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Let's Go Brandon

The internet sparks all kinds of odd crazes – many of them dumb, such as kids trying to swallow a big spoonful of cinnamon, some stupid and dangerous, such as kids putting Tide pods in their mouths, and some vulgar, and yet highly amusing to the naughty 13-year-old that lurks inside the brain of many of us.

Into this last category falls the current craze of entire stadiums full of sports fans chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” at various points during the event.

This craze seems have started around mid-August. Newsweek reports that the chant broke out at an NFL game and Out Kick says the chants are "taking over college football" and are making their way over to baseball games as well.

This causes broadcasters great angst – first because they mostly favor Biden’s politics and wish to avoid any display that might demonstrate how unpopular their chosen candidate and his policies are; and second, because dropping the F-bomb on live TV or radio violates Federal Communications Commission rules against obscenity and vulgarity on the public airwaves.

But it is really not practical to kill the background audio during a football game or NASCAR race, a problem that came into sharp focus a week ago when NBC reporter Kelli Stavast interviewed NASCAR Xfinity Series driver Brandon Brown after he captured his first race victory at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway.

During the interview, Trump supporters and Biden critics took a page out of the book of other sports fans across the country by chanting "F*ck Joe Biden" which was picked-up by NBC’s mics and could be heard clearly in the background of the interview.

Now, whether NBC’s Kelli Stavast is one quick-thinking lady trying to cover-up the problematic chant, or is deaf as a post, or is a closet Trump supporter who found a way to get the anti-Biden chant some serious airtime, is still up for debate among the internet’s arbiters of fact, but her response to the roar of F-bombs in the background was to claim the crowd was chanting “Let’s go Brandon.”

"Brandon, you also told me — as you can hear the chants from the crowd," Kelli says before the camera pans to the audience. In the video, you can clearly hear the audience say, "F*ck Joe Biden!"

Brandon Brown, basking in the glow of his first victory at the legendary Talladega racetrack doesn't seem to be paying much attention to them.

But at that moment an epic internet meme was born.

Now, far be it from us to discourage those who wish to exercise their freedom of speech by chanting “F*ck Joe Biden” at mass gatherings, but as expert marketers we observe that “Let’s go Brandon” has a much broader appeal.

Although “Let’s go Brandon” lacks the in-your-face vulgarity of “F*ck Joe Biden” it brings in millions who are uncomfortable using the ancient Vikings’ gift to the English language, or who don’t wish to set a bad example for youthful attendees of sporting events.

Plus, it is a lot easier to sneak into everyday interactions to convey the message of rebellion against the illegitimate and disastrous presidency of the husk that occupies the White House.

For example, a South Carolina diner patron interviewed on Fox News Thursday morning ended his comments by saying, “Let’s go, Brandon.”

At Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, a man tricked an airline into paging “Let’s Go Brandon.”

In the video we first saw posted to the Gateway Pundit, you can hear a woman announce: “Let’s Go Brandon, please report to G10 to meet your party. Passenger Lets Go Brandon, please report to G10 to meet your party.”

As the guy walks away from the counter you can imagine him saying to himself “My work here is done.”

And not to miss the memeable moment a group called has a billboard campaign using the meme. The first ones were seen in Alabama; they may be nationwide by now.

And there are now t-shirts and bumper stickers and who knows what else picking up on the craze – and the message.

Naturally, the Lords of Media are not amused by this sly way of expressing opposition to their fake president, and they have actively begun to suppress the hashtag #LetsGoBrandon or posts with the “Let’s Go Brandon” text.

The editor-in-chief of Christian satire website Babylon Bee accused Facebook of suppressing one of its articles joking about the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant.

Kyle Mann shared two screenshots to Twitter — one of Babylon Bee’s Facebook post for the article “Joe Biden Invites Brandon To The White House To Congratulate Him For His Success” and another showing analytics indicating the post received zero impressions, reach, and engagement after several minutes.

Roughly ten minutes later, Mann said he attempted to play around with the privacy setting by attempting to link it to other people, but “no dice.” He claimed the story finally received engagement after he re-shared the link on a second post.

“Facebook is garbage, man,” he remarked of the Big Tech giant.

There’s only one answer to that kind of censorship, so our request to CHQ readers and friends is to keep the meme going and to find your own opportunity to say, “Let’s Go Brandon!”

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Truthsayer: Let's Go Brandon---------F-ck you Joe Biden


Oct 13, 2021

-UCK JOE BIDEN.....Works for me and about 70Million more like me......


Al Nazario
Al Nazario
Oct 12, 2021



This is what happens when people allow their inner Real American out. More please.


I absolutely love this! What makes it so good is that in an effort to hide the truth, to conceal the wave of hate for Biden, NBC’s Kelli Stavast created a meme that none can equal! Hopefully NBC is proud of THEIR creation!

One is left to wonder what NBC will come up with next or MSNBC, who knows, maybe CNN will be the ones to soon give us, "Let's Go Camel Toes!"


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