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Lawsuit Against Matt Schlapp Dropped – Apology Issued

Carlton Huffman — a staffer working for the former Herschel Walker campaign - has dropped his lawsuits against American Conservative Union head Matt Schlapp and his wife, Mercedes Schlapp, according to statements from the main parties.

Daniel Lippman of POLITICO reported that in a statement on Tuesday, Huffman said he was discontinuing his lawsuits and issued an apology for bringing them.

“The claims made in my lawsuits were the result of a complete misunderstanding, and I regret that the lawsuit caused pain to the Schlapp family,” Huffman said, according to a statement shared by a spokesperson for Schlapp.

“The Schlapps have advised that the statements made about me were the result of a misunderstanding, which was regrettable,” he added, referring to comments the couple had made about Huffman after he filed his suit. “Neither the Schlapps nor the ACU paid me anything to dismiss my claims against them.”

Schlapp asserted his innocence. It later was revealed that Huffman himself had been accused of sexual assault in an unrelated case.


“Our family was attacked, especially by a left-wing media that is focused on the destruction of conservatives regardless of the truth and the facts,” Schlapp said on Tuesday. “But we emerge from this ordeal stronger as husband and wife, stronger as parents to our five daughters, stronger as friends to those who stood by us.”


Huffman also had sued Republican activist Caroline Wren for defamation for attacking him after his accusation. That lawsuit was also dropped.

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