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Durantyism Kills

The Covid Blog alerts us to a sudden, unexpected death in Big Media as covered, or, rather, covered up, by Big Media. On December 22, The New York Times* published an obituary for its deputy Asia editor and former Wall Street Journal China news editor Carlos Tejada, who, in paper-of-record-obituary-style

died on Friday in a hospital in Seoul. He was 49. His wife, Nora Tejada, said the cause was a heart attack.

Just the facts, ma'am -- except one. Cross-checking Tejada's Instagram account, The Covid Blog learned that on that same Friday, December 17, the day of the Tejada's death, the Timesman posted what turned out to be his final Instagram entry. It is a photo of himself (below) in the masked and bare-armed afterglow of receiving the Moderna booster shot, a small round band-aid to be seen at the point of entry.

Tejada also wrote:

Double-vaxxed. Janssen-fueled, Moderna-boosted. Hey, Omicron: Hit me with your wet snot.

All I had to do was fill out this form in a language I can’t read. Translation software tells me I now belong to the BTS Army.

A wise guy, to be sure, but it doesn't strike me that Tejada was putting on a show of bravado over fear. It doesn't seem as if he thought there was anything to fear, at least not in the syringe aimed at his arm -- that's just anti-vaxxer conspiracy theories, right? No, I'm afraid that Carlos Tejada was the perfect double-dupe: a man duped by the disinformation he himself promulgated.

Remember, Tejada contributed to the NYT's covid coverage. Consider the example of his editing held aloft for all to admire by both his obituary and his Asia editor, Adrienne Carter. The story is a part of the Times' coronavirus 2020 Pulitzer-winning package, and the headline is this:

No ‘Negative’ News: How China Censored the Coronavirus

Thousands of internal directives and reports reveal how Chinese officials stage-managed what appeared online in the early days of the outbreak.

Do I need to point out the skull-clanging hypocrisy here? Seeing how it is that the NYT and its employees omitted the covid booster from their accounts of Tejada's sudden and unexpected death hours after receiving the shot, we might well re-purpose the Pulitzer-winning headline this way:

No `Negative' Obituary: How the New York Times Censored the Covid Shot from Its Own Editor's Final Day on Earth

And so, I must add, did his wife, in announcing her husband's death:

Leaving the Tejada family to their grief, it's worth returning to Tejada's Times family -- Times crime family, is more like it. Deliberately hiding the probable -- let's just say "possible" -- cause of a 49-year-old man's fatal heart attack from the obituary is not serving the truth or the public. On the contrary, it is hiding the truth and, as a direct result, putting the public at grave risk of suffering the same fate as Tejada. It is lies like this one that make Big Media accessories to the crimes of Big Pharma. Propagandists all, Big Media perpetuate the Big Lie that these experimental genetic therapies, already linked to over 20,000 (never-reported) deaths at the CDC's VAERS database, are "safe and effective."

The media lied, people died, including the media.

*Walter Duranty was a correspondent for the New York Times who violated the public trust by sending pro-Soviet stories home, pretending that all was well even as Russia starved 6 million Ukrainians to death. Bewilderingly, he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for telling these lies. In the 1990s, The New York Times admitted that Duranty's work amounted to "some of the worst reporting to appear in this newspaper." For more on Duranty go to

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Jay Robison
Jay Robison
Dec 28, 2021

The death rate from the Covid19 "vaccines" will likely be many times greater than that from the Omicron variant.

Replying to

Which has led to the CDC and others now attributing the recent "surge" in covid cases to the Delta variant . . . !


The media is in league with the Deep State left on these vaccines. I recently heard that somewhere around 19,000 people have died from covid vaccines. Don't trust the vaxxes or the media one iota, folks.


People have started to die in ever increasing numbers due to the gene altering injections erroneously labeled as "vaccines." I hope I am wrong, but I foresee hospitals, morgues, and funeral homes soon being overwhelmed with the deceased and they won't really know what hit them as they diagnose heart attacks, strokes, and other diseases and completely overlook the real causes: injections. We're going to lose a lot of relatives and friends during the coming months, all for money and political gain. And the only thing I will be able to say is, "so sorry for your loss."

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