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Law Enforcement Must Act Now to Stop Growing Wave of Violence by Transgender Activists

Our friends at SAVE have just released a new study of transgender activist violence and it is an eyeopener. Beginning last June, after the Department of Education issued a proposal to

expand the definition of “sex” to include “gender identity” (1), the Trans Resistance Network began to issue a series of inflammatory tweets that referred to transgender critics as “fascists,” called on persons to “occupy” the Florida legislature, and claimed that “Disarming trans people is a preparation for genocide.”(2)

Sign the Petition! Stop Transgender Violence, Cancel Biden’s Dangerous Title IX Plan

Not surprisingly, Americans are seeing a growing number of incidents of harassment and free speech violations.

On March 9, for example, a group of activists at Stanford University repeatedly interrupted the comments of Judge Stuart Duncan, forcing him to curtail his presentation. Previously, Duncan had denied the request of Norman Varner, convicted of child exploitation, to change his sex and be referred to by a female name (3). Use this link to go to SAVE’s latest list of transgender free speech violations and assaults.

In some cases, these incidents have escalated to credible threats of violence, or actual violence. In some cases, members of the violent Antifa group participated. Best known is the shooting of three staff members and three students at Covenant School in Nashville on March 27. The shooter, Audrey Hale, self-identified as transgender (4).

For example, SAVE found:

October 26, 2022, Tacoma: At a Let Women Speak rally, a counter-protester stormed the area where Kellie-Jay Keen and fellow speakers were presenting. Police made one arrest for assault.

November 14, New York City: Nine transgender activists were arrested following a clash with police officers during a Let Women Speak event. One demonstrator screamed, “Ima beat your ass .. these hands do not discriminate.”

February 28, 2023, Oklahoma City: As lawmakers were debating a bill to ban gender transition procedures, two transgender activists threw water at a representative and assaulted a police officer.

March 10, Sacramento: During a Detransition Awareness Day at the California capitol, more than 100 activists—some carrying Antifa insignia and wielding clubs—attacked journalists. Activist Joseph Conradsen was arrested on multiple counts of “assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury.”

March 27, Nashville: Armed with a rifle, pistol, and handgun, Audrey Hale rushed into Covenant School and fired 152 shots, killing three staff members and three students. Hale had self-identified as transgender. In response, the Trans Resistance Network issued a Media Statement saying Hale “felt he had no other effective way to be seen than to lash out by taking the life of others.”

March 29, Nashville: Following threats of violence against his family, critic Matt Walsh announced the cancellation of his upcoming presentation at Washington and Lee University in Virginia. “I will not let any harm come to my children or my wife,” Walsh explained.

March 29, Richmond: Two transgender activists and Antifa agitators were arrested for violently disrupting a pro-life event at Virginia Commonwealth University. One student was forcefully shoved into a table, requiring attention by EMT personnel.

March 29, San Francisco: Ella Irwin, head of Trust and Safety, announced that Twitter had deleted about 5,000 tweets of a poster for a “Trans Day of Vengeance” sponsored by the Trans Radical Activist Network. Irwin explained, “We do not support tweets that incite violence, irrespective of who posts them.”

March 31, Colorado Springs: Transgender Lilly Wentworth, 19, was arrested after she allegedly plotted to attack three of her former schools. Authorities also recovered a copy of the Communist Manifesto among Whitworth’s possessions. Coincidentally, March 31 is also the International Trans Day of Visibility.

April 6, San Francisco State University: Following a speech by former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines, a group of activists began to chant, “Trans rights are human rights.” They chased Gaines down a hallway, hitting her on the head, and forcing her to seek safety in a room, where she was forced to stay for three hours. To secure her release, the activists demanded that Riley pay each of them a $10 “ransom.” (5).

In some cases, law enforcement took little action to halt the violence. SAVE calls on law enforcement and campus security personnel to act decisively to stop the wave of violence by transgender activists. SAVE also calls on lawmakers to support these efforts.

Sign the Petition! Stop Transgender Violence, Cancel Biden’s Dangerous Title IX Plan

More information about these incidents is available on the SAVE website (6).


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Nancy Lou
Nancy Lou
Apr 21, 2023

Once again republicans are doing nothing to stop violence ... fear for offending these queers.

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