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Georgia Runoff: Democrats Unite While Republicans Fight

The news that nearly one million absentee, or mail-in, ballots have been requested for the

two U.S. Senate runoffs in Georgia should be a wake-up call to Georgia Republicans and MAGA conservatives that it is time to stop fighting about the 2020 election and gear-up to win the January 5, 2021 runoffs.

According to reporting by Zachary Stieber of The Epoch Times, voting machine testing will start this week for early voting for the runoffs, counties have already received back 11,474 ballots and in-person early voting will start in just 11 days.

The very public battle between various factions of the Republican and MAGA coalition means instead of focusing on the Far Left positions and records of “progressive” Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, the media focus and grassroots energy has been wasted arguing over who screwed-up and allowed Biden to apparently win Georgia’s 2020 presidential election.

And the establishment media is only too happy to fan the flames of dissention on the MAGA side.

Democrats are focused like a laser on winning the Georgia runoffs and are pulling out all the stops to do so – including running the same playbook they used in the presidential election, such as registering dead people and out-of-staters to vote in the runoff.

The Georgia Secretary of State’s office said in a written statement, “We have received specific evidence that these groups have solicited voter registrations from ineligible individuals who have passed away or live out of state. I will investigate these claims thoroughly and take action against anyone attempting to undermine our elections.”

The groups are the Far Left organizations America Votes, Vote Forward, and The New Georgia Project.

Conservative star Representative Doug Collins (GA-9) explained what’s at stake this way, “Down here in Georgia, for people across the country, they need to know that these two Senate seats hold the key to Chuck Schumer not becoming the majority leader in the United States Senate,” Collins said Sunday in a radio interview with WABC 770.

“Well, I think the biggest thing in all of this is to focus on being involved in the election process. This election process showed that people had to be on guard, not just in the election time, but also in all times,” Collins said.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who once represented Georgia in Congress, said, “I don’t think we should in any way underestimate how really important the Georgia Senate race” is adding, “these two Senate seats are the margin between containing Biden and empowering Biden.”

Gingrich went on to say, “The future of the United States depends on the outcome of the Georgia Senate races… If you don’t want a radical left-wing America dominated by left-wing judges with massive tax increases, with a policy, frankly, of appeasing China, and you don’t want that kind of future, you have to go out and vote.”

The Epoch Times reported Gingrich’s remarks came after he was asked to comment on the phenomenon of some Republican voters feeling discouraged about election integrity in the face of mounting evidence in support of claims of voter fraud and other irregularities.

He responded by saying that the answer is not to reject the voting process, but to ramp up engagement and monitoring efforts.

“Frankly, you have to volunteer as a poll watcher and make sure they don’t steal the election,” concluded the former Speaker of the House.

We agree with Newt, the battle to clear-up the fraud in the 2020 presidential election is now in the courts, where the average Republican or MAGA activist can do little to help, but the 2020 Senate runoffs are on RIGHT NOW and the average Republican or MAGA activist can do a lot to make a difference there. We urge CHQ readers and friends in Georgia to take a look at our 30 reasons to vote against Far Left Democrats Ossoff and Warnock below and then get to work winning the Georgia Senate runoffs.

Here’s what Democrats have said they will do if Ossoff and Warnock are elected:

  1. Give citizenship (which includes voting rights) to 10-15 million illegals.

  2. Relax border security, then Democrats will add 1-2 million new illegals to the voting rolls each year.

  3. Increase the number of legal immigrants allowed in each year.

  4. Add 2-4 justices to the Supreme Court (they can do this with a President, Vice President, and 50 Democrat Senators).

  5. Change voting laws to allow unregistered voters to show up at the polls on election day and register and vote.

  6. Mail all residents a ballot and allow anyone to turn in anyone else’s ballot.

  7. Make election day a federal holiday.

  8. Outlaw the requirement of a photo ID in order to vote.

  9. Begin to abolish the Electoral College.

  10. Increase subsidies for illegal immigrants and reduce or abolish work requirements for welfare (in order to encourage Democrat party voting).

  11. Reduce voting age to 16 or 17 years of age. This is already being done in some local elections, including in Maryland and California.

  12. Allow felons and prisoners to vote.

  13. Our military will be gutted.

  14. Because New Democrats hate the police, law enforcement budgets will be slashed and crime will explode (murder, rape, burglaries, etc.).

  15. Abortion will be as easy as having your nails done and will be paid for by your taxes. All national Democrats are committed to repealing the Hyde Amendment and the Mexico City agreement, which prevents tax dollars being used to pay for most abortions. So, if the Democrats win this November, through your tax dollars, you and every other American will be complicit in paying for abortion, including partial-birth abortion and infanticide, not just here but worldwide.

  16. Private ownership of guns will be prohibited.

  17. Right to work laws will be prohibited.

  18. Religious activity/liberty will be restricted to the inside of churches, synagogues, and mosques.

  19. Criticism of liberal beliefs will be called Hate Speech punishable by public shaming, loss of employment and/or your business, fines, and/or prison.

  20. Medicare for All will soon be law, and all private health insurance programs will be outlawed, and everyone will get their healthcare through the government. Rationing, leading to death, will be commonplace for seniors.

  21. Everyone will be guaranteed an income whether they work or refuse to work.

  22. Trillions of dollars will be given to African Americans for slavery reparations.

  23. To pay for reparations, welfare for illegals, guaranteed income for everyone, etc., your taxes will need to be increased to the rate liberals had them in the 1950s, which was 90%.

  24. Women will have to allow boys and men in their bathrooms and showers.

  25. Boys/men who identify as females will be allowed to participate in girl’s/women’s sports teams, and the males will soon dominate girl’s and women’s sports.

  26. Green energy will dominate the Democrats agenda, and they will begin to limit all production and usage of fossil fuels, and commercial air travel and personal cars will be greatly reduced.

  27. Statehood will be given to Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands to get more Democrats in Congress.

  28. The United States will rejoin the Paris Climate Accords giving a huge economic advantage to Communist China.

  29. The United States will rejoin the Iran nuclear weapons deal, thereby advancing the nuclear ambitions of the world's number one state sponsor of terrorism.

  30. Teaching of Critical Race Theory will be required in all schools, universities, businesses, and government offices, thereby sowing the seeds of further racial division and undermining American Exceptionalism and national cohesion.

The next, and perhaps final battle to save the America of limited constitutional government is in the Georgia Senate runoffs, it’s time for conservatives to focus all their energies there.

To donate or volunteer for the Senator David Perdue campaign click here.

To donate or volunteer for the Senator Kelly Loeffler campaign click here.

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Carolyn Hoover
Carolyn Hoover
2020년 12월 04일

Double baloney!! Stop quoting Newt. He is a big question mark also. Most Republicans in office are missing in action on saving our is not the answer so stop asking for donations


Randy Harod
Randy Harod
2020년 12월 04일

Baloney. Conservatives can do two things at once--audit the current fraud, and stop the coming fraud. A GA vote audit will prove Trump and Perdue won with over 50% of the vote. This will eliminate the Perdue runoff securing a Republican majority in the Senate and letting all campaign efforts and funds go to re-electing Loeffler. Then we can prosecute Staci Abrams for the felony of registering dead voters in GA.

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