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Democrats Not Giving Up On One Party Rule Bill

Even though Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) announced last week that they would not vote to change the Senate’s filibuster rule Democrats are not giving up on trying to pass their plan to federalize all elections and force Americans to accept one party rule.

Editor’s Note: It will take less than 60 seconds to tell Senators to preserve the filibuster and stop Democrats from turning America into a one-party Socialist state by going to

The Hill's Alexander Bolton reports some Democrats are discussing a novel approach to circumventing a Republican filibuster that may allow voting rights legislation to pass with 51 votes without changing the Senate’s rules.

These Democrats, including Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.), are exploring the possibility of forcing Senate Republicans to actually hold the floor with speeches and procedural motions.

They hope that the Republican opposition may tire itself out after a few days or weeks and that Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) may be able to then call for a simple-majority vote on final passage and skip the formal procedural vote — known as cloture — on ending debate.

The problem with this approach, according to Democrats familiar with the discussion, is that it hasn’t been attempted in decades and no one is quite sure how it would play out procedurally, reported Mr. Bolton.

Despite the obvious hurdles, the Senate’s Democratic Leader has vowed to press ahead with abolishing the filibuster and federalizing elections.

Standing alongside Al Sharpton, Sen. Schumer said, “I’m going down to Washington, and we are going to debate voting rights. We are going to debate it, and, in the Senate, you know we need 60 votes to break a Republican filibuster… but since we only have 50 Democrats in our razor-thin majority, the only path forward on this important issue is to change the rules to bypass the filibuster.”

“We must never give up,” Schumer said during remarks made on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. “We are going to continue till we get full voting rights for all Americans. We will never give up until we stop these horrible, horrible laws from passing until we expand the right to vote, not contract it.”

Of course, the Democrats’ voting “rights” bill has nothing to do with extending constitutional rights to citizens that have been deprived of them, rather it is intended to institutionalize the fraud-prone practices that led to the questionable tally of the 2020 presidential election.

Schumer’s threat is pure hypocrisy and nothing more than another opportunity to put pressure on the Senate’s two off the reservation Democrats; Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema.

The best way to stop this Democrat power grab is to go to to tell Senators to vote NO on any Schumer proposal to dismantle the filibuster or pass a federal takeover of elections.

When Democrats tell you what they plan to do when they get power it’s always a good idea to take them at their word.

And on MLK Day alleged President Joe Biden said he is going to renew his lobbying campaign to pass legislation designed to crush any present or future political opposition to the new authoritarian Democrats’ Far Left agenda.

What’s going on here is obvious – but needs to be said – after the disastrous beginning of the Biden administration, and their 2020 losses in the House, Democrats are trying to put themselves beyond the reach of the electorate.

Democrats are looking at the same polls and the same redistricting maps we are looking at and seeing no way they can retain their House majority under the present rules – so true to form, they are going to destroy what is left of our federal constitutional system to retain and consolidate their power.

Go to to use the tools to express your opposition to the Democrats’ plan to force one-party rule on America, and then call the toll-free Capitol Switchboard (1-866-220-0044), tell your Senators and Representatives to oppose the For the People Act,the John Lewis Act and any other attempt by the Democrats to put themselves beyond the reach of the electorate.

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4 comentarios

The dems have been forced to concede defeat, for now, but they will continue to push for ending the filibuster every day this year as long as they control the legislature. The only way to stop them is to take power away from them, and this means overwhelming electoral defeat. You only need to look what they did to gain permanent control in California to see what they will do in Washington. This is the greediest generations swan song, and they will not be denied.

Me gusta

20 ene 2022

Every republican in every elected office from local, to county, to state, needs to get off their butts and start helping those in congress to fight the bills they are trying to pass.

Me gusta

Ernst Hall
Ernst Hall
20 ene 2022

Democrats will NEVER give up on this bill since it is their only chance to retain their Congressional majorities. They are desperate - and wantonly avaricious.

Me gusta

It's pretty sad when we are forced to rely on two Democratic senators because of the GOP being so ineffective, folks . . .

Me gusta
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