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Conservatives to Speaker Johnson: Get Off Your A** Close the Border and Impeach Mayorkas

The spectacle of a hoard of illegal aliens crossing the border right in front of Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and a 64-member strong contingent of House

Republicans should have been all the confirmation the Speaker needed to begin impeachment proceedings against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.


But when the Speaker took to the podium at Eagle Pass nary a word about impeaching Mayorkas was uttered.


Instead, the Speaker spent his time spouting platitudes: “The situation here and in other parts of the country is truly unconscionable,” Johnson said after visiting migrant processing centers and conferring with local residents and law enforcement officials. “We would describe it as both heartbreaking and infuriating.”


What the Speaker calls “heartbreaking and infuriating” we think is more like treason.


As our friend Frank Gaffney explained in a recent Secure Freedom Minute:


[Mayorkas] should be charged with treason for facilitating 10 million aliens’ illegal entry.


Exhibit A should be an April 2023 memorandum ordering key Customs and Border Patrol officers to streamline the admission of Chinese nationals, including tens of thousands of unaccompanied, military-age men believed to be People’s Liberation Army special forces personnel. Instead of undergoing hours of vetting, these ticking-time bombs are being speedily let in and distributed all over America.

Thanks to Alejandro Mayorkas and the rest of Team Biden, we are now facing a Countdown to Chaos. Several divisions-worth of China’s troops, and countless jihadis, are poised to wreak havoc here. We urgently need new leadership committed to protecting America, not betraying and imperiling all of us.


We think Mr. Gaffney is right – indeed it would be hard to think of a more treasonous act than that of Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas opening the gates and encouraging 10 million illegal aliens to enter the country.


Benedict Arnold handing over the plans for West Point to the British during the American Revolution caused less damage. You’d have to go back to ancient times when traitors threw open the gates of Rome to the Visigoths to find its equal.


But second only to the treason of Mayorkas has been the dereliction of Republican leaders who have failed to act to stem the tide of illegal aliens, terrorists, and enemy intelligence operatives.


Apologists for House Republicans “leaders” will rebut our charges of dereliction by pointing out that the House Homeland Security Committee announced impeachment proceedings against Secretary Mayorkas will begin with hearings next week, on January 10.


However, no House Republican action to stem the illegal alien invasion has been announced.


As Indiana’s principled limited government constitutional conservative Republican Senator Mike Braun recently pointed out in a statement supporting the impeachment of Mayorkas, “every month we do nothing to fix Biden’s border crisis is another 60,000 gotaways entering our country illegally.”


It’s time for House Republicans, especially Speaker Mike Johnson to get off their asses and confront this treason forcefully: Close the border and impeach Mayorkas and if necessary, shutdown every nonessential function of government until those two crucial actions are accomplished.


The Capitol Switchboard is (202-224-3121), call today and tell your Senators and Representative that you demand the southern border be closed and that Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas be impeached for his treasonous opening of our country to some 10 million illegal aliens.

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10 comentarios

Condolences to President Trump and wife Melania over their loss. God bless them.

Me gusta

Conservatives need an alternate to the non-conservative GOP. I suggest readers check out the website for the Founders Party of America. Please tell me what you think. Deo vindice!

Me gusta

And impeaching is only half the battle, if that. Really isn't worth a damn without conviction afterwards. DEO VINDICE!

Me gusta

Good luck with this one. Both political parties are corrupt and cover for each other. The GOP actually prefers being second fiddle to the Socialist Democrats.

Me gusta

While both Majorkas and Joe Biden need to be impeached, removed and tried for treason, un-electing them in November will be quicker (though a trial for treason would remain an option). The real challenge will be reversing the 2020 coup by restoring integrity to our elections in time for November. Still, impeachment inquiries (such as the current one for Biden's bribery) will be useful in educating the voting public.

Me gusta
Contestando a

The same voting public that elected Carter, Clinton, Obama, and Biden? I am not sure if they can be educated, or if they even are willing to be educated. This voting public appears to be ready for more mask mandates, lockdowns, and forced vaccinations. They obviously are still "We the Sheeple" . . . !

Me gusta
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