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DC, Vaccine Policies, And Child Abuse

"Civil Rights" and community leaders cowardly refuse to address the disproportional abuse and injustices of Mayor Muriel Bowser and Washington, D.C. schools via mandated COVID vaccines. Community leaders' silence on issues of leftist/progressives' confirmed injustice is

typical; they never go against their "overlords" (including the CDC, NIH, and other nefarious left-dominated agencies) who demand complete obedience and conformity to vaccine mandates. It's quite illuminating to recognize that as onerous mandates disproportionally and negatively impact black students this school year, "community leaders" ignore any harmful impacts on students and their respective families.

Consider the fact that approximately 40%+ of black students in D.C. school districts have not received the COVID-19 "vaccination." That means nearly 60% of the kids are not "vaccinated." D.C. school districts then sought to prevent all "unvaxxed" students from receiving education. The schools are expressly aiming to deny education to approximately 40% of black kids.

That move adds another burden to students already traumatized by "community lockdowns," COVID-related deaths of family and friends (including suicide), exacerbated learning "gaps" due to lack of in-person classroom studies, and myriad other issues. These students are now being forced to either get "the jab" or miss another year of schooling. With new revelations about the COVID "vaccines" (mostly confirming ineffectiveness and significant health issues), D.C. schools give unnecessary ultimatums facing parents with an untenable conundrum. Mayor Bowser and associated school boards should be roundly condemned for abusively brutish tactics toward students.

Facts confirm that children have nearly 100% resiliency against COVID-19, representing the most resilient demographic. Parents know those facts and are aware of the various side-effects (some life-threatening) caused by the "vaccines." COVID-19 vaccines have a spotty and risky track record of effectiveness with younger demographics. In particular, COVID-19 "vaccines" seem to correlate with marked increases in unexplained side-effects (including heart failure and "sudden death") in school-aged children. Since children are confirmed to be the most resilient to COVID-19, the "risk" vs. "reward" calculus seems to justify vaccine hesitancy.

The D.C. school vaccine mandate demonstrates gross disregard and callous disrespect for parents and students as they prudently consider the best and safest way to protect the children's health. This issue is especially problematic for black parents. Ever since prior incidents, such as when the U.S. government used forced sterilizations and grotesque syphilis experiments against the black community in the early 1900s, blacks have been suspicious and naturally wary of government "mandates" for vaccines and associated experiments. Remember, the U.S. government used mandates to mercilessly and insidiously sterilize over 60,000 women (overwhelmingly black) under the guise of "mandates" from the 1920s through the 1970s (under Buck v. Bell Supreme Court precedent that allowed state governments to sterilize people it considered "genetically unfit"; eugenics followed this). Likewise, the U.S. government experimented with syphilis on 600+ unwitting black men in the Tuskegee experiments (1930s through the 1970s). These incidents were not altruistic; they were evil! The black community has not forgotten this history and is now naturally vaccine and experimentation hesitant. This should be understood and respected, not maligned and neglected.

It seems the D.C. mayor, school districts, and associated community groups are motivated to appease the demands of pharmaceutical overlords and special interests. Yet, at the same time, concerned parents are determined to prioritize the need to protect their children. Who's right?

Long-term health effects of COVID-19 vaccines are being uncovered daily, and it's clear that health outcomes for children far outweigh the need for the "vaccines" themselves. So instead of withholding learning using threats, coercion, and pressure, the school systems should be commending parents for exercising wisdom and prudence concerning their children's well-being. Likewise, instead of withholding all options for learning, Washington, D.C. schools should offer non-vaxxed children the ability to (at least) attend school virtually.

Recent health disclosures by the CDC, foreign governments, and other agencies require parents to exercise prudence. Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) respects parents and stands with them in defiance of Mayor Bowser and other agencies that are trampling fundamental parental rights.

EBLM rebukes the callousness of Mayor Bower and asks that (in recognition of myriad issues affecting "vaccine hesitancy") all children be allowed to learn and excel. Just as recent rulings found Washington D.C.'s vaccine mandates for government workers to be unconstitutional, we believe that the onerous mandates for children are also unconstitutional. Education should not be used as a tool of coercion to meet the demands of pharmaceutical companies and politicians. Our children and progeny mean more to the future success of our community than compliance with abusive schemes that enrich greedy pharmaceutical companies while accelerating health risks for future generations.

Whether it's vaccines, racist propaganda (like CRT), or "comprehensive sex education" curricula, EBLM stands with parents everywhere who exercise wisdom and prudence on behalf of their children. In our minds, "vaccine hesitancy" to protect your children is not ignorant or reckless — it's commendable!

This article first appeared in the September 7, 2022 issue of the American Thinker and appears here though the kind permission of the author.

Kevin McGary serves as president of Every Black Life Matters, chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California and is an executive with the Douglass Leadership Institute and the Northstar Leadership PAC.

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Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins


The deathJab has been pulled from the UK for kids 12 & under because side affects from the jab far outweigh the risk of kids getting covid...anyone mandating the shot needs to be sued!

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