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How To Stand With Michigan’s Alternative Electors #SaveTheElectorsTelethon

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Today, conservatives across the country are standing with Michigan’s alternative Electors by supporting #SaveTheElectorsTelethon.

It hasn’t gotten as much media attention as the outrageous indictment of former President Donald Trump and the Georgia slate of alternative Electors by Fulton County, Georgia’s hardcore Leftist Democrat prosecutor Fani Willis, but it is just as outrageous – the political persecution of Michigan’s slate of alternative Electors by Michigan’s Leftist Democrat Dana Nessel.

Nessel has charged 16 Republican Electors with political crimes in connection with the controversial 2020 Presidential election.

As our friend Jim Hoft observed in his post to The Gateway Pundit, during her staged press release where she announced the bogus charges against the 16 GOP electors, Michigan’s politically motivated Attorney General Dana Nessel stated the electors are GUILTY, which is a curious statement to make from Michigan’s top law enforcement officer, knowing the electors haven’t even had their day in court!

Make no mistake, this is persecution not prosecution.

Nessel filed charges in July against the slate of 16 Republican listed electors, which include two from Oakland County — Marian Sheridan, 69, of West Bloomfield, and former Co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party Meshawn Maddock, 55, of Milford, and two from Macomb County — Shelby Township Clerk Stanley Grot, 71, and Clifford Frost, 75, of Warren. Labeled by some as “false electors,” they are charged with eight felony counts, including forgery and conspiracy to commit election law forgery, reported Michigan’s Oakland Press.

The 16 Republicans have pleaded not guilty, and their cases are pending in Ingham County District Court.

The Michigan Conservative Coalition, the Save the Electors Telethon will be broadcast live on the Gateway Pundit’s Rumble account and other social media platforms next TODAY from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Former U.S. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, and former Trump lawyer John Eastman are among the guests expected to participate. Others include Steve Bannon, Mike Lindell, former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman, six members of the Michigan legislature, and others.

“The Michigan Conservatives Coalition formed the idea of the telethon to raise money for the 16 electors who are being prosecuted, we believe, maliciously by (Attorney General) Dana Nessel for exercising their conscience and opposing voter fraud in 2020‚” said Shane Trejo, executive director of the Grand New Party in statement reported by M Live.

"This telethon will feature hours of original content, including human interest stories about the electors showing what brave, patriotic conservatives they are," Mr. Trejo wrote in an email reported by the Detroit News.

"This is a historic event that will change public perceptions and give the electors the resources they need to fight back against the malicious, politically motivated prosecutions of leftist AG Dana Nessel," Trejo wrote of the telethon scheduled for today.

As Jim Hoft pointed out, Nessel’s charges against the alternative Electors are rotten to the core because she knew of the problems and allegations of fraud in the 2020 Michigan election well before Election Day.

As Mr. Hoft wrote:

Michigan’ lawless attorney general would like us to believe that the electors had “no reason” to believe that the election was anything but “the most secure election in history”.

Yet she herself was fully aware that in OCTOBER, a month before the election a full-scale investigation involving the Muskegon Police Department, MI State Police, lead investigators from the Attorney General’s office and MI SOS Jocelyn Benson’s office was underway, involving over ten thousand voter registrations turned in by one individual at the city clerk’s office Muskegon, MI. Once it was discovered that the voter fraud operation spanned several states, the FBI took over the investigation. According to the Michigan State Police Lieutenant in charge of the investigation, he believes the FBI is still investigating the false voter registration scam is still ongoing. (Read the original reporting on the multi-city MI Voter Fraud investigation story here)

Curiously, AG Nessel, who claimed the MI GOP electors knew there was no path to victory for Donald J. Trump because there were no successful election fraud lawsuits or evidence of widespread voter fraud in the state of Michigan, neglected to mention the ongoing voter fraud investigation that her own department was involved with that began ONE MONTH before the 2020 election.

Proposing alternative slates of Electors is hardly unprecedented in American politics – Democrats did it as recently as 2016. What is unprecedented is prosecuting one’s political opponents for exercising their rights, guaranteed by the Constitution’s First Amendment, to make claims of fraud, to express their opinion about the conduct of an election and to petition Congress for redress of those grievances.

We urge CHQ readers and friends to go to the telethon’s GiveSendGo page to contribute. The recommended minimum contribution is $5.00 – we urge you to give your most generous contribution to help the 16 Michigan patriots fight for election integrity and their personal liberty.

PS - The telethon will be broadcast LIVE on we urge you to watch and give.

PPS - I’m in for $100 – please go to to make your contribution today.

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We need a lot more than this, folks. Our entire political system is being taken over by the Deep State Uniparty.


Michigan’ lawless attorney general would like us to believe that the electors had “no reason” to believe that the election was anything but “the most secure election in history”.

And therein lies the problem. It's no business of hers what they believed. The fact is that when there are contested electors, it is up to the Electoral College to sort it out and if they can't, it goes to the House of Representatives for further action. Thereafter, one of the groups of electors is affirmed and the other goes home. It's a political matter, not a legal matter. The Democrats don't seem to care about the Constitution and the laws enacted therefore.

Replying to

And we can't forget about their corrupt governor either . . .

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