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FLCA Sues Over Explicit Sex Books In Schools

Our friends at the Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA), represented by the all-star conservative lawyers of the Pacific Justice Institute, have filed suit (technically a Petition for a Writ of

Mandamus) against Broward County School District (BCPS) officials for failure to respond to a Public Records Request involving the use of sexually explicit materials.

The history of how FLCA came to file this lawsuit should be instructive for every parent and taxpayer in America, and we urge CHQ subscribers to read on and then take action in their own school district.

In 2017, Florida Citizens Alliance (FLCA) identified 9 novels used in many media centers (libraries) in Florida School Districts which violate existing anti-pornography statutes FS 847.001 (para3, 6,8 and 10) and FS 847.012 (para 3a3b, para 5 and 6). These laws require a 3rd degree felony charge yet are blatantly ignored in most Florida counties.

In the fall of 2019, FLCA initiated a novels review project of 44 novels we received from several sources including parents and grandparents regarding novels being used in Florida schools. We created the list based on several public records requests, input from some of our teams’ efforts in various counties, input from these parents/grandparents and a well-known list of LGBTQ children’s books complied by Christian Patriot Daily.

In the fall of 2019, BCPS responded to a FLCA Public Records Request regarding a list of 44 novels containing sexually explicit material available for distribution in their k-12 public schools. Broward County School District confirmed 82% of the 44 novels were in their school system for distribution from school Media Centers.

In preparation for the next Florida Legislative Cycle, FLCA is updating this report and is in the process of filing Public Records Requests in all 67 Florida Counties regarding an updated list of the 44 novels in the original report plus and additional 20 novels. On June 1, 2021 Pacific Justice Institute made a Public Records Request to BCPS regarding 42 additional “teen Sex novels” to determine if any of these additional materials are in the Broward County Public School System. BCPS officials have been resisting the request, hence the lawsuit.

Our friends at FLCA emphasize this list is by no means exhaustive. Most School districts refuse to give residents access to library materials (required when HB 989 was signed into law by Gov. Scott in 2017), or they charge a prohibitive fee to provide the materials requested or gain access.

They apparently have much to hide.

As FLCA explained in their online report, these materials contain “Harmful to Minors” material that violate FS 847.001, FS 847.012 and FS 1006.31. Because, FS 1006.34 2b(4) clearly prohibits sexually explicit material: “Any instructional material containing pornography or otherwise prohibited by s.847.012 may not be used or made available within any public school.” And FS 847.012(3) states “A person may not knowingly sell, rent, or loan for monetary consideration to a minor: (b) Any book, pamphlet, magazine, printed matter however reproduced, or sound recording that contains any matter defined in s. 847.001, explicit and detailed verbal descriptions or narrative accounts of sexual excitement, or sexual conduct and that is harmful to minors.”

While the FLCA report is limited to Florida schools it is not a leap to assume that the same or similar books are in every public school media center or library across the country, and that school bureaucrats are doing their feverish best to hide that fact from parents.

We urge every CHQ reader and friend to do what the Florida Citizens Alliance is doing – demand to know what your children and grandchildren are being exposed to in your public school media centers and libraries. If you are in Florida, we urge you to contact the FLCA through this link to find out how you can help. If you do not reside in Florida contact your local school administration to find out if any of these sexually explicit books are in your child’s school, you can start with the list compiled by Christian Patriot Daily and build your effort from there and use the resources in this back to school guide for parents from the Family Policy Alliance and Focus On The Family.

Florida residents may access the report through the FLCA website. However, be advised this report contains objectionable and potentially offensive material. It is intended for adults and only for educational purposes. Please keep this report away from minors and avoid indiscriminate distribution. If you are sensitive to such material and do not wish to be exposed to it, please do not read the report. To access this report, you are required to complete and submit a disclaimer form. Upon submission of the form, you will be provided a link to the report.

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Jul 30, 2021

While they're at it, get rid of the influence of Planned Parenthood and the rainbow bully crew inside our schools.


Tom Brickner
Tom Brickner
Jul 29, 2021

As if we don't have enough problems with young girls getting pregnant and seeking abortions, and young boys being saddled with the responsibilities of fatherhood, not to mention the possibilities of criminal charges as well. Lets encourage them to screw around and take their chances on a baby or the murder of one.

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