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Keep God's Land

The miraculous news that Israeli forces rescued four hostages taken by Hamas in their October 7 rampage of rape, murder and kidnapping reminded us once again that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policy of not giving in to international pressure to terminate the war against Hamas before it is destroyed as a military and political power is the only rational way to protect Israel – and America – from the evil Hamas represents.

To that end we urge you to join us in supporting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by signing a letter of solidarity in response to the so-called "Phased Plan" announced by President Biden on the Jewish Sabbath two weeks ago. As a coalition representing over 150 Jewish and Christian organizations, Keep God’s Land is deeply concerned about the implications of this plan for the future of Israel and the United States.


As faith leaders, we take seriously the Biblical mandate, "For Zion’s sake I will not be silent." We urge Prime Minister Netanyahu to stand fast in pursuing the complete destruction of Hamas and to defeat Iran’s other proxies in Lebanon, the Red Sea, and the regime that enables them in Tehran.



Together, we can make our voices heard and ensure the safety and sovereignty of Israel.


Just last week, our friends at Keep God’s Land presented their previous letter to Israel’s President Isaac Herzog in solidarity against the ICC’s despicable and unprecedented threat to issue arrest warrants for Israeli leaders.


By signing this letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu, you join a coalition dedicated to defending Israel’s right to sovereignty and security. Together, we can make a difference for Israel and for America.


The Keep God’s Land Leadership Committee

Michelle Bachmann, Regent University

Pastor Mario Bramnick, Latino Coalition for Israel

Pastor Terry Copeland and Pastor George Pearsons, Eagle Mountain Church

Pastor Donna Jollay, Hope Health & Healing

Pastor Becky Keenan, One With Israel

Troy A. Miller, National Religious Broadcasters

Rabbi Elie Mischel, Israel365

Julie Sironi, Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Bishop Robert Stearns, Eagles Wings

Pastor David Swaggerty, Charisma Life Ministries

Pastor Tommy Waller, Hayovel

Rabbi Tuly Weisz, Israel365

Pastor Paula White, City of Destiny

Rabbi Pesach Wolicki, Israel365 Action

I just added my name to the letter, please join me by clicking this link.

The Honorable George K. Rasley, Jr., Managing Editor,, Ordained Elder, Presbyterian Church USA

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José Bidet insists Netanyahu must accept his peace plan because Hamas cannot mount a major offensive AT THIS TIME.

He would have stopped Eisenhower after the Battle of the Bulge because the Wehrmacht could not mount a major offensive AT THAT TIME, leaving the German war machine intact and Hitler in power.

Me gusta
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