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Chris Rufo: McAuliffe Lying About CRT In Virginia Schools

In a series of tweets and a must-read article on his website, independent journalist and Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute Christopher F. Rufo laid bare Democrat Terry

McAuliffe's lies about his role in promoting the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Virginia's schools.

Tweeted Mr. Rufo:

Terry McAuliffe's closing argument is that critical race theory is a "racist dog whistle" that has "never been taught in Virginia." But I can debunk this lie—and prove that McAuliffe himself was the first Virginia governor to promote CRT.

Followed by:

In 2015, then-Governor McAuliffe's Department of Education instructed Virginia public schools to "embrace critical race theory" in order to "re-engineer attitudes and belief systems." They explicitly endorse CRT—he can't wiggle out of this one with word games.

And later:

Under the Northam administration, Superintendent of Public Instruction James Lane sent a memo to Virginia public schools endorsing "Foundations of Critical Race Theory in Education," calling it an "important analytic tool" that can "further spur developments in education."

And here:

Right now, on its website, the Virginia Department of Education recommends "Critical Race Theory in Education" as a "best practice" and derives its definitions of "racism," "white supremacy," and "education equity" explicitly from "critical race theory."

And here:

At the district level, Loudoun County Schools has hired a consulting firm to implement "critical race theory" and developed a high school class explicitly teaching "critical race theory." Even the district superintendent admitted the curricula "align with the ideology of CRT."

And here:

McAuliffe is playing a linguistic shell game to obfuscate about critical race theory. But the reality is that Virginia Department of Education promotes all of the *concepts* of critical race theory: "systemic racism," "white supremacy," "white privilege," "white fragility," etc.

In closing Mr. Rufo documents that Loudoun County Public Schools is currently hosting a lesson plan on its website explicitly teaching “queer theory” and “critical race theory” to kids.

Don’t take our word for it, go to to see the full evidence and be sure to sign-up for Christopher Rufo’s newsletter to keep up with his research.

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The left lies. The left lies all of the time. The left lies all of the time about everything. (You would think more life long democrats would begin to realize this and stop supporting it.)


Terry McAuliffe is nothing if not a good Democrat. The Democrats have historically been racists and proponents of racism. They were the slave owners, the KKK, the purveyors of Jim Crow laws, "separate but equal" educational institutions, and on and on. When the Civil Rights Acts of 1957 and 1963 came up for a vote, Democrats generally opposed those acts and only the support of Republicans got them through. Of course, Lyndon Johnson took advantage of the 1963 act and used it as propaganda to further enslave people of African descent on the Democrat plantations known as the major cities. Then they bided their time until their hold on black people began to crack in the 21st century under Tr…


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Nov 01, 2021

IT'S NOT TOO LATE NEW JERSEY, people are leaving New Jersey, New York, like these States are on fire, under Democrat rule,starting with the Democrat Governors decisions. New Jersey has the highest taxes in our Country, if not the highest in the world, who will replace these the loss of solid Tax payers? well let's look at that, arriving by the plane loads and bus loads?, illegal's to over burden your school systems and guess what will happen more increases in your taxes.Look's like Virginia has come to it's senses, why not New Jersey, Bidens immigration school policies controlled by you guess it democrat governors, time for change. Look what Biden has accomplished on 10 short months higher taxes, recessio…


I pray the voters in Virginia give Mr. McAuliffe a stern lesson in humility and 'turn him around' so that he may embrace truth, not fluff that has serious consequences.

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