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How Can Gen. CQ Brown Claim To ‘support and defend the Constitution of the United States’?

The recent Senate hearing to begin the process of confirming Gen. CQ Brown, Biden’s race-obsessed nominee to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was pretty typical of the

flaccid establishment Republican response to any Far Left radical Biden has proposed for any job.

But in this case Biden has proposed a race-obsessed Marxist for America’s highest military post, and despite Brown’s lengthy record of outrageous racist statements, only Republican Senator Eric Schmitt (R-MO) really homed-in on what should be obvious disqualifiers.

Senator Schmitt accused Gen. Brown and the Biden administration of engaging in "cultural Marxism" for setting diversity goals in recruitment in an August, 2022 memorandum, signed by Air Force leadership. Schmitt asked if the Air Force had too many white officers.

Even though he is on the record as saying, “I hire for diversity,” Brown evaded the question, as you can see here:

The C-SPAN transcript is below:

General, do we have too many whys officers in the air force? -- white officers in the air force?

What i look at is the quality of all the officers we have. We look at the aspect of everyone who is qualified, meets the qualifications is, promoted.

In your august 9 memo you said there should be a reduction of 9% of the white officers. That's 5 400, we have 5400 too many white officers. And this is the real impact, i think, of this desire of the administration, i'm saddened to see this in this memo, of this obsession with sort of race-based politics being interjected into our military. How did you come up with the percentage of 67.5% of the officers should be white? And how did you come up with 13% should be black? And how did you come up with 10% should be Asian? And how did you come up with 1.5% should be American indie and and native Alaskan? How did you come up with 1% being native Hawaiian or other pacific islander and how did you come up with 15% of our officers should be Hispanic and Latino?

Senator, that is based on the -- that memo is on application goals. Not the actual makeup of the force. And those numbers are based on the demographics in the nation.

Ok, well, all right. 10% of our country's Asian American? Is that where you came up with it? Just a percentage of the population?

See length i -- essentially.

Because right now the actual percentage -- there is where this is a ridiculous conversation, to be perfectly honest. Why didn't you come up with or are you going to come up with the percentage of the overall force? Did you contemplate that? Of how many, you know, black Americans should be in the air force or how many Asian Americans should be in the air force? Did you contemplate the total force percentages?

Senator, what we looked at was the aspect of providing opportunities for anybody who wants to serve.

Listen, if that that were the case -- if that was in the memo, i wouldn't be asking you these questions. But we have in a memo signed by you that you think right now there are too many white officers. This is a blanket statement. So i could go down the line of questioning of which of the 5400 white officers we have too many should be fired. Because that is the actual impact of all this. I agree with you. Your story about wanting to be the best pilot in the air force regardless of race, that is what the military's supposed to be. It's this great measure tock are asy. It's why there's uniforms and hair cuts and i've heard so many of my colleagues talk about infusing abortion politics into this. That is exactly what's wrong. This administration has infused abortion politics into our military, covid politics into our military, d.e.i. politics into our military. And it is a cancer on the best military in the history of the world. Those men and women deserve better than this. This idea that they have to go through these struggle sessions with D.E.I. training because trust me, i believe that we ought to have the broadest pool of applicants and get the best and the brightest and we ought to be recruiting in various areas to make sure we have the best and the brightest from every community, regardless of your race or your gender or your ethnicity. But that's not what D.E.I. is. D.E.I. is an ideology based in cultural Marxism and somehow, some way, we ended up in a place where a general in the air force is advocating for racial quotas, whether it be by applicants or the number of officers or maybe the total unit and i just think that's wrong. I think that's the wrong approach. You have had a distinguished career and i thank you for your service. I just don't know how we can continue to have leadership that advocates for this divisive policy -- divisive policy. I'll ask you also there have been 5800 military men and women fired because they chose not to get a vaccine. If confirmed, what would you do to go out not just say they can reapply and there's a process, to go out and recruit these folks back? What would you do to do that? What would you do to accomplish that?

If confirmed I'd provide them the opportunity to reapply.

I don't think that's good enough. I heard that from Secretary Austin. I just don't think that's good enough. We did a great disservice to this country by firing people because they made that decision. I think they ought to be reinstated with rank and back pay. I have not heard that from anybody that's come before this committee. And I’m saddened by that. I'm out of time, Mr. Chairman.

Senator Schmitt did a great job introducing the issue of Gen. Brown’s racism and adherence to Cultural Marxism, but he ran out of time before he could ask the most important question:

Given the Supreme Court’s recent holding that racial preferences are unconstitutional, do you plan to abandon your scheme of recruiting and promoting based on race, and can you honestly “support and defend” a Constitution that prohibits the kind of racial discrimination you have proposed?

The Capitol Switchboard is (202-224-3121), call today and tell your Senators however they may have voted on CQ Brown’s previous promotions, his statements quoted above disqualify him for America’s highest military post, which should be in the hands of someone devoted to supporting and defending the Constitution, not a Marxist social engineer.

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