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Gregory Lane Proves Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

We imagine every website picks up the occasional troll – a person who swoops in to post bullying, off-topic or antagonistic comments on the site’s articles. We’ve had them before,

but Gregory Lane, a freelance copywriter, is the first troll we’ve had who genuinely exhibited signs proving that liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

We found Mr. Lane through the simple expedient of following the online trail of the more than 20 usernames he used to access the website, but the first was the easiest, which led us to registering, which led us to

But we are letting who Mr. Lane is, get ahead of why we became concerned about the possibility he is suffering from a mental disorder.

We first deleted one of Mr. Lane’s posts for being anti-Semitic back in May, but we allowed his permission to post to remain valid, however, he soon posted a stream of name calling and invective which prompted us to block his posting permission under his original email of

Case closed, or so we thought.

To our amazement and then consternation, over the course of the next two and a half months, using 23 different usernames, Mr. Lane swung between shallow criticism, bullying and goading other commentors, to pitifully claiming he was helping drive traffic to CHQ, to homophobic and misogynistic rage when his posts were taken down for violating our community standards. Update: Gregory Lane has now created at least 30 usernames to obsessively post to CHQ. Update #2: Today, (7-21-2021) Gregory Lane created at least 7 new usernames to obsessively post on CHQ and it is only 11:38 am. An online harassment case has been opened by the local sheriff. Update #3: On 7-21-2021 Gregory Lane used 13 different usernames to obsessively post on CHQ, among his posts was one threatening "I haven't even begun to mess with you."

In fact, last weekend Gregory Lane went through five different usernames, obsessively posting to, even after he was blocked, and his posts were deleted.

One of Gregory Lane’s favorite tactics was to engage in elitist bullying and goading of other site users, such as this claim that his opinion was more valuable because he allegedly made more money than other posters (a claim which we doubt by the way).

This truculent plea to recognize his importance was one of Mr. Lane’s common themes.

But when Gregory Lane didn’t get his way, his rage went immediately to homophobic slurs like this.

Or Gregory Lane would use vile misogynistic slurs like this one, and then come back with a new username to complain that he was being banned from posting.

Gregory Lane is proof that most liberals are in fact what they profess to hate and oppose: anti-Semites, elitists, homophobes, and misogynists.

While Gregory Lane’s elitism, homophobia, anti-Semitism and misogynism comes as no surprise to long time observers of liberal hypocrisy, what is surprising is that reputable corporations and advertising agencies would employ someone like Gregory Lane, who given the evidence presented above, doesn’t even try to hide his anti-Semitism, elitism, homophobia, and misogyny.

This record of anti-Semitism, elitism, homophobia, and misogyny makes us wonder if those Gregory Lane claims as references, such as Jon Wyville / GS&P, Lance Vining / BBDO NY, Gavin Milner / TBWAChiatDay and Jim Elliott / GS&P really know who they are vouching for.

You can tell them what you think via social media:

Gavin Milner @TBWAChiatNY

Lance Vining @BBDONY

Jim Elliott & Jon Wyville @GSP

Supposedly, Gregory Lane has freelanced for 180LA, Cole & Weber, Crispin Porter + Bogusky (LA), Deutsch (LA & NYC), EVB, GSDM, Havas (NYC & Chicago), Isobar, Leo Burnett, McGarryBowen, MUH·TAY·ZIK | HOF·FER, Omelet, Razorfish, RPA, twofifteenmccann, Team One, Wieden + Kennedy (Amsterdam, NYC, & Portland), Y&R (SF).

And Gregory Lane has supposedly represented brands including Adidas, Adobe, Amazon, ampm, Arco, CA Dept. Of Health (Anti-Smoking), Caribbean Tourism, Cisco, Doritos, E!, ESPN, Hummer, Hyundai, Intel, Lexus, Microsoft, Motorola, Napster, Old Navy, Red, Sprint, TIAA-CREF, T-Mobile, Verizon, WA Lottery.

Which leads us to wonder if those brands, particularly those aimed at women and those that have a substantial Jewish or gay clientele know who they are in bed with, given Gregory Lane’s anti-Semitic, elitist, homophobic, and misogynistic public statements.

To learn more about Gregory Lane, go to Here’s a list of the usernames Gregory Lane created between May 2 and July 21 to get around being blocked or to rage against having his posts taken down for violating our community standards:

  • website trolls

  • Gregory Lane

  • Mental disorders

  • Liberals

  • community standards

  • Elitism

  • homophobia

  • misogyny

  • Jon Wyville

  • Lance Vining

  • Gavin Milner

  • Jim Elliott

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