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Budweiser Spreading Transgender Poison

This will no doubt come as surprise to normal Americans who have tried Bud Light and decided it tastes like crap, but the reason you and millions of other beer drinkers aren’t

buying the “waning” brand is because it is not “inclusive” enough – or at least that is what Bud Light’s brand Vice President and liberal corporate scold Alissa Gordon Heinerscheid told the podcast "Make Yourself At Home."

We are not sure how that analysis and marketing decision got past Ms. Heinerscheid’s boss, Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth, because Bud Light remains the flagship beer of parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev. According to the UK’s Daily Mail it is America's number one brew, with a market share of more than 13 percent.

However according to Harvard and Warton Business school grad Alissa Gordon Heinerscheid, it is a failing brand, as she told the podcast, “This brand is in decline, it’s been in a decline for a really long time, and if we do not attract young drinkers to come and drink this brand there will be no future for Bud Light…”.

And attracting young drinkers to the Bud Light brand by being “inclusive” means having transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney, a person suffering from a severe mental illness – gender dysmorphia – become the face of the Bud Light brand in its flagship visual media advertising during the March Madness basketball tournament and the Masters Golf Tournament.

You don’t have to be a tuned-in political conservative to recognize what’s going on here. We’re quite sure there is no marketing study or consumer survey that says using a transgender political activist as the face of Bud Light will bring more consumers to belly-up to the Bud Light bar.

Politics is downstream of culture, and modern American “culture” such as it is, is made by giant corporations through their entertainment products and advertising. What has happened, particularly in the past two decades, is that these giant corporations, and the Far Left liberals who run them, have increasingly used their economic power to undermine traditional values and push the culture – and politics – further and further to the Left.

So, we get self-appointed elite Leftwing liberals, such as Alissa Heinerscheid and Brendan Whitworth, deciding that we are going to see Dylan Mulvaney plastered all over our computer screens and TVs and we are going to like it.

In normalizing the abnormal corporate Lefties like Heinerscheid and Whitworth know exactly what they are doing – they are using the resources of their shareholders, to whom they have a fiduciary duty to maximize value and profit, to pursue their own political objectives.

And the inevitable result is that consumers and investors run away from brands that scold them about liberal politics.

It didn’t take long for the inevitable backlash to hit Bud Light.

Former Major League Baseball player Aubrey Huff tweeted: “Talk about not knowing your target market. My God how dumb you have to be @budlight?” The Daily Mail reported the decision to work with Mulvaney angered many other formerly loyal customers, including country singers John Rich and Travis Tritt who made the decision to remove all of the products from his tour bus, and Kid Rock, who shot up several cases of Bud Light.

Tritt said he and Rich were not alone - many other artists are following suit. “Other artists who are deleting Anheuser-Busch products from their hospitality rider might not say so in public for fear of being ridiculed and cancelled,” Travis Tritt said in a Tweet. “I have no such fear.”

In a previous interview with Forbes, Alissa Heinerscheid claimed that “female representation is a personal passion point of mine.”

We normal Americans have a message for Heinerscheid and Whitworth - Dylan Mulvaney is not a woman, and plastering his face all over your product and advertising isn’t going to make us buy your beer or invest in the company for which you work.

You can contact Anheuser-Busch through this link or call the corporate headquarters at 1-800-342-5283, or better yet call your local Anheuser-Busch distributor, here’s a link to the list of distributors – find the distributor in your area, call them and tell them you are sick of Far Left corporate liberals undermining traditional values and in response to their decision to spread transgender poison you are boycotting Bud Light and other Anheuser-Busch products.

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Newsflash! Bud light beer is regular Bud with more water in it, for the same price. Beer drinkers are a very strange selection for the LGBTQRST promoters to go after. I have a feeling the Market repercussions may not sit well in the Bud board rooms. Call a good old boy a transphobe and his response will not be politically correct or woke.


This is happening because these companies are courting Chinese money, LGBTQ money, and tghe like. And there do not seem to be many large non-woke companies. And if there are any, they are not going to announce it obviously.

We have been heading down this path since at least the 1960's. This is what you get when you have an inferior educational system that is only good at indoctrinating generation after generation with this leftist crap--and lazy, uninformed parents not involving themselves in their kids education.


Budweiser is not the only company pulling this crap. The right then expects conservatives to drive way out of their way and spend more dinero buying non-woke company products. Guess what. My not buying Budweiser beer will do nothing to hurt them. That is reality, folks.


Most people I know who drink light beer prefer Miller Lite, so Budweiser has a way to go, but Bud should stick to horses and dogs if they want to sell their products. Of course, real beer drinkers like me prefer Shiner Bock or other dark beers to that watered down junk referred to as light beer.


Bud Light Platinum is quite good too--and has six percent alcohol.


miles drake
miles drake

This has nothing to do with making a woman the symbol of this beer. It is about the endorsement of sexual deviance, which is now the third part of a revolutionary triad, along with communism and black militancy, that will bring down the First American Republic that has been mortally wounded by biological warfare attack. Bud Light In The Loafers will be the Victory Gin of the Democratic Peoples Republic of America with AOC as General Secretary, planned to replace the United States when a totally incapacitated Dopey is moved aside following a rigged election in 2024 and the establishment of one-party dictatorship after supprssion of a revolt that will follow the execution or judicial murder of President Trump.

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