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Character Judgement Has Always Been Trump’s Achilles Heel

We wish we didn’t have to say this, but former President Donald Trump’s biggest problem as President, and in his 2020 campaign, and in his post-presidency, has always been the people with whom he surrounded himself.

In the aftermath of his unlikely victory in 2016 Trump was clueless about how to staff his administration, and, as Steve Bannon admitted, he made what was in essence a deal with the devil – the Republican establishment – to fill his administration with people who not only didn’t support him, but who were actively opposed to his America First agenda.

And this problem was not found only in the obscure reaches of the federal government – it was right in the White House and included his daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, who were two of the greatest impediments to the MAGA agenda.

That’s not to say every Trump hire was no good – Mark Meadows, Mercedes Schlapp, Marty Dannenfelser and many others on Trump’s White House staff, and throughout the Administration, were solid conservatives, but the handful of America First loyalists were hardly enough to ride herd on the entire federal government, and the anti-Trump Capitol Hill GOP leadership, which was bent on thwarting Trump’s agenda.

Trump’s 2020 campaign team, while not disloyal in the same way some of his administration hires were, was easily the most advice-resistant help-proof campaign I’ve dealt with in almost 50-years of politics. They were warned well in advance of the election what Zuckerberg was up to with the drop boxes and the grants to local election officials to run turnout operations in Democrat-heavy areas in swing states, including a warning letter signed by over 500 conservative activists organized by ConservativeHQ, and they ignored it.

So, the unforced error Trump made in inviting Kanye West and Nick Fuentes to dinner in the midst of the row over Kanye’s anti-Semitic comments did not surprise us in the least, because it fits a pattern – not of Trump being an anti-Semite, because he’s not, it fits the pattern of Trump associating with people who do not have his best interests and political agenda as the basis for the association.

And instead of taking the opportunity to publicly tell Kanye West he was wrong to make the anti-Semitic remarks he made, something the former President could well have done based on his long support for Israel and business associations with some of America’s most prominent Jewish real estate investors and developers, he instead chose to appear to make excuses for West’s tirades by speculating he was mentally ill – “a seriously troubled man” – instead of a man in need of serious correction and the education necessary to amend his views.

For his part, after getting what amounted to a pass on his reprehensible behavior West claimed Trump screamed at him during the dinner over the rapper's ambitions to run for president in 2024, thereby making Trump look small and neutralizing any benefit Trump may have thought he was getting in the Black community from an association with “Ye.”

Or, maybe the case is that Mr. Trump, having risen to the presidency on the strength of his celebrity status as a television and pop culture star assumes other celebrities have something to say worth hearing and are as politically astute as he is, which would be another failure in character judgement.

Whatever the case, why give your enemies more ammunition to use against you?

Mr. Trump, for all that we like about him, is unfortunately beginning to remind us of a tragic figure from antiquity, as the Greek tragedian Sophocles wrote in his play Antigone:

No man can be fully known, in soul and spirit and mind, until he hath been seen versed in rule and law-giving. For if any, being supreme guide of the State, cleaves not to the best counsels, but, through some fear, keeps his lips locked, I hold, and have ever held, him most base; and if any makes a friend of more account than his fatherland, that man hath no place in my regard. For I – be Zeus my witness, who sees all things always – would not be silent if I saw ruin, instead of safety, coming to the citizens; nor would I ever deem the country's foe a friend to myself; remembering this, that our country is the ship that bears us safe, and that only while she prospers in our voyage can we make true friends.

Donald Trump remains the leading contender for the Republican nomination for President, and the greatest and most effective spokesman for the Make America Great Again agenda, but we often despair that the people with whom he surrounds himself will be his undoing.

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Dec 05, 2022

I don't fault Donald Trump for agreeing to meet with Kanye. Apparently, Kanye was a personal friend from before politics (like Omarosa)...I would not turn on my friend in their time of need. Yet Kanye sought to go to the Winter White House to burn bridges and cause harm. It's rumored that Kanye wanted Trump to be his VP. So you should see that he was there to provoke. Also, teaming up with a white supremacist, Nick Fuentes, to make Trump look bad. Fuentes was invited by Kanye. This was a "set-up." By the way, what common ground is there with a white supremacist and a black guy? The anti-semitism? Because a white supremacist doesn't like black people, either. Unless…


Tracy Jones
Tracy Jones
Dec 02, 2022

Many people do not understand Donald John Trump, the way he thinks or the way he does things. Think about this. How do you draw the rats in the "swamp" out of the shadows and into the light? The rats in the "swamp" are playing checkers, while DJT is playing 4D chess.


I will never support anyone but Donald Trump in 2024 for several reasons:

~He is the only one who can not only drain the swamp in DC, but go after the worldwide cabal. No one else has a clue. This is not just about the USA. If the USA falls, the world looses hope and falls. Trump has no one owns him.

~This is about stopping the worldwide human trafficking/child trafficking. He is the only one who knows where the vast majority of the body bags are. Right from the beginning he made it about the children. Hundreds of thousands of children have been trafficked at our southern border. We had no realization the depth of that 'holocaust' u…


Mike M
Mike M
Dec 02, 2022

Donald Trump is light years ahead of any possible candidate that the liberals will put up. But having said that he has two major faults and both of them will come back to bite him in the butt if he runs in 2024.

1. He doesn't have even a vague clue of when to keep his mouth shut. There are times when it's better to be silent and be thought a fool than to remove all doubt by opening your mouth. That's a lesson that Donald Trump would do well to learn.

2. He's going on a fool's errand if he tries to drain the swamp in Washington District of Corruption while at the same time he's surrounding himself with…

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