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Defeat Gun Grabber David Chipman Nomination To Be ATF Director

President Joe Biden has nominated professional gun control activist David Chipman for director of the federal agency that enforces the nation’s gun control laws (commonly referred

to as ATF). We recall when Biden said he was going to put anti-gun former Congressman Beto O’Rourke in charge of gun control, but if anything Chipman is worse than Beto.

At least Beto was honest when he said, Hell yes I’m going to take your AR-15.

As our friends at the NRA-ILA observed, Chipman’s evasive, contradictory, and dishonest testimony disqualified him from further consideration for the position, but Democrats show no inclination to withdraw his nomination, meaning gun owners are going to have to pullout all the stops in letting their Senators know about Chipman’s disqualifying conduct.

Pro-gun committee members were able to elicit sufficient information to demonstrate that Chipman lacks the professionalism, honesty, candor, and fairness necessary to enforce the law in an unbiased manner to the benefit of the American people.

The most damning testimony that Chipman provided concerned his desire to ban so-called “assault weapons.” Chipman has a long record as a paid gun control advocate of supporting sweeping efforts to outlaw some of America’s most popular rifles, including the iconic AR-15. He is also on record insisting that the prior federal “assault weapons” ban did not go far enough.

Indeed, Chipman’s supposed firearm expertise as a former ATF special agent was meant to lend credibility to the gun control groups that have employed him. These groups include Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and the oft-renamed gun control lobby associated with former congresswoman Gabby Giffords. If there’s anybody who should be able to provide chapter and verse on the technical aspects of firearms, shouldn’t it be a career ATF professional?

Even now, the gun control group Giffords lists Chipman as a “senior policy advisor” on its website. That organization, in turn, very explicitly describes “key legislative elements” to “provide a framework” for the enactment of “assault weapons” bans at the federal and state levels. It additionally lists jurisdictions whose laws exemplify the elements of this framework.

The Giffords framework stresses a “generic features” approach that describes the weapons to be banned. The exemplary laws it cites all begin from the starting point of a semiautomatic rifle that can accept a detachable magazine and then set forth a list of additional “features,” the inclusion of any one of which would result in a banned firearm.

These features include such things as a pistol or forward grip; a folding, detachable, or adjustable stock; a barrel shroud; and a threaded barrel designed to accommodate a flash suppressor, compensator, or muzzle break. The framework also suggests supplementing this test with an additional list of firearms that are banned by name, as well as empowering a specified law enforcement official to add to that list on an ad hoc basis, thus further expanding the ban.

Most chillingly, Giffords recommends that firearms lawfully acquired before the ban not be exempted from its scope, raising the prospect of forceful confiscation from those who do not voluntarily relinquish their guns.

Needless to say, nationwide adoption of these standards would affect tens of millions of common firearms owned by people who use them exclusively for lawful purposes, including the wildly popular AR-15. It is as radical a position as can be imagined for a country in which the Constitution has been authoritatively interpreted by the U.S. Supreme to protect firearms “’in common use at the time’ for lawful purposes like self-defense.”

Yet when pressed by committee members to define or describe the types of firearms he would like to see included in assault weapons bans, Chipman refused to display any courage for the convictions he espoused as a gun control advocate or any relevant technical expertise. He simply would not answer the question, as best exemplified in an exchange with Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA). “Just give me your definition,” Kennedy pleaded, after confirming that Chipman still supported a ban. When Chipman refused, Kennedy finally concluded in frustration, “I’m done, Mr. Chairman. I don’t think I’m going to get an answer.”

“When a nominee for the top post at the agency responsible for enforcing the nation’s firearms regulations can’t define what he believes an ‘assault weapon’ is, that raises alarms,” said Alan Gottlieb, Chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. “By the time he actually provided some semblance of an answer, he was merely quoting a policy that essentially applies to every semiautomatic centerfire rifle on the planet. Nobody who subscribes to such a catch-all definition of a firearm that really doesn’t exist should lead the ATF.

“It is equally alarming,” he continued, “that Mr. Chipman has been employed for the past few years by Giffords, one of the nation’s leading gun prohibition lobbying organizations, as a senior policy advisor. There is absolutely no appearance of fairness or objectivity in this nomination, and his performance before the Senate Judiciary Committee leaves serious doubts about his perspective on gun rights and the Second Amendment, and how he would approach the job if confirmed.

“Chipman’s nomination has the appearance of political patronage to an organization that steadfastly supports the president’s gun control agenda,” Gottlieb said. “Out of all the potential candidates to lead the agency, Joe Biden has picked the one individual whose nomination was guaranteed to ignite a political firestorm. At this point, it is fair to question why the president has done this. It looks like the president wants to put the gun prohibition lobby in charge of firearms regulation and enforcement.

“Throughout his political career,” the CCRKBA chief recalled, “Joe Biden has portrayed himself as a tough guy, and here he is deliberately provoking a fight with tens of millions of law-abiding American citizens by nominating a man who seems eager to step on their rights, for no other reason than to show he can get away with it. That’s not the characteristic of a national leader who pledged to bring the country together. That’s something a bully does for an ego boost.

“This is a bad nomination,” Gottlieb concluded. “It’s bad for the cause of unity, it’s bad for the Constitution and it’s bad for the country.”

If David Chipman was that evasive and dishonest during his confirmation hearing imagine how responsive he will be to Congress should he be confirmed. We urge every CHQ reader and friend to use the Capitol’s toll-free switchboard (1-866-220-0044) to call your Senators and let them know that based on his testimony at his confirmation hearing David Chipman lacks the candor and integrity to serve as Director of the ATF.

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Jay Robison
Jay Robison
Jun 10, 2021

That's for sure... that's for dang sure!


Gun grabbers are all the same in their core..... commies and power whores!!!!


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jun 04, 2021

We are experiencing an attempted coup, by Marxism ideology, we now have a president, who has embraced communism, quotes communist leaders, takes large amount of gifted money, through his family members. This attempt at dictatorship will crash and burn, Biden's who like the Clinton's will become another laughing joke of the day, they sold our Country out, with pay to play, abuse of power. which will be short lived. The Clinton's lack any respect, from the American people, the Biden family will be the same, his ideas will change nothing ,our constitution will prevail. Biden is much like a fart in a divers helmet, lot of stink with no place to go. Corrupt Biden administration created the biggest anti-American clust…


Jay Robison
Jay Robison
Jun 03, 2021

It is readily apparent that if Chipman manages to be confirmed as head of the BATFE, he will violate his oath to uphold the US Constitution and protect it from all enemies, foreign and domestic. In fact, David Chipman is a domestic enemy of the USA!


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jun 03, 2021

Traitor a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc. "they see me as a traitor, a sellout to the enemy" What are those who accept money from foreign countries including countries who are consider our adversary, for influence, power or personal monetary gain? Since our new left government is now following Socialism and Marxism, would like to change the definition, for the word Traitor be changed to the word Biden, My son received a billion dollar contract from China, making a commission of two hundred millions dollars because of his position being my son, all trips to complete this deal were paid for by the American tax payor, how do i know this because i was th…

Replying to

Your cowardice is revealed in your anonymity, your identity as a troll likewise, in the brevity of your comment.

If your intent is to stir emotion your efforts are futile, as one must consider the source and I am very much aware that the mentally retarded do not know they are retarded.

Such does not excuse your acts, it merely explains them. As schools are again opening, I would suggest you get back on the short bus and out of your mother's basement, this is no place for you, this is for the grown ups, with full cognitive function, you have stepped well beyond your limited ability!

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