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CAP Leaders and Sen Mike Lee Oppose Swamp Omnibus

On Wednesday, March 6, the conservative leaders of the Conservative Action Project, led by former Senator Jim DeMint and Ambassador J. Kenneth Blackwell issued a statement opposing the two #SwampOmnibus bills now moving through Congress.

The new budget deal will spend nearly $1.66 trillion — higher than even the Pelosi-Schumer FY 2023 level. Now that we have seen the results of the negotiations with the first 6 of 12 appropriations bills coming to the floor, said CAP’s leaders, it is clear that Republicans have been unsuccessful in forcing the Senate to accept meaningful policy changes in exchange for this higher spending. Conservatives cannot support the bill being considered in Congress this week.


The spending package fails to fully address the weaponization of federal law enforcement, roll back Biden’s extremist abortion policies, rein in the “woke” cancer that’s infected federal agencies, or defend the Second Amendment from Democrats’ unconstitutional efforts to undermine American liberty. Worst of all, this package fails to secure the southern border and even continues to reward sanctuary cities with federal taxpayer dollars. Finally, the bill includes 6,000 earmarks for programs so radical and wasteful that even the members who requested them are now asking that they be removed.

We oppose this bill and urge Congressional leaders to renegotiate a deal that preserves conservative priorities and eliminates earmarks.

How bad is it?

According to Senator Mike Lee the bill contains 6,000+ earmarks. And Senate Democrat Leader Senator Charles Schumer of New York has secured for himself a whopping 170 earmarks.

Senator Lee further posted a series of "greatest hits" or perhaps worst abuses in the bill, including:


Georgetown is one of the world’s wealthiest institutions, with an endowment valued at over $3.2 billion.


Georgetown University certainly does not need to be subsidized by the American taxpayer.


During the worst immigration crisis we’ve ever seen—producing more tragic, violent consequences every day—supporters of the #SchumerMinibus want Congress to send $850,000 to a leftist organization bent on enabling and inflaming that crisis.


Another abusive earmark is $1 million to the William Way LGBT center in Philadelphia, via. Sens. Casey and Fetterman and Rep. Boyle.


Does a group funded by (among others) Macy's, TD Charitable Foundation, Merck, NovaCare, Tito's and Urban Outfitters also need a government handout?


The #SchumerMinibus would give $1 million to a private entity — CAPI USA — to construct a coffee shop and a greenhouse that will be used by "refugees."


And concluded Senator Lee, one can’t vote for the #SchumerMinibus without voting for taxpayer-funded sex parties.




Mike Johnson is probably the most conservative Speaker that we could elect, given that Jim Jordan did not have the votes, nor did Byron Donalds, so where do we conservatives go from here?


Recognizing the tight spot the Speaker is in just months after ascending to the top job with what is now a two-vote majority it is time we conservatives got over the idea that one guy – the Speaker – can favorably resolve all the issues and policy objectives of the conservative agenda.


It’s time we recognized we have a 20-man problem, not a one-man problem, meaning we must nominate and elect more limited government constitutional conservatives to Congress – and ramp-up the pressure on the soft, but gettable, incumbents who don’t want to be primaried by spending hawks.

So, here are two things that you can do today to fight the #SwampOmnibus: First, The Capitol Switchboard is (202-224-3121), call your Representative and demand he or she vote NO on the two “minibus” spending bills when they come to the Floor this week. The second thing you can do is go to the Club for Growth list of endorsed candidates, and the House Freedom Fund list of endorsed candidates and donate or volunteer to help elect strong limited government constitutional conservatives to give Speaker Johnson the votes he needs to hold the line on spending in 2025.

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