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Demand A Gaza Ceasefire – From Hamas

The Biden administration has demanded and succeeded in forcing Israel to withdraw troops from southern Gaza by threatening to cut off military aid. President Biden, after the Hamas October 7 invasion, said Israel had every right to defend itself and that “my Administration’s

support for Israel’s security is rock solid and unwavering.” It was “unwavering” only until Muslims in Michigan and Marxists in Congress began opposing Israel.

A ceasefire in Gaza could happen immediately if Hamas released Israeli hostages and surrendered. It is not known how many hostages, including Americans, are still alive.

October 7, 2024, is a pivotal date. This is the day that Islamic jihadists invaded Israel, seized over 200 hostages, murdered over 1,200, and committed rape, torture, and genocide against Israeli and American civilians. Now, anti-Semites, anti-Americans, Marxists, and Muslims worldwide are accusing Jews and Americans of genocide. The charges are classic Marxist “doublethink,” as written in George Orwell’s “1984.”

The inconvenient truth is that there is no Israeli occupation of Gaza. Hamas has ruled Gaza, with no Israelis present, since 2007, when Hamas won the first and only election held in Gaza. There have been no elections since. Surveys indicate Hamas actions are supported by over 70% of the Arab Palestinian population.

This is a defining moment that separates those who believe in Western Civilization and those who wish to destroy it. Where are the mass protests against the barbaric actions of Hamas?

If one wants civilians to stop dying in war, then the way to stop the dying is for Hamas to stop the war they started by surrendering and releasing the hostages.

A ceasefire now without defeat would allow Hamas to continue to exist, regroup, and continue its mission of eliminating Jews from Palestine. It would be a victory for the supporters of Hamas---Iran and Qatar. It would also be a victory for those opposing Western Civilization.

The United Nations Relief and Work Agency (UNRWA) has funneled billions of dollars to Gaza. Billions of dollars that should have been spent on improving the lives of Palestinians in Gaza instead were spent on hundreds of tunnel miles for the sole purpose of military action against Israel. The United States is the major funder of UNRWA and has also sent billions of dollars to Palestinians. They then use this money to educate children on hatred of Israel and the West, pay monthly stipends to families of martyrs who have died fighting Israel, and build tunnels under hospitals to store Hamas military supplies. Meanwhile, Hamas leaders are living lavish lifestyles in Qatar and Turkey.

Progressive Marxist anti-semites in the U.S. Congress, in universities, and cities are advocating for the termination of military aid to Israel because of civilian casualties in the war. Hamas started the kinetic war with the launch of thousands of rockets at Israel and the ground invasion on October 7. While Israel has taken multiple steps to minimize civilian casualties, Hamas has used civilians, hospitals, schools, and mosques as shields. For Hamas, the more dead civilians, the better for propaganda purposes. The West's gullible media and governments accept the casualty numbers from Hamas without independent corroboration.   


 Why is the United States government:

●     Aiding and abetting Hamas? Hamas is an Iranian proxy dedicated to “Death to the Great Satan (America) and Death to the Little Satan (Israel).

●     Why is the U.S. government calling for the overthrow of the Israeli government? 

●     Why is aid to Israel being threatened? Hamas started the war.

Not only is America facing worldwide threats from Communism and Islamism, but it is facing internal threats from:

●     Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan, the “jihad capital” of the U.S., according to the Wall Street Journal, were chanting “Death to America” and calling for eliminating the entire system.

●     Thousands of pro-Palestinians marching in cities spewing anti-semitism.

●     TikTok and fentanyl are contaminating American culture.

●     Illegal immigration costs are bankrupting cities and states and posing national security and public health threats.


1.    Increase military aid to Israel and Ukraine. It is not in America’s interest for them to lose.

2.    The U.S. Government needs to develop a “WINNING’ strategy. Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, the South China Sea, Gaza, Yemen, and our southern border invasion have all been losers. 

3.    Terminate U.S. funding of UNRWA and other U.N. organizations fostering anti-American policies.

4.    Stop immigration from countries inimical to the United States.

Peace Through Strength! 

Author Laurence F. Sanford is a veteran of the United States Navy and the Central Intelligence Agency and now serves as Senior Analyst for the American Security Council Foundation. Please support ASCF’s education efforts by donating to the American Security Council Foundation at

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Will NOT happen until the last 3 1/2 years of the tribulation!!


Will not happen until we re-elect President Trump, folks . . .

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