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Change the Definition of "sex"? Tell the Biden Dept. of Education NO!

On June 23, 2022, on the 50th anniversary of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, the Department of Education released a proposed rule that guts Title IX’s protections for

women and girls, and redefines “sex” to include “sex stereotypes, sex-related characteristics, sexual orientation, and gender identity.” Title IX is a federal law that was designed to end sex discrimination in schools. But now, Title IX is being hijacked by the radical Gender Agenda.

Despite massive opposition, particularly from parents, alleged President Joe Biden's Department of Education continues to consider the Title IX proposal to change the definition of "sex" to include "gender identity."

The Department of Education is already facing calls from conservatives to abolish it; the Department must not be allowed to move forward with this radical Title IX proposal.

As drafted this proposal would have a series of harmful effects:

1. Force women's sports to allow biological males to compete against female athletes.

2. Worsen the sexualization of elementary school children, who would be required to attend instruction on oral-anal sex and more.

3. Promote gender transitioning among young children, without the knowledge or consent of their parents.

The proposal would also infringe on free speech and remove due process protections for the falsely accused.

Overall, the Title IX proposal would have devastating effects on children, families, and eventually on society.

Our friends in the Title IX Network, of which CHQ is a member, have set up a petition calling on the DOE to cancel its plans to issue a new Title IX regulation:

In a Memo for the Movement the conservative leaders of the Conservative Action Project called upon all conservatives to vehemently oppose the Biden administration’s radical attempt to rewrite Title IX. Whether it’s the deluded insistence that men can get pregnant, the intentional effort to replace mothers with the phrase “pregnant people,” or the inability to even define a woman, the Biden administration’s Title IX proposal is merely the latest illustration of the Left’s woke war on women–a war that through both policy proposals and institutional capture seeks to erase women from civil society.

You can help by signing the petition calling on the DOE to cancel its plans to issue a new Title IX regulation:

With its new Title IX rule, the Biden administration is pursuing a radical agenda and proposing a change to our laws and to our educational system that will do irreversible and long-lasting harm to women, girls, the wrongly accused, our faith institutions, and freedom of speech. With such a transformative proposal under consideration, it’s imperative that citizens take action to defeat it.

We encourage concerned citizens, parents, and students to sign the Title IX Network petition in opposition to the administration’s radical Title IX rewrite and urge their Senators and Representative to use every tool and legislative option available to stop this radical change in Title IX.

To learn more about the Title IX Network and its work go to

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Jul 21, 2023

Since when do unelected bureaucrats get to change legislation from 1972? It's about time Congress takes back its obligation to pass laws, instead of leaving faceless (witless) deep state numbskulls to do the dirty work because Congress critters don't want to take a vote for which they will be answerable to constituents.


I think we should all take a step back in time to 1962 when the Supreme Court ruled that prayers in school violated the separation of church and state, which, first of all, was a gross misinterpretation in their read of the 1st Amendment, but in one regard, I agree with their false assumption, in that we do need separation, however, I disagree with their intended remedy!

It is NOT prayer that needs to be removed from our schools, it is the government, that alone is the proper resolve!

The government has NO role in the education of our children for the federal government, nor the state for that matter, as education, as well as many aspects of our lives,…

Jul 21, 2023
Replying to

Warren ran against Ike in 1952. There may have been a deal made in order for Ike to get the nomination.

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