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FreedomWorks Releases Biden Federal Agency Scandal Manual

Democrats and their stenographers in the media are always yapping about the "scandal free" Obama and Biden administrations, conveniently forgetting about the financial

improprieties documented in Hunter Biden's laptop, FISA abuses, Benghazi, open borders, the cut-and-run from Afghanistan and a myriad of other outrages and peccadillos perpetrated by Democrats, especially those committed by the Clinton and Biden crime families.

Now, our friends at FreedomWorks have begun documenting the Biden administration scandals in an ongoing report they have dubbed the Federal Agency Scandal Manual.

The report compiled by FreedomWorks is a treasure trove of information about just how Biden plays politics with virtually every agency and policy, and how absurdly “woke” and incompetent the Biden administration is, complete with original sources to back it up.

Here are a few, in no particularly order or level of outrage:

We don’t want to oversell this report – it is a work in progress, and if you are looking for a dissection of Hunter Biden’s laptop this is not the place to find it – at least not yet.

Rather, it is an ongoing list – by agency – of Biden government incompetence and corruption, complete with sources to document the claims.

And, most importantly, there’s a “take action” button that takes you to a page where you can send a message to Congress demanding they cut spending and defund these outrages. Go to to check it out and go back regularly to see the promised updates.

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