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July 17 Conservatives Will Rally Against Political Persecution of January 6 Detainees

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Our friends at Look Ahead America (LAA), led by the indominable Matt Braynard, are organizing a second rally in support of the patriotic Americans unjustly imprisoned for their participation in the January 6 demonstration at the U.S. Capitol.

While Leftist rioters who burned cars and businesses, assaulted police officers and civilians in the 2017 riot during President Trump’s Inauguration were routinely let go with no bail, charges or prosecution, hundreds of peaceful demonstrators, many of whom were invited into the U.S. Capitol by Capitol Police officers on January 6, 2021, have been arrested and charged with crimes that could lead to decades in prison. Dozens remain in pre-trial detention with no bail.

You can read about the outrageous treatment of these Americans in our articles “The Indispensable Julie Kelly” and “Did The FBI Create And Direct The Jan. 6 ‘Insurrection’?” and Diana West’s “The District of Columbia Gulag Archipelago.”

Many have been in solitary confinement, denied access to their attorneys and the evidence against them. Some have been beaten and abused by guards, all are held in harsh conditions that would draw an immediate rebuke from the courts were a conservative jurisdiction to house prisoners in such conditions.

As Look Ahead America said in a written statement announcing the rally: Patriotic Americans became targets of the Biden Administration as the Department of Justice and the FBI have targeted, imprisoned, and persecuted non-violent American patriots.

Months have passed and our fellow citizens remain separated from their loved ones, isolated in solitary confinement, have been denied medical care, denied access to faith and worship services, and have faced financial ruin due to court costs and legal fees. This wrongful and unjust persecution must end.

We will be protesting at the prison where approximately fifty American political prisoners are being held, many of whom were non-violent protestors who have either not been charged or have not received the option for bail. This event is a peaceful demonstration of our First Amendment Rights.

Look Ahead America has arranged buses to transport participants into DC for the rally. The buses will depart from the Wal-Mart at the Spring Hill Silver Line Metro in suburban Virginia. There is garage parking available. The address is 1500 Cornerside BLVD in Vienna VA. The buses depart at 11 AM.

To RSVP and reserve your seat on a bus go to

The rally organizers ask that participants please do not bring jewelry or any valuables other than your ID, a small amount of cash, a credit card, and your cell phone.

For questions about the rally, please email

The July 17 rally is the second rally in support of America’s political prisoners organized by Look Ahead America. On June 19, Look Ahead America (LAA) led a successful rally in front of the Department of Justice in Washington DC. Speakers including Congressman Paul Gosar, Attorney John Pierce, activist leader Cara Castronuova, and the father of one of the political prisoners joined LAA Executive Director Matt Braynard in addressing the peaceful crowd. A team of a dozen private security agents retained by LAA reported no incidents.

Video of the rally can be seen here:

At the rally, LAA Executive Director Matt Braynard announced the follow-up rally planned for July 17 at noon to be held at the DC Central Detention Facility at 19th and D Street SE where many of the political prisoners are being held.

In a statement, Braynard said:

If the prisoners are still being held in deplorable, abusive conditions without charges or without access to reasonable bail commiserate with what they are being charged with by July 17, we will rally at that prison and raise our voices in patriotic song so they know we stand with them.
In the tradition of Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and Gandhi, we will peacefully protest this injustice at the prison. I urge every patriotic American to join us on that day.

Video of the June 19 rally can be seen here: .

Look Ahead America is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that was created by Matt Braynard who was motivated by President Trump’s first inaugural address: “Through loyalty to our country, we will rediscover loyalty to each other.”

Mr. Braynard is the former Director of Data and Strategy for the Trump campaign. He drafted and executed the strategy of targeting low-propensity voters who had a high affinity for President Trump. After the 2020 General Election, Matt founded and led the Voter Integrity Project to discover illegal ballots and other election anomalies. He is the president of Braynard Group, a political and digital strategy firm. He has worked for over one hundred federal, state and municipal candidates, and many national advocacy organizations and non-profits. He previously worked on messaging and survey research for a national polling firm, was a senior redistricting and election administration analyst at Election Data Services and served for three election cycles in the Republican National Committee’s Political Analysis department. Prior to joining the RNC in 1996, Matt was a field coordinator for Buchanan for President.

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If I lived near there, I'd join that rally. This is a good thing. When are more congressional Republicans going to step up to put an end to the travesty?


Kinda funny how right after the insurrection, y'all were so ashamed you blamed it on Antifa and BLM. Now that security cameras and their own social media posts got the insurrectionists dead to rights, y'all want to cast them innocent pussycats. Well, pussycats don't assault cops or smear their own poo in the halls of democracy. These traitors are lucky to still be among the living.

Replying to

Yep, that sounds right, a Trump supporter calling easily verifiable facts "poison."

But don't worry, the same CHQ folks who rail big tech censorship will censure me once they see me disseminating truth to their bitter and butthurt readership.



Replying to

Should've stayed in school and stayed off the fentanyl, son.


Charles Wilkins
Charles Wilkins
Jul 12, 2021

The unfolding Biden negative attributes, that can't be overlooked by the left press any more. Biden's inability to govern, inflation on the rise, gas, food, medicine, lumber, on an on. Inability to make any right military decisions, spending money we really don't have that has accomplishes nothing, can't defend our borders only interested in personal gain, don't care about unborn Americans, total joke at the international meetings, and now more then ever his the lack of ability to think on his feet. Refusal to take any mental test to establish that he is fit to serve. Wants to tax anything he can....


Jul 12, 2021

Even now, leftists and the deep state operatives are also making plans. Beware, conservatives...We're not in the land of the free and the home of the brave anymore. We're on the yellow brick road to tyranny, and tyrants don't stop for anything once they're on a roll.

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