the workers to replace disloyal democrats with reliable democrats.

Replying to

Trump did it where? Trump did it when? Place and Time only, please.

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