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Does The Drip, Drip, Drip of Classified Document Stories Signal Trouble for Sleazy Joe?

Our friend Charlie Kirk, Founder and President of Turning Point USA and host of the Charlie Kirk Show put up a tweet on Saturday that got us really thinking:

Is it really possible that DEMOCRATS want Biden out ahead of the 2024 election, and wouldn’t that make Vice President Kamala Harris the President and presumptive frontrunner in the 2024 Democrat primaries?

Surely not even Democrats could be so dumb as to want the talent-free Kamala Harris as their 2024 presidential candidate, let alone for her to actually be President.

But remember, this is Democrats we’re talking about, and for the Left the issue is never the issue, there’s always a deeper agenda at work.

And the drip, drip, drip of stories in Left-leaning establishment media outlets suggests that Charlie Kirk may be on to something.

The timing of the revelations about the classified documents discovered at Biden’s offices and homes suggests they were designed to step on the announcement of his campaign for reelection.

As the BBC noted, with inflation falling and his approval ratings rebounding, the document discoveries will trim Mr Biden's sails as he prepares to campaign for re-election in 2024. An announcement on that was expected in the next few weeks. However, the document drama may have Biden and his team reassessing that.

And there’s an interesting trend that we hadn’t observed until we started looking for articles about Democrat 2024 alternatives to Joe Biden.

It turns out that starting back in September of 2022 there were a whole slew of articles about Democrat alternatives to Joe Biden that we missed because we were focused on the 2022 midterms and their aftermath.

Vanity Fair, The Hill, New York Magazine, The Week, even Salt Lake City’s fairly conservative Deseret News all had articles suggesting that, under certain circumstances, Joe might be replaced on the ballot.

But does Joe even want to run for reelection?

Writing for The Week, Grayson Quay and Theara Coleman reported on a CBS News' 60 Minutes interview in September, during which Biden remarked that it was too early for him to officially announce that he will be running, citing the responsibilities that follow the decision. He made it clear that while he intends to run again, the final decision is still in the air.

"Look, my intention, as I said to begin with, is that I would run again," Biden said. "But it's just an intention. But is it a firm decision that I run again? That remains to be seen."

In a recent interview for MSNBC, Biden told the host that first lady Jill Biden supported him taking a second run at running for president. "My wife thinks that we're doing something very important and that I shouldn't walk away from it," he said.

Got that? President Jill thinks they are doing “something very important” and Joe should run again.

No sitting president in modern American history has been successfully primaried, and attempts to challenge the incumbent usually end up hurting him in the general election, so if there’s a powerful Democrat faction that wants Joe Biden out, who is behind it?

Suspicion first falls on Team Obama, who have always been skeptical of Joe Biden – remember Barack Obama’s assessment, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to F*** things up.”

But Barack Obama can’t run again, and Michelle, who seems to be the #1 choice of many Democrats says she won’t run, and you have to take her at her word since she did pass on a 2020 run before COVID was loosed to cripple Trump and Democrats were struggling to find a candidate who could beat him.

Likewise, Hillary Clinton has dismissed thoughts of a rematch with Trump or running against Joe Biden in the Democrat primaries for 2024 – but lots of pundits on the Left and Right think she would be in a very strong position to get the nomination and win a self-vindicating campaign against Donald Trump

Democrat Governors, such as California’s Gavin Newsom and Illinois’ J.B. Pritzker have also indicated they won’t run against Biden, but they have been hitting the campaign trail on behalf of other Democrats and, in Newsom’s case, running ads against Republican rising star Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. So, we can say they are not going to run against Biden, but they didn’t say anything about not wounding him by scandal – and helping usher him out the door.

Now, here’s where things get a little weird for Democrats.

Say Biden is wounded by scandal and persuaded not to run again. Kamala Harris is assumed by us conservatives to be one of the weakest Vice Presidents of the modern era, but according to reporting by The Week’s Grayson Quay and Theara Coleman, Harris continues to be a front-runner whether or not Biden chooses to run in 2024. Despite her persistently low approval rate, polls show she is still the number one choice after Biden. A September Morning Consult/Politico poll shows Harris leading the list of potential candidates if Biden did not run, with 28 percent of likely voters leaning toward her in a Biden-less primary.

So, is it possible that Vice President Harris, who can’t seem to string a coherent sentence together and can’t keep her communications staff from resigning after every public appearance, represents a “powerful faction” in the Democratic Party?

Our instinct is to doubt it and look to Team Obama and Team Clinton as the sources of the drip, drip, drip of stories stepping on the announcement of Joe Biden’s reelection campaign. Then again, there’s apparently no love lost between the Biden and Harris camps at the White House. So, when one applies the cui bono – who benefits – analysis, as a front-runner whether Biden runs or not, Vice President Harris benefits the most if someone on the Democrat side sticks a banana peel under Sleazy Joe’s foot and he slips off the stage and out of contention for 2024.

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Jan 16, 2023

One thing for certain is that these revelations undermine the regime's case against President Trump. There isn't even a legitimate case against Trump, in my view. As President, he had the authority to declassify anything he wants. He's maintained that he'd done that before he took the papers to Mar-a-Lago. Case closed. Except it's not, because certain people were upset that Trump had the right to do any of this, and so the persecution begins. For Little Joe Biden, this was personal because he hates Trump. Who would have thought that while Biden played dictator, Biden's got a cache of classified documents in his residences and offices. Little Joe Biden has admitted to a felony, saying these documents were locked…

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