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Expose And Defeat America’s Corporate Enemies

America’s limited constitutional republican form of government has created the environment

that allowed generations of American industrialists, entrepreneurs, inventors, financiers and creators to become wealthy beyond imagination and in the process create jobs that provided the opportunity for generations of American workers to enjoy a quality of life that was the envy of the world.

Big business has always lobbied and used political power to protect and advance its interests in areas that affected its bottom line, such as labor and environmental regulations, trade policy and tariffs, but in the past two decades something changed.

Instead of defending the economic and political liberties that allow it to exist, corporate America has gone to war against American constitutional liberty. To use just a few mouse clicks to defend constitutional liberty and get in the battle against these corporations go to

Although it has been going on for quite some time, corporate America’s war on the Constitution first went public when the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and a cabal of corporate executives went public with the demand that millions of illegal aliens be given the rights of citizenship and that America’s borders be opened to cheap labor from across the globe.

It quickly progressed to such anti-constitutional actions as supporting the BLM domestic revolutionary movement, banning conservative speech on and through its products, supporting religious discrimination against Christians, banning and silencing liberty-supporting political figures, including the sitting President of the United States, teaching the Critical Race Theory race war ideology and actively interfering in elections by using search engine algorithms to influence the information to which voters are exposed.

And now these same anti-constitutional corporations are using their economic and political power to try to define who can vote.

After Georgia passed election integrity legislation that seeks to ensure that every vote represents a legitimate voter and that voters are not disenfranchised, corporate America came out in opposition and the list of opponents to voter ID and other sensible measures reads like a who's who of corporate America, featuring Amazon, Verizon, McDonalds, Microsoft, PayPal, Uber, Airbnb, Best Buy, Capitol One, Dow, Hewlett Packard, Macy's, Starbucks, United Airlines, Under Armour and Pepsico.

To prove that this is about power and not racial equity, after condemnation of the new Georgia election integrity law by the CEO of Georgia-based Delta Air Lines and the bosses of the Georgia-based Coca-Cola Company, Major League Baseball decided to withdraw the All-Star Game from African-American majority Atlanta, Georgia and move it to 90% white Denver, Colorado.

To use just a few mouse clicks to defend constitutional liberty and get in the battle against these corporations go to

The last time Americans were engaged in a Civil War the oath of allegiance officers swear upon being commissioned was amended to include the phrase that those taking it will “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Identifying our foreign enemies is or should be pretty easy, but how do we know who are our domestic enemies?

Starting Monday, April 12 we are going to make it our mission to identify those corporate enemies for you, including their senior executives, their Board of Directors, their major brands AND how to contact them to register your displeasure with their anti-constitutional activities.

First up on Monday – the Coca-Cola Company. One of America’s most iconic brands has become one of the Constitution’s greatest enemies. Coke, Sprite, Barq's Root Beer, Fanta, Dasani water, Smartwater, Minute Maid, Simply Orange and other fruit drinks, Costa Coffee, Fuze Tea and Honest Tea, Schweppes and Powerade are just a few of the Coca-Cola Company's 500 worldwide brands and flavors and we will tell you who runs Coke and how to let them know you consider them an enemy of constitutional liberty.

And if you want to get a leg up on our campaign, just use a few mouse clicks to defend constitutional liberty and get in the battle against these corporations by going to

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Corporations are interested in the bottom line as are their shareholders. Join me and boycott Coca Cola products, travel via any means other than Delta, American, or United Airlines. I stopped watching NFL games 3 years ago and I refuse to watch MLB games starting this year. The MLB Commissioner is worried about the players, wow, he should worry about those of us who pay for the excessive salaries of the players and the commissioner. Let's control their bottom lines by speaking with our pocket books.


Apr 09, 2021

It's bad enough that these arrogant corps can use their wealth to buy sleezy politicians and further corrupt the rule of law, they are elected by proxy and We the People are the worse off....For the media mogul's, time to remove rule 230, they have stepped in on free speech and taken away the voice of freedom we know in this country and they intrude on the representation of law they perceive as not in your best interest or in reality, their interest whatever that may be....America for Americans is a fact....

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